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  1. Is it possible to get an avatar egg from breeding two GoN's together? I want to try it, but I don't want to waste a week just trying it out.
  2. I'm a two-headed split http://dragcave.net/lineage/eX9O
  3. Not fogging my val 11 eggs before going to school. I hope dead eggs don't count as breed limit =S
  4. The eggs are truly beautiful +w+ Now, to see the adults
  5. What ever happened to Lyth D:. I remember I had caught a frill from the cave when it was announced they'd be discontinued. It was my first one. Now, I couldn't regret it more. I tossed it for an unlocked scroll ToT
  6. I missed a leetle tree with the code OHmg on the 22nd ToT I bawled. A 2nd gen black daFF(daffodil) OemG(Proud owner of 2nd gen black) 66BB (CB Vine) tldE(Paper) Irony Autumn Seasonal (mEBO) Ch17 (White) HOHO(I Wanted That. Missed it TOT) HahP(Happy) bUHD(Bud)
  7. I like Nebulas, and Marrows. Pretty
  8. Can you get one if you're locked?
  9. How does it happen to be that the human (you) manages to draw the EXACT same drawing for every type of same dragon you have? (i.e. you have a black, and the next one looks EXACTLY like that one before ._.)
  10. Lol twice on my pumpkins I influenced boy and girl and obviously yea. Of course I still got the genders I wanted
  11. How do new dragons mass breed every hour? and How come the cave is not blocked even if it's a special day or not.
  12. Hmm... How are there New dragons? And if they're so new, why are they freaking mass-breeding?
  13. Depends, I was supposed to get a silver first, but I missed it in a trade so I got a gold instead. At least later some awesome person gave me the silver back :3
  14. ToS is the best! Tos2 is okay. I hate Emil >. He's so annoying. I got bad ending just to see him kill himself
  15. i think its not in there. It's just like if you had all unbreedables.