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  1. Meant to post this during Christmas/Holiday season but didn't get to it.(Had a better picture to, but forgot to save >< )


    So.....*warning! bad pun incoming* anyone like "Peppermint Tea"? biggrin.gif


    Don't hurt me! ninja.gif


    user posted image








    Hint: *coughupperrightcornercough*

    I don't get it ohmy.gif

  2. I missed a leetle tree with the code OHmg on the 22nd ToT I bawled.

    A 2nd gen black daFF(daffodil)

    OemG(Proud owner of 2nd gen black)

    66BB (CB Vine)

    tldE(Paper) Irony biggrin.gif

    Autumn Seasonal (mEBO)

    Ch17 (White)

    HOHO(I Wanted That. Missed it TOT)



  3. I've only used it a few times but it has worked out every time.


    Anyone else wonder if its possible to influence a purple dragon to be male? I'm going to try it some time. I suspect it will probably fail but I think it'll be fun. Just got to get some more pink dragons.

    i think its not in there. It's just like if you had all unbreedables.