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  1. I'll fully admit I have the won't eat it cause it's cute syndrome. Sorry, could not get myself to eat a cat or dog (could eat a rabbit though if htey didn't taste so nasty. Tried it once.... blech). But, I don't think it's my place as some one who eats meat to tell some one else they shouldn't eat cat or dog (long as it is not some one's pet). I just hope they don't tell me all about it cause I don't want to think about it. The one justification I can think of for making pet animals illegal to eat is something that has popped up in at least one country that allows people to eat htose animals. People stealing people's pets for food (oh, I thought it was a stray *innocent look*). And that's nice to hear about Europe but I wonder how well animals are treated in the US. We have standards here too but I know that places find ways around those (Check out puppy mills that have FDA approval). And yeah, I'd totally insist on all free-range/certified humane raised animals if I could afford it . But, because I love meat so much, don't have a good resolve to go vegetarian, and am poor, I buy the other stuff .
  2. I think it's very hypocritical to say people shouldn't eat dog/cat whatever (just please don't tell me about it cause even though I agree that if one eats one type of animal you can't really condemn eating another just cause it's that type doesn't mean I want to hear about you eating an animal I tend to like more and see more as a pet. Just as I'd be polite and try not to mention eating an animal some one else liked/found sacred to them). Whale, on the other hand, I am against mainly cause most whales are endangered (now if they are going for non endangered whales and doing it in a way to conserve the species, I'd have no problem). I do think no one should be eating flesh of animals that are endangered period (I think that should be illegal as it is for most endangered animals. Sea life unfortunately doesn't seem to get as good protections. I know swordfish and some types of sharks really should stop being fished). Mainly cause their populations can't handle being hunted at the moment (and I'll be somewhat positive and say maybe some day they can recover enough to be hunted).
  3. I eat meat mainly cause I really love it. If I had the resolve, I'd stop eating it (and stop eating eggs and dairy). Not cause I think killing animals for our food is wrong, I think that's part of nature and life. And, death eventually happens no matter what and at least the animal is giving its life up to further some other life. I love animals, but I really do not see anything wrong with killing an animal for food (and for leather as I feel all parts of the animal that can should be used if you are going to take its life). But, I do think how those animals I am eating end up being raised and killed is a problem. Most food animals are treated very badly, given very small space, and not even given much of a humane death. I'd not eat meat (or if I had the money eat only meat that is humanely raised) mostly to boycott how chickens and cows are raised for mass consumption. To me quality of life of an animal is a helluva lot more important than its death to be a food animal for me (shoot one could argue if we didn't eat meat a lot of those animals wouldn't even have a chance to ever have a life in the first place cause we wouldn't be breeding them to eat). The best I've done so far is pony up the money to buy eggs from certified humanely treated chickens (and hope the certification is pretty good)l.
  4. You know what was frustrating last night (and really dang funny now that I have my halloween eggs?)? I was trick or treating on the page, and the site goes down (looks like on purpose) and when I get back on I notice new eggs. So I click on hte whole row of three, expecting not to get any. Only to get the message, "You have decided four hatchlings is enough" on every single egg! I don't know how i got so lucky as to manage to not get egg not there on every single one, but it pays to pay attention to how many eggs/hatchlings you have on your scroll first (after that I had to do the persistantly try to get them til I got two, after dropping two of the hatchlings/eggs from my scroll. Then got two more today after my sacrifice dragon was used to make a zombie and I failed on the hatchling, I got two more).
  5. For all those complaining about lag and server speed, I disagree that having bad lag makes it impossible for you. I got two of my eggs within an hour last night and the page was lagging so badly it would take minutes for pages to load (Like I'd see the egg description but wouldn't be able to click cause the egg hadn't popped up so I know that other people would have plenty of time to click). Both times I caught them the page took a while to load and then it said I got my dragon. (oh, and I didn't disable javascript either so I had to wait for the full page to load before clicking). It takes persistance and a good strategy (and no, you can't have my strategy though I know other people have mentioned mine cause that's how I got it ). Now what's hard is getting rare eggs that don't have every single egg be the one you want but you have to find it amongst other eggs and click fast enough. Plus you don't get near as many chances.
