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  1. I just wanted to say, beautiful work on these babies. :3 I just adore them. Got three, myself, and I'm pretty happy with that. Two females and a male. But now i'm not sure if I want to let them all grow, therefore increasing the number I'll have to breed next year, or if I want to freeze the second female, so I can have one of those adorable hatchies on my scroll. Decisions, decisions.
  2. Ahh, KH. Love it to death. :3 It's one of those games that I'll play for a long time, drop it for awhile, and then later come back to it and love it all over again. II is by far my favorite, with I and BBS coming up behind. Not a fan of CoM (and in fact have not finished RE: CoM) but that's because the cards drive me nuts. Just recently "finished" BBS. And by finished, I mean I beat the game with all three on normal mode. Now to go back, get everything else, level them up big time, and try it on Proud. Eventually. I haven't played Days yet, but I plan on fixing that soon. I own every other game though, with the exception of Coded. (Again, might fix that, when RE comes out. Or has it already? I'm not sure. ) As for merchandise, I don't own much, although I very nearly got the Heartless backpack Hot Topic had. :3 What I do have, that my friend got me for my birthday one year off of Ebay, is a Heartless emblem necklace. I luff it to death. It's even colored, and it's just wonderful. Anywhos. Yup, KH is great. My favorite game series, by far. Favorite characters? Eh, Idk. It generally changes every time I play, lol. Currently it'd probably be Riku and Terra both.
  3. Well, I managed to catch three of the new eggs, so that's wonderful. On the other hand, I've tried three zombie attempts (on two white hatchlings and one vine hatchling) and got nothing besides a bit of guilt. I guess I'll use my last kill on an adult, even though I already have an adult zombie. Let's see if this works. Nope. So that's 0/4 attempts for me. Not very lucky, this year. Oh well! I have my new eggs. :3
  4. Kingdom Hearts BBS. I'm only on here because I felt like taking a break from having my butt handed to me.
  5. Aw! Awww! He's so adorable! *huggles new thunder* I just love the little guy! Thanks so much!
  6. Hey there, I really love your drawings. They're so cute! Could I maybe get on the list and have a thunder dragon? (That's the legendary, not the electric, although I'm sure you knew that. ^^ ) Thanks in advance! Edit for spelling fail.
  7. Gods, I love this game. So much. I've been playing nearly every night for a few weeks now, and it still hasn't gotten old. I'm a room 4 regular, so if any of you pop in there, keep an eye out for Vermy.
  8. Record time catching on a new release, for me. Got two of each. Yes!
  9. My Page: http://www.squiby.net/user/Kassa_Pyro Just joined it. *goes off to catch more adoptables*
  10. My first four were: Albino, Gray, Magi, and Mint. All of which are still alive on my scroll. =3 Once I figured out what made them hatch, I went looking for sites to help them do just that. Albino--Rutherea Gray--Pyro's Black Death (He was always sick. ) Magi-Brisingr Inflammare Mint-Ritheral All males as well. I remember that really made me mad.