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  1. oh my god, the hatchies are so cute! I want a thousand. laugh.gif

    but for now have to make due with one of each. *pokes eggs* hatch faster!

    I think the release wasn't so bad this time. I'm usually terrible at catching.

  2. VALENTINE 2015 Ballot

    Sweetling: Moonstone

    Alt Sweetling: Pyrope Pyralspite

    Rosebud: Moonstone

    Heartseeker: Royal Crimson

    Arsani: Grey

    Radiant Angel: Speckle Throat


    This thread gave me some lovely breeding ideas aready. smile.gif I hope lots of people breed them so I can pick some up from the AP.

    I guess most of my votes are pretty conservative, but I like the combination too much unsure.gif

  3. Is it just me, or are TJ's eggs also lightening in color as they start to crack? I keep comparing them to mine, and I could swear there's a color discrepancy. Maybe I just need to go to bed and rest my eyeballs. xd.png

    I agree there's a slight change in color on TJ's. I think they are becoming more see through.

  4. Maintenance is over but the biomes are empty again. Still no holloween dragon for me. Looks like I will have to hope people get egg locked so I can get some later today(I clicked 2 eggs both already taken and then all the biomes were empty)

    just keep on clicking. I had to click about twenty or more until I was successful.

  5. Oh, once I had seen the database error, I hit the back button and clicked revive to try again, and it disintegrated. So it may have been a zombie dragon for a full 5 seconds until it "officially" died. laugh.gif

    oh no! I'm sure you'll have more luck next year!

  6. Exactly the same thing happened to me.

    So now I have my first adult Zombie (yay!), but the Encyclopaedia says "Adults Raised: 0". I wonder if it is normal?

    my encyclopedia does the same. it hasn't even unlocked the hatchie sprite despite me now having two.

  7. The gravestones should still be there anyway? And Zombies are currently visible so it looks like no unfortunately. Do you know the codes for the dragon that threw the error?

    thanks I found it, it became a zombie! biggrin.gif it just dropped down to the dragon breed so I didn't see it at first.

  8. I refreshed both my database errors and got zombies both times. Everything else disintegrated.

    omg! I couldn't find the gravestone of my database error anymore, does that mean it's a zombie?

    edit: yes I found it! I got a zombie hatchie! biggrin.gif