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  1. I'd like to join please.


    I have 5 spitfires I can rename, they are cb, I'd like to use the Lab as my dog.


    As I have a big Black Lab. and yes, he's mean. and he taught himself that, he's never been mistreated (I've had him since he was 2 months old). He guards me and will have lunch on anyone who comes into this yard unannounced. I have an 8ft fence with 3 strands of barbed wire at the top, and locked gates. He won't go out, unless I'm out and he see I need help. So far he's never bitten any one, but there are several dents in the fence where he's hit it at a run going after people on the other side, he does like. Even the police stand way away from the fence, as they know he bites. He hates men in hats a lot.


    You know not all pit bulls are mean. There are several across the alley from me that are so sweet. When two of them were little, they use to come to my fence and I'd feed them,and now that they are older, they're chained, but when they get lose, they head for my yard. They also will not let any one close to my yard when they get lose.


    PS. I didn't see the cocker spaniel on any of the lists, but several years ago I read an article in the Womans Day magazine, that the cocker spaniel is the worst dog to have, they've killed more people that all other dogs put together. You see they will protect their families to the death, theirs or peoples.

  2. I didn't even know there was a Dusk lineage until I read the starting of this thread. I just always go thru the lineages of my eggs and if they have a lineage I recognize, then I add it when I name my dragons. I guess I've missed plenty of lineages in my dragons.


    Right now I don't have my own lineage, but have been thinking about two, but right now just waiting to see how things play out.

  3. That's not one from mine. Sorry. In a few days I can breed you one though if you want.

    That must mean that the "Dusk" is just part of the name and not a lineage.


    I'm locked and will be for a couple of days lol. I'm almost always locked, sure

    wish TJ would hurry up and put in the new egg limits.

  4. I'd like to breed my dusk dorkface thuwed in a couple of days, when my last three hatchies are grown (which should be some time tonight)


    Can somebody give me a suggestion what to breed him with? I was thinking about

    a CB Sunrise. He's a 9 gen so I don't figure anybody will want the eggs, but I'd like

    to have more myself. At least he's not inbred.

  5. Caught my two during the second drop, am so glad I can finally catch my own most of the time. I hate having to depend on someone else to catch for me.


    The eggs are beautiful, can hardly wait to see the babies and the adults.


    Thanks everyone who made these possible.

  6. I'm heading for bed, I've voted for trees on and off every day, didn't count how many though.


    I still haven't found that 10 yet. Have found several 7's though. Most are ones thru threes, with a few fours thrown in. I'm getting mainly the ones with the glitches in them.

  7. You should be able to. The trees are presented randomly to viewers so it's possible that you could be randomly shown your own tree to vote on.

    I think I read somewhere you can't vote on your own tree.


    I just had a tree come up blank, nothing but the tree, and I figured that was mine,

    a way to show I couldn't vote for my own tree. Mine was decorated lol.

  8. When you click your own tree, is that how it shows up to the voters? Because I'm afraid that my unused ornaments might be showing and I don't know it. I'm seeing an awful lot of floating unused stuff around other's trees.

    I moved all my extra decorations outside of my scroll area, (I hope I got them all). I'm sight impaired and might have missed a few of the light colored garlands that were given extra.



  9. I think that this: user posted image looks like a bag of... something. Or it could be a vase. But I'm definitley not seeing it as an urn. Why would there be an urn on a Christmas tree?

    Right now I'm using my what ever it is as a tree topper, until we get a tree topper.


    My sister put hers on her package and my brother put his right under his tree on the tree skirt.


    It's easy to catch the holiday eggs today in the cave, you don't even have to fight for them. There's only 93 people in the cave right now. TJ's been dropping them constantly all day.

  10. My family and I have spent the morning unfogging and incubating

    all of our eggs that were soft shelled. Thanking my lucky stars that

    both of my Christmas eggs made it.


    Some of my family who weren't able to catch Christmas eggs yesterday

    caught them with no problems today. So now all of us have holiday eggs

    from the past two years and this year.


    I am keeping a close eye on my unfogged eggs though.

  11. It's generally a good idea to wait a while before posting eggs around smile.gif I wait until mine are down to 6 days before posting them anywhere

    I've never had problems before, this is the first time. Now 4 our of my 5 eggs are soft.

    I've been playing for over a year now and this is the first time I've ever heard of waiting to put your eggs out for views.


    I check with all of my family who play too and every one of them have soft shelled eggs too, even ones that don't have Holiday eggs.


    Kind of odd, this is the first time it's happened and all of my family has the same problem, I could understand if it were just one or two of us, but there are quite a few of us playing. Seems like too much of a coincidence too me. I'm wondering if it's tj's way of telling a lot of us players he doesn't want us playing any more.

  12. I got both of my eggs within the first forty minutes last night, but this afternoon, both of my Christmas Eggs and one Red egg I bred this morning are all soft shell, what's up?

    I fogged them real quick until I can find out what the matter is.


    I put both Christmas Eggs on fan sites as soon as I got them last night.

  13. I use firefox and turn off images and disable java script if I'm hunting from the main cave.

    I use firefox, how do I turn off images and disable java script?


    Maybe doing that will help me when I try to catch for Christmas.

  14. Since the sorting pages came out, I use the alternate sort. Putting my cb dragons in the first pages, and my clean generations next (on more than 3 gen), my incubators and the ones who will be my transporters, any other clean generations, and my inbreds last.


    Before the sorting pages came in, I left them as they came onto my scroll, by date.