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  1. Ahh, everything's so adorable! The finished tiger is very pretty, especially the eyes. :3 and I love the techno-savvy dragon!
  2. So cute, Shar, thanks!!! Put it in my randimg rotation ^^
  3. These really are adorable...I just had to come back for more! :3 I want one! Username: Kassa_Pyro What you want me to draw: Thunder dragon (could it be a gendered hatchling?) Position: Kind of flexing it's little wings (much like the hatchling does in the sprite) and looking up at the sky. Emotion: No emotion, really. Just kind of looking Medium: Digitial Extra: I'd love a sig version It can go into the rotation with the adorable black you made me. ^^
  4. Ahh! The little black is just too cute! Thanks so much! ^^
  5. Hope I'm doing this right...? I want one! Username: Kassa_Pyro What you want me to draw: Black dragon (gender/alt or not, I don't really care. I trust it'll be cute whatever you make. Position: It'd be cute if it was playing with a little mouse or bug or something. Emotion: Happy Medium: Digital, please! Extra: Could I have a sig version, please? ^^ It'll either go next to my thunder, or maybe in my rotation. Thank you!
  6. Ahh, I've been waiting for the fluffy ones FOREVER. So glad they're finally released!!! Now it only I could just..you know..grab one. I managed to catch one of the two-tails though (and an accidental guardian too. )
  7. I know you said in your first post you might be willing to take even gen blacks as commissions. I breed even gen & purebred blacks (as in they are both), and I can breed from 3rd gen up to 6th gen. Would one of those suit your fancy?
  8. Ah, how wonderful! He looks so fierce. :3 Thanks so much! *goes to put in sig* EDIT: Bah. Looks like I'm going to have to invest in a image rotators now. Too many pretty pictures!!
  9. Oh, I love it! Thanks so much! ^^ *scatters off to put on new avvie*
  10. Username: Kassa_Pyro Size: Avatar size, please. Subject: I'd like to use it as an avatar here. :3 Images: Could I maybe have a Female Alt black, Male regular black, and a black hatchling? (Of any gender, either alt/regular, whichever works best.) Text: None, thanks. :3 Color Scheme: I'm not really sure; something that they show up well on. Otherwise, I'll leave it up to your creative talents. :3 (I really love black/purple together, but that may be too dark for black dragons. But if you could sneak them in, that'd be good. :3) Animation?: No thanks. ^^ Anything else?: Nope! Thanks in advanced!
  11. Please to be drawething meh a dragon 8D Breed; Could I have a family of blacks? (So, three ones?) If not, just a pair, please. Gender; Could I have the female be alt and the male be normal? :3 Pose; If you could do a family, it'd be cute if the baby was like..laying on one of the parents, and they were just lounging together. If you only want to do the pair, kind of entangled together or something would be cute. Mood; Happy/Content Thanks in advanced! If there are any problems, please let me know. :3
  12. Awesome, thanks! No rush. ^^ And great job on all the artwork so far. :3
  13. If those above edits don't count as seperate requests, I'd like to make a request. :3 Splicing, ahoy! * Name(What I should call you): Kassa_Pyro * Spliced or Original: Spliced, please! (Black and Thunder eggs, it'd be cool if it was like the black, but with the thunder around it, or something. But exactly how you make it is up to you. :3) * Colors: Just the normal egg colors * Designs: Would prefer it to be the base of the black with thunder around it, like the thunder eggs. But if you don't want to/can't do that, then however you think it'll look best. :3 * Can others use this egg: Sure.
  14. Meh. I finally had something i was happy with...and upon refreshing it went back to what it was like before all of this. Which is radically different and not at all what I want. So, I'll be waiting to submit it until this changes.
  15. May I make a request? (If you're not too busy, of course. ^^) Username: Kassa_Pyro Pokemons to use: Salamance and Pidgeot Base pokemon: Salamance What do you want me to do with them?: Splice, please. Versions of sprites: Er, I'm not too good with the differences. Ruby/Sapphire sprite for Salamance, and whatever version of Pidgeot you think looks best. Other: That's it.
