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  1. Haven't been on in a while but I have been keeping active with a few little projects. One being an inbred reds lineage that just hit 12th gen. http://dragcave.net/lineage/M4nhH
  2. Anybody need some valentines? I've been doing the random and finally got one but I'd love to give out a few to people.
  3. I snagged an egg with the mothers name is YOU THINK THAT'S FUNNY so me being me I had to name the child after it... Yes I Do GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT.
  4. I just got a hungry egg U8EM = You ate em!
  5. Deshera

    Hell's Gate

    20 inbred blacks transformed 3 random inbred non blacks also changed and dropped as well as 3 kept for a grand total of 26 dragons over this weekend. Make me feel a little acomplished, people always want vamps since they can't actually breed and no one seems to care about their lineages si their perfect for neutering ill bred dragons and ap cleaning.
  6. Deshera

    Hell's Gate

    I'll join, this sounds fun. I even started with 4 repulsed inbred blacks just now.
  7. I've view bombed my own eggs once just to see if I could, all it took was simply posting them a few places with the note requesting for help killing them, and that's all a bomber needs. Signing up and registering fan sights won't stop view bombing at all. Frankly if you have your eggs unfogged your susceptible at any moment. Even more so if you have them in a signature on a forum. There are plenty of malicious people out there that will get bored or annoyed at signature pets and kill them just for fun. Bombers don't even need a account to bomb so saying scroll burning as a punishment seems off. You just have to play carefully knowing there are plenty of malicious people out there.
  8. I got bored and decided to try EQ for the first time a few days ago. 45 earthquakes 2 dead eggs on the very last EQ.
  9. Once Rare/Rare breeding one of these beauties and a silver would be an amazing pairing.
  10. 24 hours and we get to see TJ's adult valentine dragon.
  11. The hatchlings are adorable. I'm sorly tempted to freze one to keep the little guys on my scroll.
  12. WOOT! I managed to get my 2 egg tonight despite the lag. Now lets all hope for a nice glitch free Valentines day. Thanks TJ for a great V-Day and the wonderful eggs, staying up late and snagging eggs is my idea of a hot night on V-Day.
  13. V-day had come and as usual the massive amount of people are killing the cave.
  14. The spam mail thing is scary. I'm one of those people who never even look at that folder and just click empty from time to time. I have absolutely no belief I really won but I hope no one looses out because of something like that. P.S. Congrats to the winners.
  15. One of the things I find myself voting heavily on is Tree topper placement. Simply because when you load a tree page to vote BANG there it is as the first thing you see.
  16. I haven't come across any trees decorated like mine so far, which feels nice. It took a lot of thought to come up with something not a lot of people would do. The down side to being original is people will either really like it or really hate it... It's funny that a lot of people seem to be giving the big green gift to TJ. I've come across a lot of trees with the TJ logo pasted on the green box as if to say it's for him. There are two styles I'm voting very harshly on. The Katamari trees and face trees. A childhood trauma has scared me in to despising them. When I was five my parents took me to see Santa and just in front of Santa was a talking robotic faced tree. It scared me to death. I wound up screaming and crying uncontrollably. I had nightmares for a whole year. Even now when I see a face on a Christmas tree i still hate it.
  17. I find that my voting it getting progressively more and more harsh as I vote.
  18. I love the tree toppers so much I'm Soooo going to make one so I can have my tree topped by a dragon next year.
  19. The tree decorating contest is superbly fun and a extreme treat. This is my first year with out a tree and the fun I had from popin in every day for ornaments really was great. Crazy as it is having this little digital tree and pixil ornaments really helped make my holiday complete. I've been having so much fun playing with my tree I can't wait to see what other people did with theirs.
  20. I personally like having the kill option available. I haven't really used it but i like that it's there if i want it. I do plan on using it in the future. (le gasp!)
  21. I love playing with my tree, more than anything else I hope we get tinsle for the tree. (And maybe more of the candels)
  22. Yes, Kill is useful for Neglected trys because unlike earthquake you either force it or kill it. The earthquake option can have no effect and when your on your final seconds a no effect can be bad. Not to mention it can kill every other egg you have to while kill is for a single egg with no risk to any of your other eggs.
  23. I'm so happy thanks TJ! The leetle trees are a awesome suprise.
  24. Getting in the holiday spirit I started writing descriptions for my holiday dragons and I just got my first comment. My Yulebuck, Bah Humbugg: * Accept: Although it goes against the character of yulebucks, I love it! That comment made my day.