  6. I made one on my first try this year on the sacrifice dragon that grew up just today (just in time!). My second try was on the mint dragon hatchling but he just disientigrated, and then a frozen hatchling ochredrake that at first revived so I killed him again not realizing you couldn't try reviving again. I did a third try of a frozen green hatchling but he just disintegrated. And then I ran out of hatchlings I was willing to sacrifice (and I felt bad killing my frozen ones cause they were on my scroll a while and not just some new one I got just to make a zombie from). So I guess no hatchling zombie for me.
  7. Me too. I like the idea of a leetle basket that if you click you can see the eggs the person collected.
  8. The fun is not good enough for you? Though I have to admit I hope we get to keep them and they don't just disappear.
  9. Ah, Thanks. I did not know they were rare ones. That makes me feel a lot better (I had decided that apparently it just probably wasn't going to happen for me to get any future releases. Though I still really want one of each of those, particularly the icicle dragon but I like the electric one too better than the electric one that came after that one).
  10. Not in my experience. I still am having a hard time getting any of the eggs that came out with the magma and "your hair stands on end" and the icicle egg dragon batch. The only new eggs I was able to get was the ones that for a few months that is all you saw on the new page. The last new batch I was able to get even after it calmed down was the batch with the balloon dragon. And they just don't pop up as much (and the other ones have been here so long almost everyone but new people have them so they don't click them). So you still have a high demand for them even months later (maybe even a year at this point for that one batch I'd like to get some dragons from).
  11. Can I be listed a a supporter? I do try to only breed those that are rarer (if/when I breed. I don't breed much cause I tend not to be on dragon cave as much unless there is a new dragon I want). I do try when I want something that is common at least try to find an uncommon dragon to breed it to so if one comes out I don't want I won't spam the AP with more of hte same dragon that is on there. And I've actually tried to breed some rares to put on there. My problem is for gold and silver dragons the best pair with them is a very common dragon on the AP (proabbly cause I'm not the only one who has figured that out).
  12. I'm glad for hte mod mayhem cause I'd never know about this. I have gotten to the point I mostly ignore dragon cave (cause in general I'm happy once I get a male/female dragon unless it is a chicken cause I love the chickens and I won't mind collecting more of the rare dragons) unless I notice new eggs come out (in a link share webpage that I see other people's dragon pages) and because I decided to start getting some of these new dragons I noticed random wierd egg and figured something was going on (I tried clicking on it and thought at first it was a new dragon egg. Decided to go to forum to find out).
  13. Yeah, well I still don't have it yet. But I did get the egyptian one.
  14. Yeah, that would be it .
  15. Finally got my 2nd favorite (hard to rank my top favorites so it's very close to my first), the swan. My first is hard to describe (It's one of hte glass looking ones, like it has a glass overcoat but there is something solid inside it). And I would love to get the Egyptian one. And the one that shows up as first in a lot of people's scrolls (I don't think it is the first one as the scrolls with all 38 don't have it as first, but it is one of hte first). I gotta say this is more fun than the dragon eggs (i've gotten sick of reloading, only to have the ones I already have show up, and the few times the ones I haven't managed to get show up no matter how fast I click, and I swear sometimes it's the instant I see it, it's already taken. Gets old after a while).
  16. My luck is that I've gotten 24 so far. None of which are the three I really want and there are like 4-7 more I'd really like too that isn't part of that 24 (I have gotten a few I really like in that 24, but the ones I really like keep eluding me). Not that I don't have ones I really like on mine, but only one or two were ones I saw that I was like I definitely like that one, and quite a few that are definitely ones I'd not be as upset about not getting. They are really neat overall though and have to admit, this is really fun. I just wish I could assure myself of my favorites, and they keep eluding me.