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  1. Variations of part of my first name lead to a few different things, including a mint and a water dragon. My favorites though are the two black dragons my name has. It fits, as I breed those ^^
  2. I'd like to join in on this! Updating! Two so far http://dragcave.net/lineage/V4Q73 Grew up on: Mar. 19, 2012 http://dragcave.net/lineage/RYCLF Grew up on: Mar. 20, 2012 And a third! http://dragcave.net/lineage/OTQ0W Grew up on: Mar. 20, 2012
  3. I want a GIF or banner! Username: Kassa_Pyro Banner or GIF: GIF (that will go in my sig ) Size: 100 x 100 Reference: CREDIT TO WOOKIEINMASHOO! This is all their beautiful work, no credit to me. (Idea is mine though) ((Wookieinmashoo's art thread: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=118575&st=0 )) Background Color: N/a Text: Kassa_Pyro Transparent: Yes ((Neo!)) What would you like on it? I would just like a wolf, a misty light bluish-colored wolf. Not a pure mist-wolf (like from various stories), but with misty tendrils kind of drifting off of her. As for motion, I'm not really sure. It'd be kind of cool if she could maybe howl, and if the mist on her could move. You're welcome to be creative if you want though! Looked like spots were still open. If not just let me know, and I apologize!!
  4. Username: - Kassa_Pyro Number: #47,096 Join Date: August 31, 2009
  5. Looks great! Thanks a bunch Mysfytt ^^ *goes to equip to avatar*
  6. No problem Tyra. ^^ Gives me more time to get your eggy(s), haha. :3 And yeah, school is fairly important...I guess.
  7. Could you put the black border, please? Otherwise, it's perfect Thanks so much!
  8. Thankies Mysfytt ^^ I PM'd you to discuss eggys, since I don't want to clog your wonderful thread
  9. Since Sheppardkid accepted and didn't request any changes, that means there's a spot open, right? ((If I'm wrong, please excuse me. I did read the full page in full, and this is what I've taken it to mean. )) i would like an avatar Forum Name: Kassa_Pyro Which Dragon: Regular Black Hatchling Stage 2 Male What do you want it doing (be specific): I'd like it to sort of rear up, pushing off of the paw it has on the ground, and then paw at the air before returning to the ground. Maybe opening it's wings a bit too, if you can manage it? (I know the wings are kind of folded in, so I understand if it would be too difficult) Any Text? (font): None Background (can also be animated): Just a blank scroll-colored background would be fine. Payment: Whatever I can breed for you (or agree to catch). My scroll is in the thunder in my signature. Breeding lists include golden wyverns of various lineages, a place on my list of people waiting for a 3rd gen gold egg from my gold Kegalize (from gold x red) and its red mate Jingle Heater (gold x red). Or another choice. None of the eggs currently on my scroll can be given away, so request must be for breed or catch. (I have a good past with CB Golden Wyverns, and occasionally come across a CB pink, but am willing to watch for anything you desire. The only exception being CB ices. I'm more than willing to watch for you, but the first one I find must go to another artist). Thanks! EDIT: Changed 'flapping' to 'opening'
  10. Yes please! Although I would love a reference pic, if you had the time, of course. :3
  11. It looks great so far, Tyra. ^^ I love this pose, almost even a little more than the other.
  12. Ohhh, I love it. Thanks so much! ^^
  13. If you're up to it, and you're not getting bored/tired of me yet (and if so, just say so. I know you want the practice, and I love your art, so I have lots of random ideas for you. But you've drawn a lot for me, so if you'd like me to give a break for awhile, I will :x ) I want one! Username: Kassa_Pyro What you want me to draw: Raptor! Position: Trying to figure out an Ipod? (holding it, looking at it confused-like) To kind of go with your tech series. Emotion: Confuzzled! Medium: Digital Extra: Please also, because you have done so many of my requests, I'd love to give you an eggy in return! Due to midterms I don't really have the time to hunt properly for CBs, but I'd be happy to breed you something off my scroll. Some PB Pinks, maybe? Or Blacks? Or I can write you in as an IOU from either my 2nd gen gold or my 3rd gen gold. Or one of my thunder pairs. Or..whatever you want, really. If you click the thunder in my sig (the one not by you), it'll take you to my scroll. Take your pick. ^^ EDIT: I also just caught a CB Pink and a Cheese Egg, both of which/either of which you can have as well, if you'd like. (Both on 5 hour cooldown right now)
  14. Your Forum name: Kassa_Pyro Your Scroll name: Kassa_Pyro The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): f0ZUg Egg type: Earth/Green Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 10:57 am Time of Death: 11:02 am Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0 EDIT: Edited to bump time up a bit. EDIT2: Died without turning. :/
