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  1. Ok I am still waiting for an answer on whether I can put Have: this hatchie , precog'd x Want: genderswap
  2. Why can't it be like if you sign up for an acct or something where you have to read the terms and rules and check if you agree to them before using or signing up. Maybe people won't read them carefully, but at least they had the chance to, and then the mods could say, hey you agreed to the terms before using it.
  3. Ok I saw something mentioned a couple pages back and I cannot find it again but someone mentioned saying you have something that is precog'd x --Is THAT now bannable too???? How are we supposed to to genderswaps?
  4. Yes you cannot say a person's name or say I wanted to accept offer but you are locked. That is a new one too
  5. NO We did not already know PM references were not allowed, I only found out when I saw it on another thread several hours ago and then I told another user. And now we are questioning it, and requesting a reconsideration. If the rules were that clear and straightforward then why are so many people saying here that they are not? The rules should be right at top of Trade Hub, not spread out over 30 pages of a thread in the Suggestion section.
  6. Yes I love the Trade Hub. I have had so much more success there than I ever did on forum.
  7. And possibly reinstate the banned members unless the violate the newly stated rules? The rules should be stated right atop the trade hub I think
  8. Catch the eggs and when they come off CD, ask for purple Siyats for them. Either that or wait a loooong time for them to be able to hatch as purples. I have only hatched greens and one pair of blues, yet I managed to get 10 purples and 8 blues by trading actively.
  9. I would hope not....I have seen people put Free, for most cb hatchies. That is NOT free. The Purple Siyats did bring a high premium for the first batches to come out but now you can get them fairly cheap. I have been able to trade greens for blues, blues for purples and even cb siyat eggs for purples the last day or so
  10. I think it must have fallen off the silver filter page because I was looking for CB silvers offering for purple siyats and there were none to be found when i looked. But it is perfectly acceptable to bump something that is time sensitive every 6 hours I would think, without causing too much annoyance
  11. I have had to take down a trade and repost immediately because either I accidentally click the wrong egg or it uploads before I can finish putting in my want message. But the bumping has been a problem a bit, and not an editing one where someone fixes it and then reposts. But I do not like seeing anybody banned for it, my hope is that they would just be warned to stop, and/or have some rule set up for how often you can keep bumping. But there is no system in place for that yet.
  12. I think TJ's job-related conflict has to do with not setting up a scroll to scroll communications system as I understand it. But asking for people to PM you and your forum name is _____, should not be a conflict with his job. So I would ask that you reconsider that ruling. This new feature is supposed to be fun, and add to the enjoyment of playing DC. And even though I have asked many times and many ways, are the bans permanent, temporary or is there a way to appeal those and if so, how?
  13. That is true....the guidelines that are stretched out and hammered out throughout a lengthy thread in the Suggestions section does NOT constitute clearly showing the rules. Not everyone uses forum, or would think to read through a long thread in Suggestions to find the rules. And I still do not feel my question about the trade ban has been answered, as to whether it is permanent or temporary and what the appeal process is.
  14. Which brings up another suggestion, maybe allowing a note the offerer can put next to their offer, such as this hatchie is influenced or precog'd this gender, If someone does not have a forum account then there is no way to PM them to ask them if it is going to be the gender you want.
  15. I understand that, but to maybe understand what you are looking for, one might say PM me for a list or look at this list on my forum wishlist. Not that I ever look at those, but I guess if I seriously wanted something maybe I would. And as stated above by Ribombee, I understood this to be a replacement of the Dragonmarket on EATW and that site 1) had a CB indicator on the things you had CB, so one would not have to click everything and had an area to expand on what you want, as well as providing contact information. That makes more sense then the multiple trades where people's wants are "I dunno, offer something, but I probably will keep it anyway"
  16. That may be true, but people who are completely innocent and are not doing anything abusive, could end up being caught in some ban snare, so the rules should be clearly stated at top of trade hub. What the admins think is bannable and what the users think would be bannable could be waaaay different. For example I am very surrprised by what I am seeing here, but at least I had the advantage of reading this and asking quesitons. Not everyone would know about this.
  17. Ok well....the rules have to be clearly stated on Trade hub then. Seriously. If someone doesn't have a forum acct and/or doesn't read it a lot they would not know better on some of these rulings. I don't think that is sufficient to explain what is not allowed, like PMs or contact information--perhaps if we had a space for Have and another space for Contact information, that would help.
  18. Ok well....the rules have to be clearly stated on Trade hub then. Seriously. If someone doesn't have a forum acct and/or doesn't read it a lot they would not know better on some of these rulings.
  19. Ok one last question. Can I say "you can PM me"? I mean, people do PM me anyway if they want to, and can see my forum name and scrollname are the same, and I don't mind
  20. Edit: this question answered on another thread, but still want 2nd question answered And the trade hub ban is permanent, not temporary? I have not seen a mod say if it is or not yet
  21. Yes, we should have a "want" space on tp link, that should be really easy to implement, and then long term, should have a scroll to scroll communication system. But the ones that are banned should only be clear abuse, not subjective or vague. Edit: Another reason to put something you have-- if you are putting up a hatchie not yet gendered but you want to say it is precog male or female. It is not only useful to the person posting but it helps people offering. I have seen so many trades I would offer on if only I knew what the precog gender was
  22. Wait! Are you saying you cannot put what you have in the want space? Like to say it is CB or 2g, or special code? That seems extremely unfair.
  23. I am curious to know this myself--if someone gets trade banned, is it permanent or temporary, and for how long if temporary? And who can someone go to for appeal?
  24. 49ER


    Well, I used to be pro-life, only because it is not something I would personally do. But as I got older and wiser, I realized it is not for me to judge what others decide is best for them. And pro-choice does NOT mean pro-abortion. I do not know anybody who is "pro-abortion", although that is what they always call someone who supports a right to choose. But here is my philosophy: If you don't believe in pro-choice then don't get an abortion. If you don't believe in same sex marriage, then don't marry someone of the same sex. Simple.
  25. Wait, so you cannot do contact info for IOU trades? I had a couple CB Silvers up for trade for a specific type of 2g prize and I knew someone prolly would not be able to do that at a drop of a hat, so I put that someone could pm me to arrange an IOU. The trades in Trade Hub are seen by a lot more people so I get much better results posting in there rather than the forum. The constant bumping abuse is unfair because they are burying everyone else's trades to keep theirs at the top of page. It is not fair to expect everyone to have to keep re-bumping.