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  1. I don't like this game one bit. I've traveled all around, tried to talk to people and dragons and I get nothing. One will say the town has changed this year and another says the town is different this year.


    I quite this game, it's not worth my time.

  2. When I get to an area and click on an egg, all I get is "waiting for drag cave", it's just sitting there for several minutes, then I get a msg someone else has already gotten the egg.


    I've cleaned my cache, history etc.

  3. I decided to wait until today to grab my eggs. I don't like having to fight to get them, as soon as they first start dropping.


    I got mine in about five minutes. Because everything was empty. But there weren't many folks trying to get them, though.


    I don't look at the colors of the eggs or even the colors of the dragons, I just look at the dragons themselves.


    Thanks TJ and the Spriters, for more fun.


  4. I would love to help but the information that I need is what is happening in your game:

    - you have a black screen?

    - you have a white screeen?

    - the game doesn't leave the loading screen?

    - can you hear the music?


    More details are better so we can help. smile.gif

    black screen, with a rectangular box near the bottom. Box has a gold boarder, inside the box is black and has the name I chose for my character. Rest of the playing area is black. This is the way it's been since the first time I tried to play the event.


    I'd add a screen shot, but don't know how to get it into a post.

  5. I am very disappointed in this Holiday Event. I still can not get into it.


    I've cleaned my cache, deleted my history, rebooted my computer, turned my computer totally off and turned it back on and I still get the same thing I got to begin with.

  6. GreenDragonMama, the game is glitching badly for a LOT of people. If you come in late you just have to catch up with all the days, but it seems you may have run into a glitch. Have you tried restarting it, logging out and in, clearing your cache?

    I've tired everything.


    I'll wait a couple of hours and try again.


    I'm glad I can play, I haven't missed a holiday game in a while.

  7. I've been away and just now finding out about the holiday story, but when I try to play, all I get is a black screen, with a box with my name in it. Can't do anything else.


    Am I not allowed to play since I didn't start on day one?

  8. I logged into the cave at 8a cst and there haven't been any eggs in any of the biomes at all. Is there something wrong? It's 8:21 cst now.



    Still no eggs in the caves, can somebody please tell me why? All I'm getting are the things for the Brewing up Mischief.


    I saw eggs one time last night when I tried, then there were no more. I decided to wait until

    this morning. I've now been trying for 39 min. I've clean my cache, my history and anything

    else I can do, and still nothing.

  9. It's luck of the RNG. As of right now, I have 14 Pumpkins, 12 Pink Scales, and 1 of a bunch of other stuff. You pretty much have to just keep trying. Also, ingredients are biome-specific, and will spawn in the first biome you check (so if you always check Alpine -> Coast -> Desert, you'll only ever see Alpine ingredients).

    Thanks for the info. I do always start with Alpine, no wonder I'm getting the same things over and over.



    Just checked the Jungle biome and got something different, thanks again.

  10. No, ingredients show up every few minutes.


    Check all the biomes - if you ignore an ingredient in one biome, nothing will spawn in the other biomes until you pick up the first ingredient. If you still can't find anything, try clearing cache/cookies and/or restarting your browser. Also make sure JavaScript is enabled for dragcave.net and cloudflare.com.

    I finally got one a few minutes ago.


    I always check every biome and when I find anything, make sure I

    take it.


    I have noticed though, that what few ingredients I have, are the

    same ones over and over, nothing of what I've seen other people

    saying they have.


  11. All the eggs I bred on the 22 nd of January and the one I picked up in the cave have all hatched.


    Trying to decide if I want to breed a second gen to a CB, or breed two 2 nd get together.



  12. I've finally had a chance to work on my BSL lineage. Holidays and then a family members illness and finally his death on the 13th, kinda messed me up.


    I have chosen the Brute Dragons for my lineage. I have 7 eggs hatching today and have 2 females ready to breed as soon as these eggs hatch.




    Eggs all hatched, sure hope the influence worked. Bred the only two adult females I have and managed to get one egg. One pair didn't produce any eggs.


    Edit again


    My brute eggs all grew up and I guess the influence did ok, after all. I got 4 females and 2 males. Now I can breed.


    Edit again


    Jan 22/15


    Bred 6 pairs of dragons and got 5 eggs today and I picked up 1 egg in the cave.

  13. I just glanced thru the posts on this new site and didn't see the Basenji on any list. I may have missed it though.


    The Basenji is an African hunting dog.


    My mother use to have a pair of them. She researched them back in the early 70's and

    found they are bred mainly to hunt lions in Africa.


    The Basenji is one dog that if they once get the taste of blood, human or animal, they will

    kill and kill again.


    My mothers dogs were both shot by a neighboring farmer, because they were killing his sheep.


    They have been known to attack and kill people, if they smell any kind of human blood also.

  14. I don't consider collecting dragons hording.


    As for naming them. I name them, then my computer goes down and I loose all of my names and have to start over again. I'm trying to keep a spreadsheet so I can go back and use the same names, if they are still available.


    I always forget the monthly drops, but never forget the holiday drops.


    I also have problems naming dragons, so I Google, different name generators. I try to get names I can pronounce but that's real hard.

  15. When I first started playing on 09 there weren't many dragons, so I kept up on paper. Each dragon had a page, with all sorts of info on it, then there were breeding pages, until I ran out of notebook space.


    Now I have a spreadsheet, which has tons of pages with loads of information on my dragons.

  16. I was playing Uni Creatures and answered a msg from a friend of mine and she had a link to her scroll in her signature. I checked it out, but didn't join at the time, because I didn't want to have to wait 7 days for an egg to hatch.


    Later I got bored with Uni Creatures and decided to try DC, that was 2 days after my birthday in

    09 and I've been here ever since.

  17. Small drops happen every 5 minutes, and a longer one at the hour. They're disappearing quickly because people are grabbing them. Keep trying!

    I finally caught the ones I needed for a friend. Thanks for your answer.


    I caught 6 for myself last night in about ten minutes.I kept one slot open JIC.