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WANTED! 2nd gen any common egg from spriters ribbon or rose. Or 3rd gen common from spriters rose/ribbon grandparents and any winged snow angel for even gen lineage project.deshera.pngztMsn.pngI bred on request but if you requested an egg from me and you haven't been messaged in a month feel free to drop a friendly reminder pm in my mail box since I may have forgotten.97/1,000 Earth Dragon goal (yeah, I'm crazy I know it :P)

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    I'm looking for certain dragons from breeding pairs for a giga breeding project. CB stripes/ CB everything. I need the egg to be a striped egg and the parents both CB. Gender of parents doesn't matter.

    CB Old Pink/ CB Striped
    CB White Winged Christmas / CB striped
    CB Sweetling/ CB striped
    CB Gold/ CB striped
    CB Silver (both genders)/ CB striped
    CB Valentine/ CB Striped