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  1. Finished the Halloween story event. I can say one thing, this was the best story yet. I read it out loud as I was working on the event and it seemed to help me a lot. Besides nobody to hear me but the dog lol. I found all 24 items and hope that was all.


    I have 21 of the 37 trick or treat items.


    I have not bred any of my past Halloween Dragons. My first year, I only got 1 pumpkin dragon, but all the rest of the years I have at least two or more. So if anybody wants one (except for the pumpkin one), I'll breed them, just let pm me (first come first served).

  2. The only images I have in my encyclopedia, are the three dragons I've renamed for a lineage I'm working on.


    I remember Halloween costumed dragons before, they were so cute.


    I'm wondering if we're going to have a Halloween event this year, I've been waiting.

  3. I'm here, I answered your message a while ago. Sorry I didn't see it earlier.


    I'm trying for a BSL of Reds, but at the time I only have 2 cave born reds, so I'm looking for another breed to use.


    When I signed up, I had a big black lab. I had to have him put to sleep, because of seizures.


    Now I have a big brown doberman. She's gentle as a lamb, even though I got her from the dog pound three years ago. She was abused before I got her and I am surprised she wasn't mean.


    For two weeks or so after I got her, she had me up several times in the night to go out. She's run the fence line then come back to me and go back to bed. I think at one time she was either a guard dog, or being trained to be one.


    She has scars and you can tell both of her front legs have been broken at the ankles and somebody cut her tail too short. She also has a big dent where her tail connects to her body, so she can't wag her tail much.


    She loves people, but hates cats, she will kill them if she can catch them, so I have to keep her on a lead. But she spends most of her time inside with me.


    She can't be left alone, or she tears up everything. She's done hundreds of dollars in damage to doors and her crate and anything she can get her teeth on when she' left alone. She can even get out of a crate even if it's chained in several places. So she goes everywhere we go and somebody stays in the vehicle with her, to keep her from damaging it.

  4. Thank you TJ, I love the new look you're giving our tired out home page.


    Thank you too for putting the forum news where we can view it all the time. I always forget to check the forum for the news and wind up missing the monthly release.


    Thank you for all of the hard work you're putting in for us.



  5. I like the idea of getting several from the ap, then go clicking away for one of what you want. Then drop one of the ap eggs and go for the next one you want.


    Great idea, thanks for the great tip, Earth Gurl (I think it was from her).

  6. One of my problems is, the eggs are only dropping for 1 minute on my end then off for 4-5 min before they come back.


    I tried the control, F5 etc and it doesn't work for me. My page doesn't refresh fast enough with the F5 either.


    Use to be I could set the page to refresh automatically every 1 second. But now windows has changed things so it can't be done any more.


    I'm just going to have to leave and come back in an hour or so and maybe there won't be so

    many people trying.

  7. I find these easy to catch (mainly due to my internet connection/speed) but I have a strategy for catching these lil' eggs.


    1. Choose one biome

    2. Hover mouse over one of the three egg spots

    3. Hold down Ctrl

    4. Press F5 while doing step 3, and also click with your mouse on the egg spot

    5. Check scroll often to see how many you caught

    6. Repeat with other biome


    Works. But there's nearly 300 people in each biome so... Good luck!

    I haven't got a million fingers to do all of that at one time

  8. I've managed to catch one brown one. There aren't that many people on, like 204 on coastal and 187 on jungle.


    My problem is all of these stupid ads keep getting in the way of my catching. I can't afford to pay to keep them off. I even have a new computer, it's only 3 weeks old.


    I never have problems catching holiday eggs.

  9. Thank you TJ for putting the time at an hour that I can be on the game.


    I don't mind the midnight drop time, it's just I miss it, because it's my time to play Diablo 3 with my son and grandson, who live in San Antonio and it's the only chance I get to be with them, even if it's just on the computer and over the phone.


    I do hope there are rares. I never get rares. People are complaining and hoping there aren't any rares, because there will be more people online at the new drop time. What's wrong with some of the others of us getting a few rares.


    I've been reading how many people are upset for the time change. But as you said it's just an experiment.


    Thanks again TJ

  10. I believe freezing should be kept permanent.


    People knew when they froze their hatchlings, that it was permanent. If they froze holiday hatchlings, knowing there was a two per scroll, then they shouldn't be complaining now and wanting to be able to unfreeze them.


    Besides, remember some hatchlings have been frozen for years, and if they're unfrozen, they just might die, because of the time is way past their grow up time.


    I didn't like the idea of freezing hatchlings, for a long time, but now I try to freeze one male and one female, except for my holidays.


