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  1. I expect it'll be forgotten about and left in beta for long enough that nobody will be excited about it when it's released to everyone. I'd honestly prefer the changes that are long overdue, like better sorting, but at least something's being done I suppose.
  2. I can't see any harm in this, so whilst it probably won't affect me, I don't see any reason not to change it. I do like bread eggs.
  3. Was there anything specific you were looking for? You could likely swap it for another unbreedable (dino, paper, etc), maybe some other CB uncommon breed, or a few hatchies.
  4. Yeah, I'd agree with the rest and put papers above springs but below blusangs in terms of value. I suppose if you wanted a blusang you could add something else to sweeten the deal and see if there's any bites. I'm pretty sure I said exactly that in my post you quoted
  5. This wouldn't really be the right place to post this. But, it might be an idea to put a note in your sig, or temporarily rename the parents (maybe to something like "if found please return to Miral on the forums") so that the new owner is aware that you'd like it back. Or just check on it in a few days when someone's caught it and hope someone with a visible scrollname catches it so you can try to track them down and ask.
  6. The problem with this thread is that you, Saynna, appear to have decided that nobody but yourself is qualified to give advice on trades. Fair enough if you're trying to help people out, but it'd be nice if you'd let other people have their say and take their views into account, rather than just disagreeing with them on things you clearly know very little about. What's even worse, though, is attacking people for using the "wrong terminology", just because they disagree with something you've said. I thought Ha-Ki's post was perfectly fine and understandable. We're talking about avatar fails, and specifically ones that are metals. Either way, I'll go back to lurking, because arguing is clearly not getting us anywhere. Please just try to at least take what's been said on board for when you're giving advice in the future.
  7. The amount of people asking about them in this thread is largely irrelevant. Avatars are a new breed - people are bound to be curious about trade values. But that alone doesn't mean they're worth any more than anything else. The amount of people asking for them in trading threads is rather irrelevant too. I hardly see anyone asking for 2G prizefails in trades, for example, but they are (apparently) worth a lot. In short; how many people are asking for something in trades, or asking about it in here doesn't necessarily correlate with how much something is actually worth. The only way to know for sure is to actually offer one up for trade. Aside from that, I believe my reasoning as to why they are worth more still seems more logical.
  8. I'm pretty sure this has been suggested before, and just ... no. We definitely don't need this. You want rid of your adults? Just release them or kill them. They're only pixels.
  9. GoNs are a limited breed, unlike metals and everything else. Most people have two or less, so only have that many chances at breeding each week (compared to my 20 or so CB metals which I can breed each week to anything to get 2nd gens). Avatars seem to be breeding reasonably well, so it's fairly uncommon to get a metallic 'fail' out of a GoN. So yes, I'd say that if you apply logic to the situation, metallic fails (probably not most other fails, but certainly metallics) are going to be worth quite a bit. I'd say 1:1 would be fair. Do you have anything to back up any of your points? Because, y'know it seems kind of hypocritical asking other people for evidence to back up their points, when you usually post here without giving any. Specifically, 2G Avatars being "definitely worth more than the fails even if a gold/silver". I would've thought the opposite, I certainly would give more for a silver/gold 'fail' than I would an avatar. Do you have anything to back up that claim?
  10. So, you search for a trade with a chicken in it, and get greeted with 100 chicken trade links. Then what? There's no way to know who wants what, is there?
  11. Surely just going breed specific is going to be awkward for certain breeds, though. I mean, a breed that lives in water may well climb out onto the shore to do it's mating ritual with a land dwelling dragon, but I doubt it would do that for another water dragon.
  12. I have to say, I much prefer this kind of thinking to most of the random magically moving islands, perpetually foggy areas and deep subsidence holes we've had suggested so far. I've always thought we should somehow bring back the old cave in some way, and I know there have been other suggestions to do just that, but I think this would be a cool way to do it.
  13. That'd just be one for each pair, though. What about separate ritual texts for female x male and male x female of the same two breeds (ie male magma x female vine would give different than male vine x female magma)? You can double that number. And if you want different things for refusals, no interests and eggs produced... More than one line for each pairing (to make things more interesting)... That's a lot of different ritual texts. (Of course it'd be a bit less than your 4950, because I don't think there's exactly 100 breeds, and obviously drakes and pygmies can't be paired with the normal breeds, but it'd still be a lot) That's assuming one is done for each pair of breeds. You could just do a generic one for each breed, which would cut down on work a lot, but then it might not always fit with the other breed so well. Overall though, it still seems a lot of work.
  14. Just because something is written in the first post doesn't mean that point has been fully dismissed and can't be discussed further. Yes you can write "it wouldn't have any real use" in the first post, but that doesn't mean people can't bring that up and say they don't support the idea for that reason. That's all I'm going to say so as not to get into another petty argument.
  15. Maybe someone caught it and killed it (possibly unintentionally, by biting or similar?)
  16. This. And the fact that abandoning is part of a lot of people play-styles, so it's nearly impossible to avoid. I mean, under this oath I couldn't even abandon the common tinsel- and shimmerfails I get from breeding my lines, I definitely couldn't keep/gift all of them...
  17. Other threads which have contained nearly the exact same discussion as this one a while back, and are about directly related suggestions? Yeah, I think I can in that instance.
  18. I'm on the fence about the encyclopedia; it could be useful if it has information such as the new elemental attributes of dragons which are behind GoN breeding - as that would help breeders. To some, yes. They could potentially help people who have no hope of catching a rare in the normal cave have a chance at grabbing one through grabbing a mystery egg. People have expressed opinions that it would be fun even if that were not the case, too. To the people who collect codes and would like to show them off on their scroll, yes. So, then, I ask you this; who exactly would find this suggestion useful? Yes, people might think it a nice cute addition to give dragons a bit of character, but does it really have a use? I never said I was completely against this suggestion, I don't really care if it's added or not. Basically danicast's post above sums things up well. I don't care for superficial changes, only ones that would have a real impact on the game.
  19. The difference (between this and your thread, which you're obviously not-so-subtly referring to) is that the majority of people who've posted so far seem to want this, so it'd be a good use of TJ's time. It would fundamentally change the game, if only slightly, unlike certain other suggestions which would only be superficial changes. But really, I don't think you should be bringing arguments from other threads into this one.
  20. The method of egg-locking yourself and then breeding is easier. The eggs you breed are automatically abandoned, so you don't have to click a thing. So I don't really see much need for this.
  21. And I'm also pretty sure he could code in new BSAs, site enhancements, etc in a few hours if that be the case, too. But even so it takes years for anything to be changed on DC, so I still think he should put his efforts into something more useful to the site as a whole.
  22. Actually the possibility of adding a breed or two which you could only catch in this biome would be great, but it's certainly not the primary point of this suggestion. And I'm not sure one extra egg on top of everything else on a biome page would affect page load times much.
  23. Well, okay. O.o My point was that I do not believe that "most" would give as many CB Whites as you describe for what you were talking about in that post. I'd trade away CB Trios and Unbreedables for ~4 CB hatchies at best, for example, and I know a lot of others would too. If you can get the amount of CBs you describe for those kinds of things, well that's great for you. But I do slightly feel for the poor people who are having to spend the time catching and hatching that many, when most would accept much less. Lineages aren't as much effort as you seem to make out either, really.