  15. Eeek~ So cute! Thanks, as always, Sharly. ^^
  16. Wavy, like in the picture, please. And thanks!
  17. o0 That's strange, it seems to work fine for me. Maybe photobucket is misbehaving for you? Maybe try This ((I'll edit it into my original request as well))
  18. I meann, since you want the practice and all... I want one! Username: Kassa_Pyro What you want me to draw: A wolf, this time! A wolf with misty-looking smoke around her and sort of icey-colored (bluish/whitish) fur. Other than those details, go crazy with it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. Position: About to pounce on some poor, unsuspecting creature (of your choice) Emotion: Playful Medium: Digital Extra: Yes please!
  19. Yippy! ^^ I'll post my request form properly then? Forum Name: Kassa_Pyro Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Kassa_Pyro Additionally, My special list (to show you're on the waiting list ^^): Here Breed of Dragon(s) Requested: OC Dragon Description: Basic Concept (warning, I have no skillz). In general: An eastern dragon with a long body. Black scales, with a long white stripe down the back. No wings, but legs visible. Has long golden whiskers, and a tassle-like set of golden hairs coming off the end of his tail. Golden/amber colored eyes. Headshot or Full Body: Full Body How many dragons in the request(no more than two in one picture please): 1 Specific pose? Could he be sort of curled in on himself, if that's possible? Looking out at the camera? Media(Sketch, Traditional, Computer Art): Computer Art (or whatever you did the pillow/Cheese in?) Payment(before breeding an egg for me, please pm me to make sure I have space open): Discussed a bit with you, but I'll be doing my best to catch (or trade if possible) a CB Ice for you. I have also put you first on my waiting list for a 2nd gen PB Ice egg, which I can try again for in ~6 days. If you need anymore info, please let me know.
  20. Such pretty drawings. And I certainly could use more art to put in my sig and such, sooo...May I make a request? :3 I want: I'd like a wolf. It's a sort of OC idea that's completely in my head, so the best I can give you is a description, if that's ok? I'd like the build to be that of a normal wolf, but I want her to appear sort of misty. (Not complete mist-like, but with tendrils of mist around her, kind of coming off of her, or however your artistry decides it should go). I'd like her to be of a light bluish color, sort of like this? Otherwise, I kind of trust that you'll make her look good, let your muse flow with this, she's very abstract, so I trust your judgement. ^^ I want it in this form: Normal, kind of looking at the viewer, if possible?
  21. Haha, it's fine Whatever you're up for.
  22. I think your stuff is great! And if I may say so, I definitely think you're getting even better as you go along.
  23. *shifty eyes* I didn't see anything about limited requests...but if there are, just tell me to shut up and I'll get out of your hair. Anyways, I have a request for you. An OC that I dragonfied, and I'd like to see what you can do with it. ((Be warned to all who dare click on the following picture...I cannot draw. It is bad. But I think it's good enough to give Sharly an idea.) I want one! Username: Kassa_Pyro What you want me to draw: Dragon! This one, to be exact: Here Like I said, this is very poor quality. Basically he's an eastern dragon, with a black body (I couldn't do black, it blended too much with the lines), golden spikes, white curvy horns, and a long white stripe going down his back. He also has golden tassel-things coming off of his tail. He also has golden whiskers. :3 That brownish thing around his neck is supposed to be a scar, as is the brownish thing by his eye and along his belly. However, the neck one is the most important. And..it's supposed to be shaped like teeth-marks, but I fail. :c Position: If possible, I'd like him kind of curled in on himself, or kind of around himself. Maybe looking out at the person looking at the picture? Emotion: Pensive. Basically, doesn't need much emotion. Medium: Digital, pl0x. Extra: Could I have a sig version? Also, since your name is on it, would you mind if I used it on other sites, so long as you got the credit for it? ((I have a forum that the human OC of this dragon belongs to, and I'd like to put it in the sig there)) Thanks!!
  24. I'd like to request a dragon as well, if you're taking more than one request at a time! Could you try drawing a curled alt hatchling? (gendered). I just want the general body structure, so it doesn't have to be 'curled' per se. It would be cute if it was noming on something. IF it would be at all possible (I would understand if not, dragons can't be easy to draw in general. If not possible, then just the first part of this request is fine), could it maybe be chewing on the tail of a thunder dragon? If you feel like you might be up for doing both, but would like some compensation for it, I'd be happy to breed you something from my scroll, if you'd like to take a look. (click the thunder in my siggy). Like I said, only if you are up for both, this isn't meant to be a bribe or anything, haha. Thanks for reading~