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  1. Or in the alternative, asking for someone to pm you or say look at my forum wishlist, my forum name is x, does not actually require putting in a link.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I don't object to people asking for offers, was just pointing out that when staff says referencing a group etc does not actually specify what you want, then neither do some of these other things.
  3. Personally, I don't think it should be allowed for someone to state they don't know if they want to trade it. Not that they should be banned, but maybe a warning saying don't put something up until you know if it is for trade or not. My opinion, that's all. I never offer on those...ever!
  4. I understand they want offers and don't really know what they want, I am just saying those are not any clearer than some of the things that are deemed to be not legal. Personally I steer clear of those trades, unless it is something I REALLY want and I want to go to the bother of putting up things and hoping something sticks.
  5. LOL. i have thought about those too.
  6. I won't defend people's rights to post song lyrics, but I will say there are a lot of things that don't fit in the parameters of Want. Just glancing through the trades in hub right now, I see ones that say "Offer. I use decline" OR "Interesting offers" OR "Not sure I want to trade this, I will probably keep it" All of these are legal right now, and yet they give me NO clue what the person wants. And referencing forum wishlist, or even google docs one is as clear if not more clear than the ones mentioned above.
  7. Yes I have been told they are for the time being.
  8. Yes, in the beta testing of the Hub, there were some things that I am sure the staff did not anticipate, like people just having fun with it, and posting song lyrics, communications, etc. I am guilty of some of that myself. But there were no rules then, nothing to say people could not do it. Once the report button came into play, and people were posting on feedback that they found it annoying and TJ put additional note on want box, then a lot of that was curtailed. I never did song lyrics, but I personally found it amusing, and assumed it was a humorous message that the trade is a giveaway
  9. That is because they are banning people as we speak. I am fine with working out the bugs, tweaking things and figuring out the rules for it, but people are getting banned over it, while this is going on. Edit: On another note, as I understand it, only TJ can delete trades and/or issue bans. That seems a lot to be put on one busy administrator, especially if he is tasked with lifting temp ones at the proper time. So I propose allowing Trade Hub mods access to delete illegal/questionable trades with a notification saying trade was deleted by mod, please PM them if you have questi
  10. But other than the dragon naming thing (don't know what that is about), the other things like song lyrics and communications were being done a lot in the hub. The only thing that changed was a report button, which led to the bans happening, without the rules being put up in hub.
  11. But it seems like the person who was banned that posted in forum was only banned for linking her wishlist. And people have been "bypassing" the link thing by posting user group without the https:// thingy. I assumed that the trade hub did not support hyperlinks and for groups or forum wishlists, I don't think people would need the hyperlink thing to know how to type it in. I don't think it was an intentional bypass, just my opinion. Also I think she may have mentioned she left off the https because of lack of space. So it is possible she entered it without that in the first place. A
  12. Mean people suck! They just do. I will never post again during new release after earlier this month I got bombed. I caught it in time, but I know I am careful with hatcheries and should not have to monitor my scroll several times a day to make sure something isn't being viewbombed.
  13. That is one advantage the Trading Hub has over dragon market (and the forum for that matter....you can't even fully delete your post from forum)....the trades WILL expire and disappear, once an offer is accepted, or something hatches or grows up. But the dragon market did have the advantage of you being able to tell if something was CB without clicking it, and a way to put in contact information. And the ones at bottom of dragon market page were usually people you could not contact, or had delusional wants, so were not worth the bother. On an aside, I think once the Trade Hub things get
  14. I have a question about warding....Can it be used more than once on the same egg? And if not, can it be used again if it hatches? I have always been sparing on my wards because I was under the impression it can only be used once. So I always fog, unless it can be hatched in under 6 hours, then I ward it, and fog after it hatches. But I would like to know for sure if this is the case.
  15. If it was expanded to list that many, I would hope it would be some kind of link or collapsed box that could be expanded if somebody wants to look through the list. I would hate to see trade hub posts devolve into full page ads, like a lot of posts I see on forum trades. Other option (if group links were allowed), would be to make more groups, so you could divide holidays needing mates by breed, to make the groups smaller.
  16. What they meant is you cannot put your forum name up on link, if different from your scrollname, nor put any request for pm, or request not to be pm'd for that matter
  17. Perhaps there is a way for all links to be unallowed unless they are dragcave.net links? That way asking for unrelated to dragcave.net/limeage/code or dragcave.net/group/number could still be permisible. As far as PMs, even if one does not want PM's, they might get them anyway, because posting no pms is not permitted, whereas if someone could put it in profile to opt in or out, change it if they change their mind, and have it show up on the teleport link rather than wants box would help. And, if someone pm's a person who put no pm's, then it is something that could be reported as a violatio
  18. Speaking of Holidays...along with the Pagination being desperately needed by then, I think ability to link a group or direct to a group of holiday mates you need will be more important than ever. I know I would hate to have to click every single egg of that breed to see if it happens to be the one that is a mate I need for my lineages. But one good thing, people can't put up trades for things they still have on CD like they could on forum. That ended up being a real pain last year. Someone would make a deal with me for something on CD and then end up doing something else while I am waiting
  19. A couple things needed to be added to this list of mentioned wishes. 1-Being able to put if you do or not accept forum PM's, either on your profile to show up on your teleport link (this way, no violation of the Want box 2--A separate Have box (so no violation of the wants box) 3--A space for the offerer to add a note with their offer, such as "this hatchie is influenced/precog'd the gender you wanted" etc 4. A way for someone to link forum wishlist or direct someone to it, and/or scroll group for ideas what to offer (as of now, it is considered a violation of Wants Box)
  20. Well I for one, do not plan on reporting any in the future unless it is a blatant abusive thing. Otherwise, I don't want to see anyone banned for making a mistake. At most I would just want them to be warned to stop it, like what would be done on forum for minor trade violations. I really believe most users on the trade hub are following the rules the best they know of them (which may be little to none).
  21. The forum trading does have a lot of issues that are way too numerous to list here, and not the topic for it. But forum trading has been really bad for me. The Trade Hub could really be a good thing with a few fixes and clearly stated rules on the trade hub or notifications, especially if the staff takes into account some of the suggestions made here in this thread.
  22. And if I understand it correctly, making groups on your scroll, you can make them public links that says anyone with a link to it can see that group. So if somebody makes a dedicated group of dragons they need mates for, or a grouping of dragons they like to hoard, it seems reasonable to expect that they could put in their group link and ask for something from that group. I thought that was one of the uses for it.
  23. I would be great with it replacing the forum system. Trying to trade on the forum, even for the most straight-forward trades has been an exercise in futility for me. I have had waaaay more success using the trade hub, as I did using the fansite dragonmarket, which no longer exists. But saying PM me, or saying I want a sibling to this, not related to that is not allowed on hub. And as some have rightfully said before, most people have thought this WAS the dragonmaket alternative, or the same rules applied as on forum. Although I don't think song lyrics were ever posted on forum trade
  24. Gender swaps are difficult unless you are swapping for the latest release. And so far, if I trade with people I know to be reputable, I have not gotten the wrong gender. But my view on this still stands. I do not want TP trade names or people offering to be anonymous.