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  1. Category: Lineages -- Perfect Title of Record: The Black Lineage Name of Submitant(forumname): Kassa_Pyro Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/Kassa_Pyro Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gCJO8 (7th Gen )
  2. I Want to Request a Splice! Forum Name- Kassa_Pyro Pokemon To Splice(Can be empty if only recolor)- Luxray and Salamence Base Pokemon- Luxray Recolor Pokemon- Salamence Any Specific Artist- Whoever's free Other-
  3. Female Turp x Black Male: Success, Turp egg.
  4. Turp x Black: Refusal I don't remember what I tried my other with...but I THINK it was turp x winter magi, and also a refusal. I have two more pairs of males/females. One pair I'll breed with itself, the other I'll break them up and try some more dragons.
  5. On a fun note, just tried to breed a male Turp with a female Black and got a refusal
  6. Hey Euro! I tried my hand at making a banner thing. It's kind of basic (It's been awhile since I took a graphic design class ^^"), but I hope you like it. [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=135914&st=0][IMG=http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h50/Flurry_of_Flames/EuroPicture.jpg][/url]
  7. ^^ Very nice! He looks so cool, haha. Like Pidgeot on firey steroids. Thanks Euro!!
  8. I really like your contest splice too, Euro! Also, if you're looking for more customer work, haha, I'll request another I Want to Request a Splice! Forum Name- Kassa_Pyro Pokemon To Splice(Can be empty if only recolor)- Pidgeot and Charizard Base Pokemon- Pidgeot Recolor Pokemon- Charizard Other- Prettypretty~
  9. Glad to be of help then! I agree. I think Salamence is just too bulky to work well in that way, although I think both Stealthy and Fairy did an excellent job with it!
  10. Thanks Fairy and Stealthy! Decisions decisions, haha! Honestly I think I like Euro's the most, and I think that's simply a matter of which way the pokemon fit together best. They're all excellent sprites! But I think Salamence colors on Absol's body look the best, just because the two fit best that way in my eyes. (Which is dumb, because I'm the one who asked for the other way around, haha!) I think for now I'll stick with using Euro's version in my siggy. But I'd like to thank you all, so keep an eye out for PMs! Thanks again everyone ^^
  11. Haha, of course! You made him after all! I stuck him in on my signature randomizer, but if you'd rather we didn't share an image I'll take him out, haha.
  12. This is awesome. ^^ Though I'd still like to see one with the body as salamence. This is only because he's my absolute favorite pokemon, though absol is still very high on the list. That being said, this is still an awesome sprite! The placement of Salamence's features just works really well, and I love the coloring. So if it's fine, I'd like to use this one as well as (if they still feel up to making them, if not it's fine, since I've received one now) a salamence base one. ^^ Thanks again, Euro.
  13. I Want to Request a Splice! Forum Name- Kassa_Pyro Pokemon To Splice- Salamence and Absol Base Pokemon- Salamence Recolor Pokemon- Absol Other- Might breed you something, although I'm locked so I'll need some time, haha. ^^
  14. I'll post an update on mine too. (Be warned, I used preexisting dragons, so the names tend to be a bit..long.) Survivors of Round I! District 1: Soul Of The Heartless II D1 District 2: Pyro's Gilded Terror II D2 District 3: Pyro's Storming Heart II D3 District 4: Pyro's I'll Soar Gracefully D4II District 5: Pyro's Jokester D5 II District 6: Still Battling! (They will NOT produce. >: ) District 7: Pyro's Aqua TASsles D7 II District 8: Pyro's Totally Unamused D8 II Just waiting for six, then the next round will start.
  15. I love these dragons. ^^ For some reason I was expecting them to be bulky, but I'm pleasantly surprised that they're not. Not that bulky would have been any less beautiful when it comes to the sprite work, I really love the graceful feel to them. ^^ I, too, hope that they can breed outside of their own species. Mostly because I WANT to do a PB, EG lineage with them, but if that's the only lineage they can make it's not quite as special, haha. I'll still love them either way though.
  16. Found this pretty Today. First lineage like it I've managed to snag. :3
  17. :3 That first black is one of my babies, from what I believe was my first PB Pair. :3 Glad she found a good home. ((Kekeke, my babies are slowly taking over the world!))
  18. I wondered if a forum-user had picked up my baby! ^^ I'm glad you like it! :3
  19. Totally in! Forum Name: Kassa_Pyro Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Kassa_Pyro
  20. Got it! ^^ I hope the rest of your school year goes well. I know what a hassle it can be!
  21. I'm chock full of IOUs, lol. I'm trying to shorten my list (which I keep on a google doc), but it seems like none of my dragons are behaving. >: Which makes me feel bad, because then I don't get to send out the eggies in a timely matter. >.> But I enjoy IOUs, and have yet to have a bad experience with them.
  22. He looks fabulous, Winter, thanks so much!
  23. Eee~ It's so cute. ^^ Thanks a bunch Umbre! Edit: Guess I'm adding it to my new avatar rotator. :3 Now I have three different avatars! Wee! Also, thanks for the sneak peak. I missed it before you were done, unfortunately, but it's still really neat to see how your program works.
  24. Weee, open slots! Username: Kassa_Pyro Request: OC Dragon Reference: An Eastern-style dragon with black scales, a white stripe down his back and golden, wavy horns. He also has long golden whiskers, and a golden set of 'feathers' at the tip of his tail. Along his back are three sets of interrupted spikes. There is a set of spikes on his neck, a break, then spikes on his mid back, another break, and spikes on his tail. Reference pictures: By Sharlykng and My own crappy version Specifics: I'd like him to be sitting sort of back on his haunches, with his tail curled around him and one claw sort of up in the air. I'd like him to look contemplative, not particularly happy or sad, but just kind of being. No real specific color scheme other than his indicated colors. Don't really require a background. Text: None Banner?: Sure! I could put it in my siggy ^^ Egg Trade: I'm not sure what yet, but I might be able to cook something up. ^^ Let me check out your scroll and unlock myself, and I'll see what I can find. ;D Thanks!!