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  1. oh my god, the hatchies are so cute! I want a thousand. but for now have to make due with one of each. *pokes eggs* hatch faster! I think the release wasn't so bad this time. I'm usually terrible at catching.
  2. whoa, where was the top of the hour drop? I blinked and missed it.
  3. oooh, these eggs look super pretty! now I only have to catch them.
  4. ugh, rare releases are the worst! I'm not een seeing any new egg.
  5. I still need 20 more oh no and I too, wish that the newest basket was on top, it takes quite a while for all my past eggs to load and the newest load last.
  6. I just picked up a lotus egg! So pretty! All the spriters did amazing work. But I'm not even halfway done collecting, oh my.
  7. not sure if I manage to collect all of them, but I picked up a kitty cat egg so the whole event is already a win! happy hunting, everybody!
  8. I used a Sweetling and got a mildly interested Imperial Fleshcrowne with 10/10 sweets.
  9. Have: Paper Hatchie Want: CB Copper CB Almandine Pyralspite (alpine) CB Spessartine Pyralspite (coast) Make an offer on my hatchling! Traded.
  10. VALENTINE 2015 Ballot Sweetling: Moonstone Alt Sweetling: Pyrope Pyralspite Rosebud: Moonstone Heartseeker: Royal Crimson Arsani: Grey Radiant Angel: Speckle Throat This thread gave me some lovely breeding ideas aready. I hope lots of people breed them so I can pick some up from the AP. I guess most of my votes are pretty conservative, but I like the combination too much
  11. Happy Holidays, everyone! The new egg looks so pretty! And breeding is still possible today? huzzah! And the best thing - GIFTS!
  12. booh now all my mana is gone again? but other than that fun game, thanks TJ.
  13. nuuuh it said I won and then dragon cave was down for maintenance! D:
  14. no you can revive at any time you want.
  15. I agree there's a slight change in color on TJ's. I think they are becoming more see through.
  16. just keep on clicking. I had to click about twenty or more until I was successful.
  17. I'm happy to report I actually got the egg I clicked for before maintenance hit. thanks, TJ!
  18. oh no! I'm sure you'll have more luck next year!
  19. If it said database error, you should have a zombie somewhere. search the breed. edit: downtime, noooo I was about to pick up an egg
  20. my encyclopedia does the same. it hasn't even unlocked the hatchie sprite despite me now having two.
  21. I got another database error and can now confirm that the moment you read that you already have a zombie. just refresh that page, no going back needed.
  22. thanks I found it, it became a zombie! it just dropped down to the dragon breed so I didn't see it at first.
  23. omg! I couldn't find the gravestone of my database error anymore, does that mean it's a zombie? edit: yes I found it! I got a zombie hatchie!
  24. yes, I got my first egg. and five disintegrated dead hatchlings. and one database error.
  25. hurray, new eggs! and no luck in catching so far