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  1. I tried grabbing the new eggs at 12p, they only dropped for 1 minute and I wasn't

    able to catch any that time either.


    I've had no trouble catching holiday dragons, but I have not been able to ever

    catch any of the new releases, even the ones before today.


    I'm getting ready to quit the game



    I'd like to thank Draco Knight and RulenneClarissa for giving me the new eggs

    and Oddsoxdi for offering eggs.

  2. I spent an hour last nigh trying to catch, almost 900 people on the first half an hour then it went down to 500 or so. I never caught a single egg.


    Have been looking since 6a cst this morning and haven't seen a single egg in the

    Coast biome. So I guess that leaves me out of the first days new eggs and more than likely all seven of the new eggs.

  3. Holy smokes!!! Nothing for me yet, but being a stubborn person...I'll be up till I get at least 2 on my scroll. Gonna be a looooooong night

    almost 900 people trying to get these new eggs at one time. Even worse than Christmas wow. I'll never catch one


  4. I did not say it is so easy, but if it wuld be so hard as you say it than the postponed date wuld not be so easy to make, and for the second dropp date you wuld use same lines as you are telling the game to drop same thing, only on another date, i know a bit about codeing, and i`m sure that TJ will only replace the lines that tell the game what eggs are droped with the lines to drop 2012 Halloween eggs, and this can be done at any time he wishes to do so, and adding limit to new dragons shuld not be so hard as all the new releses have theyr own code that tells the game everithing needed for the breed, and insted of unlimited amount pers scrole you replace it with the line that says only X amount of dragons.

    Ok, you know it all, sorry. I'm 65 years old and have been building websites from scratch for almost a dozen years, so I guess I'm stupid and don't know anything.


    But since you know it all, how about taking some time to check your posts before your send them. Your spelling is worse than mine.


    I'm not going to answer any more posts tonight, I'm losing my temper and don't want to get myself kicked out of the game.

  5. I think it's only like 7-10 minutes-ish. I was trying to refresh around 7 minutes and that worked the majority of the time. So you can probably look back a little more often.

    I get caught up in the forums and forget to check back for the treats lol. Thanks, I'll set my timer, that'll work.

  6. Don not have to code half of the game, only the lines that tells the cave wich eggs will be droped, and if we thing about some ppl gathering to much eggs make a limit of let us say 10 and all will be happy.

    Well there would have to be extra coding for the second drop, that coding would have to include coding so people who have already gotten eggs could not get them another time.


    Coding isn't just a word or two, coding for a second drop just might be three or four pages long or even longer and you can't just code something in a few minutes. You have to be able to code it, check it out for mistakes, make sure it'll work. Trying to find some mistakes, takes hours or even days. It's like trying to balance your check book against your bank statement. One penny may mean the difference between having money in your account and bouncing a check.


    Remember this game works on all sorts of computers and the coding has to reflect that, plus it has to detect different browsers. The game also had to detect different versions of windows and other operating systems.


    So coding two drops could take months.


    So we should all be happy that TJ has said he's not going to cancel the drop.

  7. *Sigh* I only have 38 treats sad.gif Something tells me I won't get all of them this year... but I want to try!


    -please don't ask for others to do things that would require them to log on to your account-

    I think I read somewhere, there of 59 treats so far this year. I have 45 of them. I leave the game up while I'm reading the forums and check back every fifteen minutes or so for new treats.

  8. While I think that having a drop on Nov 3 is a great gesture for those affected by Sandy, MOVING the event, especially at such a short notice, is inconsiderate. As many others have said, there are so many people that worked to get their schedules set to be able to participate tomorrow. Now it's like telling people the night before prom that it's is now 3 days later. Not. Cool. And it's probably a bit too late for people who will no longer be able to catch to try to sign up on one of the gifting threads.


    For other events where people had trouble catching, the precedent was set to ADD days to the drop, not move them. I'm with the others, please do two drops, one on each day.


    You might also want to consider allowing zombies on Nov 3 as well, since people who can't catch can't try for zombies, either.

    For those wanting the drop on two different days, do you realize how long it would take to recode half of the game to do this.


    If you knew how to code a game, then you wouldn't be asking for two drops.

  9. Seconded.


    The idea that Halloween has been 'postponed' because it would mean a drop in revenue for TJ is an interesting thought though... I hadn't thought of that.

    I don't think TJ makes much money on this game.


    Those ads don't pay much believe me. If he breaks even at the end of the month,

    I'll be surprised. These ads may pay him $0.05 on a dollar spent, but a lot of times

    he has to pay first to get the ads put on the site.


    So I don't think TJ's changing the drop date has to do with his making money. More

    than likely he'll lose money.

  10. Even though I won't be affected by the upcoming hurricane, since I'm from Holland, I do support TJ's choice, even though this means that I won't be able to grab a single new halloween egg, since I'm not online during weekends.


    It might be an option to give it a full day on the 31th and give it another shot during the weekends, for those who've been unable to grab one (due to any reason)

    Ask your friends to catch and send you the eggs.


    I know I've got a bunch of people who have ask me to

    send eggs their way, if I can catch enough.

  11. Thank you TJ for thinking of those who have no power.


    Though Texas wasn't any where close to that Hurricane, I appreciate your consideration for

    those who were in the path.


    For those folks out there belly aching because you won't get your Halloween Eggs on Halloween, well

    so what. If you don't like what TJ has done, then go play another game. I think TJ is being fair to everyone. What would you have done if Dragon Cave had been in the path of that storm and went down because of that storm? If that had happened, then we probably wouldn't have any Halloween eggs at all this year. So shut up and appreciate what you have and what you have to look forward to.


    Sorry Z, if I'm in trouble, then I'm in trouble.

  12. I did the new event and i'm trick or treating!

    I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW they had costumes! i went to breed my dragons and saw.. yellowish red dragons?



    Thank you TJ!

    I went looking for my red dragons to incubate and couldn't find them, then it dawned on me they had on costumes.


    I'm going to take some screen shots to save of some of the dragons in costumes. I wish I'd done it last year.

  13. Finally got everything for the Halloween event. makes 3 years in a row now. I love these events. It takes me forever to complete one, because I love reading everything first. I always wind up missing something and have to go back several times, but that's the fun of the game.


    Now to just get all of the trick or treats, have 12 so far. I forgot about them, because I was having so much fun looking thru stalls, shops etc.

  14. well this is my first holiday and i never expected it to be this easy althoug i did a trade to get multiple of these for a 2012 hatchie kinda a waste now that i see how easy it is i like that they are in the corner aswell hey does anyone know if all holidays are this easy?

    Halloween 2009 was my first holiday, as I joined the game Sept 8, 2009. I managed to catch 1 Halloween dragon that year, and I accidentlly caught a chicken trying for a Halloween egg, I was in 7th heaven lol.


    It took me a while to learn how to catch eggs during the holidays. But TJ's made it a lot easier now.