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  1. Noo! Don't you remember? We're all gonna die on the 21st of december! *mumbles under breath* idiots (not you guys... the people who say we are all gonna die then). NO ONE WILL KNOW WHEN WE WILL DIE!!! Ok, say you are one of the Mayan people writing the calander... Would you like to carve in stone for hundreds of thousands of years? Anyways, the Mayan carving that could have died after they carved in 2012, but before they carved in 2013. And then non of the other Mayans knew they died, so they didn't continue the calanders. Didn't you know that we all died on 0:00 2000? Yep, this isn't me posting this, and it isn't you celebrating the 2012 new year.


    PEOPLE, GET OVER THAT "12/21/12 Apocalips/World will explode" STUFF! (wanted to say another word, but thought better of it...) Anywhoo...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! laugh.gif

    I can't remember how many times I've heard the world is going to end on such and such day, and that day passes and we're still all here. It'll be the same Dec 21, 2012. When the world comes to an end, we more than likely won't know, so why should people worry about it.

  2. Thank you TJ and everyone who has worked so hard to bring us another fun holiday event. I've started my wreath and can hardly wait for the next one. I love the story too.


    TJ you can leave my dragons with the holiday decor, I thing they are great. I love the horse and the balloons too.

  3. I keep all my dragons on paper. Each dragon has it's own page. I do each page the same way.


    code at top of page

    Dragon name with the gender across from it

    Stolen date

    Hatch date

    Grow up date

    Dragon Type

    then if it's cave born, I put CB and out to the side I put clean and 1gen

    if it has a lineage, I put the mother, father and their dragon types out beside

    then, next I put if the dragon (not the parent) is clean (meaning not inred) and what

    generation the dragon is. If the dragon lineage is inbred, I put IB in place of the "clean"


    Then I skip down a few lines and make my notes.


    I note if an egg was given to me and by whom and on what date.


    If there are mate refusals, they go on this page too, plus on a special dragon

    breed page.


    If later I decide to change the name. I mark the name out at the top and put the

    new name in and then go down the page and put in name change and what date I changed the name


    I never write on the back of the page, I make a new page, and put the dragons code and name at the top and put CONT out in big letters, then continue my notes.

  4. I have never understood why any forum has a place for off topic and adult conversation.


    I realize you can't stick to the topics all the time, but that should be for another forum.


    I think the forum should stick to the DC game and fansites that have to do with the



    I'd also like to see a better search, I put in topic or something I'm looking for in the search and I come up with posts that have absoutly nothing to do with the topic or works I'm looking for. It seems if for instance I put in "gold dragons", I come up with every post with the word "dragon" or "gold" highlighted in yellow, but I never find

    "gold dragons" that I put in to begin with. This makes it so hard to find what we're looking for and it's no wonder there are so many new threads started that are duplicates.

  5. I keep all of my dragons on paper and each has a breeding page of it's own.


    I''m starting to resort now, and my paper is sorted that way too.

    If I breed a pair of dragons, they're considered mated for life, if they breed and

    don't have an egg, then I note this on the breeding page. If I try to mate a pair and they refuse each other, this is shown on each dragons written sheet, so I don't accidently try to breed them to each other again.


    Before I breed any dragon for the first time, I make sure it's either cb or I check the lineages very carefully, so I don't inbreed. I'm also trying to stay to no more than 4 generations, unless they're in a project I'm working on.


    When I first started playing this game, I grabbed most of my eggs out of the AP and didn't pay attention to lineages of if they were inbred or not. Now in my old age, I

    am being more careful with my breeding.


    As I resort, I'm going to put all of my inbred dragons in one place, so they aren't bred again for any reason. There is an exception to this rule though. My reds, pinks and magi aren't bred in any particular fashion, as, I only use them for, reds to incubate, pinks to influence and magi to transport. I'm not interest in the purples for what ever they do. Thus I don't care if they're inbred or not.

  6. Coyote, the new codes only worked for me for a while, the last time I tried, they didn't work.


    I wish I knew how to get in touch of the owner of EDS, because I know someone who

    can do the updated coding for them and they could be back up and running real quick.

  7. when the new codes came in, the inbred checker was working fine, because I used it quite often. Then yesterday I was trying to check the lineage and got that same message.

  8. ok, if that's true, then how come both my 4 character and 5 character coded eggs have

    all hatched fine? In fact my 5 character code eggs hatched with a lot fewer views than my 4 character codes.


    I've used the same three hatcheries since I stopped using EATW, and have had no problems. I haven't lost a single egg. With EATW (or what ever it's called), I was having all of my eggs die. When I stopped using them, I never lost another egg. My eggs were getting too many views using EATW.

  9. The inbred checker doesn't work for 5 character codes either. I get:



    This is going to be a tad bit frustrating. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    That's the same message I get when I try to check the new 5 character code, but you can put the 5 character eggs and hatchies in EDS's hatchery

  10. The updates are all REALLY AWESOME!!!


    I just have one question.


    Now that the sprites all have 5-letter codes daycare fansites won't accept them anymore. Anyone know what to do?

    Egg Drop Soup, Silvi's and DC Focus accepted the new five letter codes for me

  11. There's a lineage checker in AoND too, I believe... or it was just a lineage preview? Can't recall.


    Still, it would be nice if the site will be up again someday, it was a reliable site to add dragons on the first day.

    I'm going to miss Egg Drop Soup.


    I refuse to use Eggs Around the World, when I was using it, I lost too many of my eggs to excess views.


    I'm glad there's another place to check lineages then.

  12. I only use Egg Drop Soup and nothing else, so now I need a good alternative, what do you use when that one is down?

    I use Silvi's and DC Focus.


    I had to many eggs die using Eggs Around the World


    I hope Egg Drop Soups gets back soon, it's the only one

    I use to check my codes.