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  1. Again, being able to say you want it to go to a newbie or someone with no trophy, lets people know if they are veteran player they don't need to bother locking up a slot to try and get it. And I am sure the gifter will check scrolls.
  2. I want to respond to something before the code question came up. First off, nobody is arguing for the right to put up song lyrics. So comparing actual trades to song lyrics is not the same thing. If somebody puts up a gift and says they want it to go to somebody with a low trophy level or newbie, it could be argued that it IS a want. They want to gift it to a newbie. Even if people keep saying no it is not a want, then they know they cannot put that anymore than they will simply put Gift - offer a dummy and then ONLY choose someone who is a newbie to get it. Speaking for myself, I would
  3. And even if they do, they have to get to page 41 and 42 to see that "Oh by the way, any notes about gifting is illegal too. In fact we prefer the hub not be used for gifting"
  4. The people banned so far are perma-banned until TJ puts in the rules and changes the punishments retroactively. Which seems to be taking a long time. I think somebody had the right idea several pages back, to just shut down the trade hub until everything is settled on rules. Right now it seems it is just getting randomly more and more restrictive and inconsistent.
  5. Yes, because from what I can see, the only ones that will be modded are ones that say Please don't kill, but not the ones that say only for newbies or something to that effect. There are a ton of things like that put in the trading hub all the time, so obviously people don't know better and have not read this thread, or maybe can't because they don't have a forum account.
  6. Neither are the other things. It is just a request on a gift someone is giving. Here is the frustration, these rules are not consistent, and while things that are deliberately deceptive are allowed, other very innocent things are being moded.
  7. I would hope not, since they are well-intentioned. I would hope somebody requesting no killing would not be reported also, and if they are, I doubt they would be banned.
  8. Starscream I fail to see how that is any different then saying you want someone with a low trophy or newbie to get it? Those people are not being reported or banned are they?
  9. Hey I had someone refuse to gift me on a first come first serve because they disliked my username. So refusing to gift someone can happen for any reason, and rarely would anyone know why. But I don't see it being wrong to request no killing or whatever, even if it can't be enforced.
  10. BUT...I think this often gets abused. Someone wants to give a prize to someone who doesn't have it or has a low trophy level. A multi scroller can offer with one of their extra scrolls, thereby fitting the criteria, and then transfer it to their main scroll later. That is why I never put that kind of criteria on an egg.
  11. I have to agree that I seriously doubt people would use one way tp's in trade hub all that much. I think it is more that some would like a gifting area, where people could offer dummy egg for something there, but it appears people cannot agree on what constitutes free in trade hub. If I really need to get rid of something fast I will just abandon it.
  12. I really think once the trading hub is ironed out, we should make a forum trade feedback thread to fix it too. I really hate forum trading for that reason, among others.
  13. Maybe so, but it the CB's are determined by which biome you get it out of. I really think that it is there in error, since the other biome-driven form breeds are not in market.
  14. Have you SEEN the forum trades? People have full page postings with loooong listings of things they want!
  15. I think there is a bug that should be brought to TJ's attention. The Floret egg is in market (pictured purple) but no gold floret and color is determined by biome, so it should not be there at all. I don't know if somebody buys it, if it would be purple or not. I am not gonna waste my shards trying for it, but I think it must be a mistake
  16. I don't think anybody was suggesting it be bannable. Just asking if it is reportable. I don't want to see anyone banned unless they are obviously trying to abuse the trade hub--and I am aware, my definition may differ from others.
  17. Well, technically the gifts are "trades" in the hub, albeit a very one sided trade. But if I choose not to "trade' with that person again and write it down on a list that I may or may not have, I don't think it is for anyone to say I cannot choose to do that.
  18. Yes, I was pretty sure public blacklists were not allowed here.
  19. How did a greedy hoarder such as me get nominated? Thanks so much!
  20. I don't mean post it, I meant write it down in your secret list and don't deal with them anymore
  21. But if you put it in a two way for a dummy egg and then see that person promptly put it up for trade, you can make a private blacklist not to accept a dummy egg from that person again.
  22. Well if you don't say you are not so sure you want to trade, and ask for offers, then you won't scare people off. But when someone says they don't know if they want to trade or they probably will keep it, that says to me, "I am hoping somebody is stupid enough to offer waaaay more than they should for this". Either that or "Lookit this cool egg I have, you can't have it, neener neener neener!"
  23. That is same when I offer prizes...If somebody requests one from a line they don't already have, and then has a loooong spreadsheet of all the prizes they have I am not gonna go through it. I just offer what I have to offer, and leave it up to the person trading to know whether or not they have that line.
  24. Which is why we are discussing it.
  25. Nobody expects anyone to accept bad offers or something they don't want in trade. Maybe it is a great offer, but not something you want. BUT that being said, if someone says up front they are not sure they want to trade and will probably keep, it keeps me and some others away. Maybe it is an unfortunate verbage the way they put it, but that is how it comes across/