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  1. Add multiclutch possibility to mints for the chance of getting a bred shiny mint. 

    Gold x Mint = Gold Mint, Silver x Mint = Silver Mint, Copper x Mint = Copper Mint, Prize x Mint = Mint with Crown


    Thanks for listening to my TEDtalk.


    Btw. I support multiclutch.

  2. Hey!

    I can't connect to the forum and the cave via Wi-Fi but it works just fine with 4g.

    There are more user with this problem and it seems to be a regional thingy. At the moment there are people with Problems from: Germany, Finnland, Rocky Mountains (US), West Coast Canada...

    Sorry for messy writing, my smartphone wants to correct everything to german :D

  3. Where is the we're/where mess-up? Also, why is boring bad?

    I think he or she meant "were" instead of "we are".


    First line:

    Flirianaik's parents where both mercenaries

    should be: ...parents were both


    Sixt line:

    After people where enraged by his attempts,

    should be: ...people were enraged


    I hope this helps :3