  16. *late to party* But I thought I'd come in and wish you luck with all of your college stuff. I know how much of a pain that can be. :x Real life, always getting in the way. It's like it thinks it's important or something. Psh. *noms on now stale treats* Foods for your stresses! *piles good food on Vhyx*
  17. Agg. Maybe it's because it's so late, but I just can't get any ideas. Or, when I do get them, they just don't seem to work out. I know which topper I want to use, and which garland/lights/whatever..but beyond that, nothing looks quite right. Merrrh. >.> That being said, these new toppers are absolutely stunning. All of the ornaments are, really. Makes choosing which ones to use difficult!
  18. Alright, awesome. ^^ No rush, though. Also, nice work on the others. That arcanine is very pretty.
  19. Can has sketch request, please? (Hopefully they're open, I haven't seen any other sketch requests besides the Arcanine. If not, just let me know. ) Paper or Digital?: Digital Pokemon: Salamance In Colour?: Yes please Pose/Details?: Kind of crouched down, roaring/snarling at something, if it's not too difficult. Siggy Copy?: Yes please!
  20. Kassa_Pyro

    Stephen King

    I love Stephen King. I haven't read nearly as much of him as I'd like, but I plan on changing that. Letsee...I've read Eyes of the Dragon, Misery, (most of) The Stand, Cujo, Pet Semetary, Green Mile, and most of this other one I can't remember at the moment. :x I really liked the Stand, but it just got too long for me towards the end. I just kind of gave up. I've read a few books over 1000 pages before, but I couldn't make it through this one. The one I can't remember I remember was good, but just not quite my style of story. (It's the one about the section of woodland cut off from the world and being attacked by weird creatures of some sort. Has the bathroom scene that is just 'beautiful' *Sarcasm*). But I love (and own) all the others. Misery is my favorite by far, with Pet Semetary coming in a close second. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a garage sale full of super cheap SK books. It was like being in heaven. So yeah...he's one of my favorite authors ever, lol.
  21. Ahhh. The Pendragon Series and a lot of things by Stephen King are my favorite books because of all the twists and turns. :3 I love suspense/twists and I just get so much joy out of it. Specifically (kind of) I'd say in Pendragon, basically any time SD revealed himself/was revealed. Although I did manage to get a little wise to it near the last few books. (not white because I don't feel like it's really a "spoiler".) Nothing specific for King though...just pretty much anything he's ever written.
  22. These are adorable! I have a request that might be a bit trickier..and more work, so if you refuse, that's fine. :3 I'd like to have two black dragons (a male alt and female regular) kind of entwined, or even just together somehow. EDIT!: Ok, I actually changed my mind. Hopefully you haven't read this yet! I'd just like the hellfire. :3 Someone else is creating an alt for me, and I'd like to have a mix in my sig. So never mind that top part. ^^ If that's too much to ask, could I maybe just have a male hellfire? For that, I'm uncertain what kind of pose I'd like him in..just something kind of cute. I'll leave that up to you, I'm sure whatever you make will be beautiful. ^^ And if you could make a siggy version for me too, of whatever you decide on, that'd be great. I'd love to use whatever you come up with in my sig. ^^ Thanks so much, in advanced!
  23. *shifty eyes* *feels lame* Xehanort.'s Heartless (kingdom hearts) I don't know why, but something about his icky tanned skin and orange eyes has just always like..freaked me out. And the way he talks makes my skin crawl. It's just too much, lol. Oddly enough, I'm fine with Xemnas and Master Xehanort (although he does do weird things with his hands that makes me want to smack him.)
  24. My sixth Gen black for sure. :3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/RKZM I still want to take the lineage a bit farther, but she's my shining favorite, so far. ^^ Coming in a close second would probably be my sunrise: Pyro's Sunrise of Life My only described dragon and the dragon with the most views on my scroll. :3