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    I would like to have an adult and a frozen hatchie from all of the breeds (They're so cute <3) to do so I need:
    Green, blue dino hatchies for freezing
    and of corse special event dragons

    I've just started an evengen drake lineage I would like to make 10th gen so I appreciate any and all evengen or CB drakes

    Feel free to PM me with breeding requests =)
    I have the following dragon pairs:
    summer x magi
    white striped x pink
    geode x green striped
    albino x limestone
    purple dorsal x pink
    sunrise x sunset
    split x split
    pygmy x pygmy
    neotropical x dragonhorse
    canopy x magma
    thunder x water
    black alt x silver
    red dorsal x gold
    nebula x winter
    sunsong x christmas '09
    BBW x valentine '10
    hellfire x valentine '09
    day glory x day glory
    day glory x night glory
    water x magi (Dorkface)
    (The offspring won't be inbred in any of the pairings above)