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  1. Had a few dragons descriptions for about a month and I'm finally getting reviews... sort of. Just a few plain accepted or rejects. Jedd * Accept: * Reject: * Accept: Anyone know what I could do to inprove this, or anyone who actually gets the joke? Beep Beep * Accept: LOL............. * Accept: Also I'm not sure why but my own review descriptions option has been disabled. I don't review often but all I usually do is point out spelling errors.
  2. I don't particularly like long messy lineaged dragons. (especially if there inbred) Finding dragons like that are just to easy when passing time by playing in the ap. I hang around in the ap when I have a free spot and a lot of time. If the first egg I grab was ok no matter what I still have a lot of free time to waste so I tend to get picky out of boredom. I do admit I treat the messy lineaged dragons on my scroll rather badly since I don't really care about them as much. I tend to freeze them as hatchlings which is great to since I collect and love a lot of the hatchlings but don't want to 'waste' a CB or clean lined dragon and when they do grow up I tend to give them really stupid names as a reminder not to breed them accidentally and add to the ap mess.
  3. I Have 2 CB snow angels and 2 lineaged Yulebucks. Both angels will be specially mated for Christmas with a CB white dragon. So that who ever gets the egg will get a short clean lines nice egg. My Yulebucks I'm continuing the lineages they came with. Yule/Seasonal and Yule/fog ____ My other Seasons so far are. Marrow/black Alt Sweetling/black Pumpkin/Pygmy If the pairing was still posible I'd say Hollys looked great with frills. My second choice would probably be a red for it.
  4. Alt Sweetling. There my all time fav dragon on DC I love everything about them. Their size, shape, and personalities fit me and their coloring is my favorite. (And as a person who normally attends black V-Day parties their to perfect.)
  5. The apear for influnce so they should come in both genders.
  6. It had one heckuva bumpy start but it was fun in the end. For the first tim ever I need help with a catcher but in the end I got the eggs and my pumkin hatchlings are maturing nicely. I even finally hunting for treats.
  7. Yes you can still creat zombies. Zombies end the same time as the eggs stop droping.
  8. Woah, just saw the second gen hatchlings. I think I have a new favorite hatchling. They look amazing.
  9. Thanks for the second row of eggs TJ it helped a lot.
  10. Thanks to the worlds most amazing catcher I now have 4 beautifull eggs and I was able to breed and drop some pumkin eggies!
  11. Sucusfully zombafied 2 hatchlings that died of sickness so I still have 5 kill slots. I wasn't sure it would work but it actually worked. One was even a thuwed Dorkface so I now own a lovle little living dead double lineage baby. http://dragcave.net/lineage/W0cb It's funny how many clicks you get a minuit when your message in your signature changes from please click to please kill will go up. I love the zombie hatchlings, I don't like the adult as much so I wasn't to off that my adults were elusive. Hopefully I can get even more next year.
  12. I give up I need a catcher. I'm changing my pasword right now so please some one help me.
  13. I'm starting to want a catcher. I've been on since the inital release and just snagged 1. 12 hours of clicking shouldnt equal 1 egg.
  14. *sighs* This is horrible.... Ah I remember the day way back when during a holiday the news thread would be full of "OMG got da eggies best holiday EVER!" Instead of " LAG!" "I stayed up for 7 hours and still nothing." This is really starting to ruin my over all mood. Not only is the lag ruinig the ability to catch but even the trick or treat hunting is lagging so bad I dont think i can finsh.
  15. I normally get all the eggs i'm alowed in 20 min... 4 hours is hard
  16. Lag cave is still horrid for catching but 2 of my zombie fodder hatchlings turned.
  17. This is really frustrating... I can't even load my scroll.
  18. I've bben playing slowly due to being busy and just hit number 34
  19. Yay I breed 3 of my pumpkins and droped 7 eggs... there REALLY breeding.
  20. I used it 12 times in a row and it had no efect on all my eggs all 12 times.
  21. I usually get rid of it. I tend to bit them to end the lineage unless it has a BSA I need, then i give it a horrifically stupid name once it hatches. (prevents me from breeding it accidentally)
  22. Psychotically good luck... 3 of my trios and a paper came from hunting the cave for ND fodder. I'd watch my watch for the exact second it'd turn and refresh and click with out even looking. Most of my metals are from trades. My caught ones come from being online at horrendously late/early hours and spazz clicking in the AP
  23. I have.. Male; Lord Richard Loveless Thuwed Dorkface Vampire I Don't Sparkle Dorkface Two Kwel Wild Blood Vampire Bloody Wind Saigohanone Rotten Cupcake Emo Night Beep Beep (Code is Beep) Un-Fairmane Ashendale Loveless Vampire Loveless Bloodsucker Female: Cruor Pennae Killstra Dorkface Bloody Saphire Rouge Profond Loveless Deathbringer Cussora Night Wanderer oOoOoOoOoOo Loveless Vampiress
  24. I love to name after the parents recently I snagged a pink but neither the parents were named but their scroll owner had their name showing so I slipped that in the dragons name. I've been getting a lot of unnamed parents lately so I've hit a speed bump on my fun there though.