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  1. already got a few lovely lovely eggs. I just wish they'd appear on top of the old ones instead of underneath in the basket.
  2. gosh, I feel like I'm not playing "catch eggs", but rather "constant refreshes in an empty desert".
  3. me too! they're completely unpossible like this, and already mixed with other eggs. but I can't even catch the other eggs, so pathetic.
  4. ah well that explains why "there are none to be found". pretty new eggies whooo! now to catch any...
  5. happy belated halloween! S1 hatchie looks cute. I wonder what kind of dragon it'll end up being.
  6. happy birthday! gosh, such pretty hatchlings! I'm thrilled to see a coast release, even if I'm currently failing to catch that egg. *shakes fist*
  7. oh pretty pretty adult. wish i had more than one. I guess they're gonna be pretty hard to breed, even in case they breed with other species? lowered chances of successful breeding or so?
  8. wheee, after unsuccessfully trying to catch one, a nice forum user gifted me one! <3<3<3 the hatchies are cute, I can't wait to see the adults.
  9. one of my eggs went god tier! I also really adore the one with the dragon hatching. in fact, all of them are great. ten down, so many to go. <3 edit: I'm on firefox too and they show up just fine.
  10. the one with the cat and the fish! so cute!
  11. omg this is the most awesometastic event! I spent about an hour giggling about the available lines for the cards. *easy to entertain* whoever came up with the flushed quadrant line - you're the best. it is you.
  12. so, how was overall breeding success? my CB Sweetling just gave me a clutch of four, but all the others I bred earlier gave two eggs. I hope some people on the ap will be happy when those four auto-abandon. :3 in other news, I'm super excited about the upcoming event.
  13. gonna drop some second gen sweetlings now. :3 I was so lucky to catch a pretty 09 off the ap! now I have two of them. I only had one for years cause I always gave the offspring of that one away.
  14. I got my two Rosebuds! \o/ *runs in happy circles* now I'm good until the 14th. I hope my 09 offspring will be treated well.
  15. my luck is usually okay, except when it comes to Nebulas. I get only male Nebula hatchies. I've given away several males and the only female on my scroll I traded for. it's now my theory that female Nebulas are shy.
  16. guilty as charged. my best code was "Muloa". that's the code, not the name, except it's also the name. Muloa is a flamingo wyvern. /boring story
  17. I can get behind this. I promise not to breed my blacks for a month. :3
  18. I for one think the new christmas dragons are cute and gorgeous at the same time. can't wait for mine to grow up! *haven't logged onto the forum in about two years. surprised I remembered the log in data.*
  19. number 34 was the swan for me. finally
  20. we've been collecting for hours, that's how :3
  21. whoa congrats! I'm so eager to know if there's 38 or more got 31 atm.
  22. I got 30 eggs! whooo! and they're all so pretty. <3 to the spriters. anyone got more than 38 yet?
  23. I think so, yes. one egg even followed me around. it appeared in the cave when I was clicking a cb magma and when I got to the next page, the easter egg was there, too. didn't get the magma though D:
  24. I found eggs at other ppls scrolls and baskets and their dragons. but it doesn't really matter where you are, does it?
  25. twenty-six and still no swan