    I just wish we could freeze eggs too, that way we could have an entire set, egg, hatchlings, and adults, so when a dragon gets retired, we'd be able to remember them.

  11. I've been playing for just over 4 years now and want to get at least 1 pair of all of the CB dragons. Though I do have a lot of some of the common breeds of CB's.


    I took several months off last year and when I got back, I am having to rename most of my dragons. I had a lot of the names written down, so trying to get them all named now.


    I make sure I get all of the holiday dragons I'm allowed and this year someone was kind enough to give me a 6th generation Holly. I've been wishing for one ever since I started playing.


    I went thru the Wiki the other day and saw I am missing a lot of the newer releases. I never can find out when the monthly releases are.


    I was able to breed at least one of the ones that can only be gotten by cross breeding.


    I have a few frills that have been discontinued. But don't have any of the old pinks.


    I have a couple of the chickens and some of the dino's.


    I only keep the low generation eggs I get from the AP, but no longer keep inbred eggs.


    When I first started playing, I grabbed anything I could and wound up with several dragons that have been inbred over 100 times. I also inbred a lot of my dragons when I first started playing.

  12. I only have a dog now, but when my brother was alive, we had a Mottled Rock Rattle snake (my brother caught her when she was a baby and she lived 13 years), and a Western Diamondback Rattle snake. We also had a baby skunk for a

    while. My son also gave me a Speckled King Snake, that got loose or somebody let him loose and I haven't seen him since.


    And no the rattlers weren't defanged and I was stuck cleaning their tanks ever so often, as my brother was almost blind.

  13. I make cards but I love to make all sizes of rag dolls and their clothes, clothes for 18" dolls. Have patterns for all sorts of stuff too.


    Right now I'm reading a book on learning how to make clay people. I also want to try sculpting dolls.

  14. When I was young, I use to dream that my Dad was green and on a cold steel table. The setting was always outside with old tires around.


    Part of that dream came true. My Dad died in his old trailer and wasn't found for a

    week. But he was worse than green, as it had been hot for that week in early Nov of 2001. Cold steel table in the morgue though.

  15. I've raised both dogs and cats, and much prefer dogs, and large dogs at that.


    I hate cleaning cat boxes, cats won't stay in your yard, they like to roam.


    We've had to get rid of over a dozen cats and kittens this past couple of months, because people won't have them spayed or neutered and they come to my old storage building to have their families. I have a big doberman who hates cats and will kill them. I'm tired of having to keep her on a run in her own fenced yard, because of cats. It's not fair to the dog, because she can't get any exercise. There were so many kittens here, that she would have killed them easily.


    In this town if an animal kills another animal, it's considered aggressive and if you want to keep it, there's a $1000 fine every year, plus they have to stay on a chain, plus you have to carry $100,000 worth of insurance, otherwise he animal is destroyed.


    And no my dog can't get out of the yard. My 1/2 acre has an 8 foot chain link fence with 3 strands of barbed wire at the top. This place use to belong to my Dad who was an auctioneer, is the reason for the fence.


    Also my dog has been spayed.

  16. DANG IT! Reading all of this makes me feel like page 8 is repeating itself 5,000 times.


    Just save 1 at a time, or don't repair it, or don't add anything in the first place. Yeah, even the old stuff is glitching. Probably because the coding has an extra space or letter, or maybe they weren't placed in the correct format, thus making it eat all your snow and delete your stuff!


    edit - Why do people not read posts that have the solution to the saving glitch... I mean, just save ONE THING at A time.

    I didn't see a post about a glitch. When I submitted my post, then there was one above mine about the glitch.


    I worked on my fort, then saved it and it all disappeared, then I got the message to repair and did, thinking maybe my stuff would come back.


    Now I'm going to have to start all over again and save every minute or so.

  17. I had my fort built and up to lvl 25. This afternoon I saw we could now get to lvl 50 and have a lot of new things to add. So I got my fort to lvl 50, then starting rebuilding. I'd saved over 1100 units of snow so I had plenty to work with, plus the extra from returning the old snow stuff I had 1300 or so snow units.. I rebuilt my fort, saved it, and everything I built, disappeared, except some trees and some walls and the wooden roof to one of my log cabins. My moat and two log cabins plus two gingerbread houses and some ice buildings, Christmas trees and a lot of other stuff all disappeared. I had to repair and now my forts HP went down to 115 and my saved snow is now 706.


    I've tried to rebuild three times now and the same thing happens. What can I do?


    I've been setting my alarm and getting up every two hours all night long to save my snow, plus saving it every hour all day long, because I figured TJ would give us extra building materials.


    It's heart breaking because now I've lost everything and am now losing my saved up snow too.