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Wishlist: URGENT: 2g Stripe from Holly (ideally male holly but female OK); 3rd gen prize from V09 stair, 2g Ice from Gold Shimmer or Silver Tinsel, bulk DeepSea hatchlings for freezing. See wishlist post and profile. Will breed for trade, PM me.I will Influence+Incubate+Hatch your sub-5-day, ready-to-hatch egg - see me in chatMost trades open to IOUs, PM me ::: Looking for bloodswap 2nd gen tinsel Nudge me if I forgot to name something you gave me ::: THANK YOU Moonlitsunwolf and Naughtrish!ARK2-1.gif

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    If you offer something and I don't answer/respond right away, feel free to withdraw it if something better comes along.

    IOU Policy: I'll regularly take IOUs, especially for hatchlings of the latest new release or CB BSAs. I don't feel comfortable GIVING out IOUs more than 1 deep - "the next egg" - for my rares and uncommons because the breeding is so unreliable. IOU status of my 2nd gen prize lines are:
    ninja/Ice - none
    Prize/Ice - none
    Prize/Purple - none
    Delacoure/Red - none
    Dream/Red - none
    Z'Lena/Silver - none

    I have a dozen+ 3rd gens for making 4th gens, and I'll breed them upon request - just PM me. Most 4th gens I'm happy to trade for a couple uncommon CB hatchlings from my wishlist.

    Gift - 3rd gen pink from Entropy's Ilex NOT with Aria - NOT PICKED UP
    2g Gold from her list (or holiday-from-list if not paid by the time the window opens) - PAID

    Recently Paid off IOUs:
    3rd gen Bronze Shimmer from Marietta Pendant - 1/29 AWAITING PICKUP
    3rd gen gold shimmer from ice stair - 1/3 PAID
    2g Winter from their list after Christmas breeding season closes - 12/31 PAID
    1x 3rd gen + 2x 4th gen pries - LAST ONE 11/28 PAID
    2g green gemshard from Radiant Angel x Red Gemshard - 11/26 PAID
    CB Autumn, egg or hatchling - PAID 12/6
    6x 2nd gen holiday mates - 12/12 - last one sent!

    Unless you request otherwise, I suspend IOU breeding during holiday breeding windows and new release periods. This is to avoid dumping an egg on someone right at the time everyone wants to catch other things.

    Owed to me:
    12/2015 - 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel from Sprit ('Admiral Spritzarella', user eggod) - keeping
    03/2015 - 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel from 'Lucia' (user bankotsu)
    2nd gen Tinsel from 'Prize', mate of my(your) choice (I am not keeping: PM me to arrange a bloodswap)
    2nd gen Silver Shimmer - will be keeping
    2nd gen Red Stripe from CB Holly - user is no longer active

    I Owe but put on hold because recipient didn't respond or pick up:
    * CB Imperial Fleshcrowne hatchling - CONTACT ME !!!!
    * 2nd gen GW w/Black Cap Temierr mother - CONTACT ME!!!!
    * 2nd gen PB Vine eggs "until one alts" - IvyEth, please PM me. Your teleports are not getting picked up.
    * 2nd gen PB Black eggs "until one alts" - person is not picking them up. PM me to resume breeding and repayment.

    I usually am locked, but I also usually have an egg or hatchie that I'm willing to toss or trade in order to unlock for something I want more. So even if you see me locked, feel free to ask.

    GIFTING SEASONALS - I have completed the Seasonal Lineage out to 7 generations for each season. All dragons are on my scroll. Yes that means I have 32 CB Pairs (plus an insurance pair or two) for each of the 4 seasons. I will breed and gift these upon polite requests. To see if yours are related to any of mine, check the CBs in these end-of-the-line dragons:
    7th gen Spring start - http://dragcave.net/lineage/M06xw
    7th gen summer start - http://dragcave.net/lineage/lfVFZ
    7th gen Fall start - http://dragcave.net/lineage/qT1L0
    7th gen Winter start - http://dragcave.net/lineage/S4HSY


    These are usually AUTO on any trade of mine even if not mentioned, and I will make room for an egg if I'm locked:
    * 3rd gen prize (any) or 2nd gen prize from V09 *Stair*
    * 2nd gen stripe from CB Holly x CB Stripe - which parent is mother vs father doesn't matter in this case (I want both combinations, in the long run)
    * 2nd gen Gold from Heartseeker
    * 2nd gen Purple or Ice from Silver Tinsel or Silver Shimmer
    * 2nd gen Ice from Gold Shimmer (mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZQXFu)
    * 2nd gen Silver from Bronze Shimmer mother
    * 4th gen White Stripe from Yule/Stripe checker (PM me for "unrelated to")
    * 3rd gen Gold from Gold-Winged-Snow-Angel checker (PM me for "unrelated to")
    * Other 2nd gen TinselFail/ShimmerFail (sometimes)

    *** Ongoing Wishlist - ranges from super-cheap-common hatchlings to $$$$
    * CB Gold is often an auto-accept for most anything I trade.
    * CB Silver, CB Copper usually an auto-accept
    * Sometimes open to chickens. These will be gifted.
    * PRIORITY - CBs of the new releases since May, 2016, particularly the rare and uncommon ones. The commons I would prefer to pay for hatchlings because my eggslots are tied up raising the others.
    * Currently looking for lots of CB Waters (on hold)
    * Currently looking for UNGENDERED deepsea hatchlings for freezing (don't care about lineage - inbred/uglies welcome). Check w/me first to make sure I have freezes onhand

    **** What I'm NOT interested in, although if they are hatchies I might (rarely, only when there is no better offer and the trade is not something I have an alternative use for) take them as a lower-priority:
    * Dinos, Cheese, Vamps
    * Named lineages like Thuwed-Dorkface-Dusk, unless maybe 2nd/3rd gen
    * Tinsel Bloodswaps
    * Tinsels/Shimmers unless 2nd/3rd gen
    * Bred eggs other than listed above - no random hatchlings please

    **** I'll often take an IOU to hold until after hatching. I like to save my eggslots for my own bred eggs. If I can snag it off the AP and incubate/ER it myself, I'm less likely to take it in trade as egg instead of lower-time hatchling. When the AP is full of garbage lineage deepsea eggs at 6d, feel free to work out a trade of a 2nd gen gold for you grabbing and hatching out half a dozen of those - but check w/me first since I might not have freezing slots available.