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  1. Yeah I didn't grab the statue (Christmas game was still on my mind with 'no stealing' ) and now I'm stuck in the loop unable to advance.
  2. My game isn't even loading up :c I shall try again in the morning.
  3. Wait, this event was the one time I get to speak to the dragon in the square!? Darn iiiiiiiiit Why did I have to get too excited and misclick!?
  4. O-oh...thank you for letting me know. It pops up the day complete message instantly after the guy expresses disappointment so I guess I'm done for the day...it doesn't penalize us too bad for being a terrible person right? That was the first mistake I've made.
  5. QAQ aaaa! I was so excited to deliver letters to people that I pushed the thing too fast and declined! Is...is there any way to redo the day I really wanted to deliver letters that sounded so much fun-
  6. Man, thank you to whoever made an asexual wrapping paper for the gifts >w< that brightened my evening quite a bit!
  7. My zombie attempt resulted in a database error O.o;;
  8. AH! Is the one egg a Journey egg!? Because if so IT JUST MADE MY DAY!
  9. I've checked Chrome, FF, and IE and still no second egg for me. It's been well over an hour.
  10. Oh that is perfectly fine! Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor. I have a number of tabs open for when my limits are up.
  11. Same. The irises are wonderful as well! I'm rather hoping to get one of those at some point.
  12. Thank you to the two who sent me flowers! The branches seem to be my favorite to give out currently >w< they just seem so pretty!
  13. Ahhhhh~! Oh my goodness the flowers are so cute! I can't wait until I get some. I'll be sure to send as many random ones as I can!
  14. Must've clicked over 20 Hollies by now but too slow each time. At least it's nice to see so many though. I still remember the drama when a good portion of people wanted to hoard and never breed them. Back then I was lucky to see 3 a winter. In the meantime, I hope whoever picked up my Christmas eggs enjoys them. I tried to pick some nice lineages : >
  15. Hah, if there's an invite code I want one :'D dinosssss
  16. No Holly for me, but that's totally cool. I'll try every year until I nab one. But I'm very happy I didn't see as much drama as I did last year and that there seemed to be so much more floating around. Hopefully that's a good sign for the coming years. Congrats to those who got them and good luck to those who will be trying just like me. Hope regardless you all had a wonderful holiday : >
  17. Still no luck in obtaining a Holly...but I'm thrilled to see so many in the AP this year nonetheless! Last year's drama had me rather concerned with so many users threatening never to breed their dragons all. Also nice to hear all these stories of random gifting.
  18. I was staring at a few red eggs on the ap wondering how many people had been mistaking them for Hollies as they kept vanishing and reappearing when I realized a gold had been next to them the whole time and I never clicked it. Whoops
  19. I don't expect I'll get one, but it'd be nice to. I've yet to even find one in the abandoned area in all my years here. I'd hope to see more populate the cave though. Last year's drama was rather sad with all these holly owners saying they'd never breed them.
  20. I certainly wouldn't mind being added to this list such a clever idea
  21. Thank you SO much TJ! Oh gosh, you have no idea how much it cheered me up to see the leetle trees! Thank you!
  22. Thank you guys for the 6 egg drop! That really helped! After hours of trying to get eggs I managed to fill up in under a minute and no lag at all! Again, thank you for working hard to make the holiday fun for everyone!
  23. Oh boo...new eggs and I still haven't managed a sunsong or hellfire. Not to mention scroll locked. Guess I'll be holding off for a bit with these. Push away all abandon urges >_<; must be good.
  24. I am loving this I couldn't find any eggs hidden around campus this year so this makes a great substitute. Yay for egg hunting!