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  1. I would be great with it replacing the forum system. Trying to trade on the forum, even for the most straight-forward trades has been an exercise in futility for me. I have had waaaay more success using the trade hub, as I did using the fansite dragonmarket, which no longer exists. But saying PM me, or saying I want a sibling to this, not related to that is not allowed on hub. And as some have rightfully said before, most people have thought this WAS the dragonmaket alternative, or the same rules applied as on forum. Although I don't think song lyrics were ever posted on forum trades before (and if so, they would likely get warning, without a permanent ban), I think most of these has been someone doing something that is permitted on forum or dragonmarket.
  2. Gender swaps are difficult unless you are swapping for the latest release. And so far, if I trade with people I know to be reputable, I have not gotten the wrong gender. But my view on this still stands. I do not want TP trade names or people offering to be anonymous.
  3. Personally I would not like that to change. There are people who I definitely do not want to trade with, and there are some who I am more likely to trade with. For example if I ask for a M and F Pair of something, if I get an offer of an ungendered set, if I know this person to be very reputable, I would know they would not put them up if they did not know them to be influenced/precog'd opposite. And I think some know the same about me.
  4. I agree. Even if someone does something wrong in posting a trade on the forum, it would only result in a 10 percent warning unless it was a total flagrant abuse and then maybe there would be a temp forum ban. And the rules pertaining to trading in forum are posted at top of subsection as well as some specific trade threads. But Trade Hub on the DC site itself, can get you banned for doing things not illegal on the forum trade threads. And the ban can be permanent, as far as I know. Something doesn't quite seem fair about that.
  5. But the scrollname would show up on TP links and people offering wouldn't it? Right now they do, even if someone does not display scrollname on their dragons.
  6. I have found PM's both sent and received have resulted in me getting more trades. if one does not want PM's then they just limit the potential they can get in trades, but that is their choice. It is not the most urgent update, I agree, but since the powers that be have decided saying PM me, or No PM's is a violation to put in the Have Box, I was just suggesting an alternative to keeping it out of there but still allowing a way to be contacted, if you should want to be.
  7. By the same token, not having ANYTHING about pms or not, would still result in people getting pms. But if it said on the TP link that the user does not permit pm's for trade hub and someone pm's them anyway, then they could be reported. And "Free" should mean you don't expect to gain something from giving it, it is a gift. Obviously if several people put up AP eggs and one of them happens to be one you like above others, then I expect that is the one you would take. But when you start saying Free, for best offers or most CB hatchies, it is NOT free, it is a trade.
  8. What about this? This was mentioned by someone earlier but I wish to re-visit it. 1) Allow for someone to put something in their account settings like "Trade Hub PM's Permitted" along with option to put their forum name in another space, or "Trade Hub PM's not Permitted", that would work like the option that players use for whether or not they allow user aid, and shows up at the bottom of the dragon's view pages. 2) Then it would not show up in the Trade Hub as part of the wants in the player's trade listings, but if someone clicked on to the player's trade/teleport link page, there could be something at top or bottom of page saying whether or not the player permits forum pms or not and if so, what their forum name is. 3) If the player does not wish to accept pm's later, or they do wish to accept pm's later or whatever, they can go back and change it in their account settings. I do not know how hard this would be to code, but I do not see how something like this violates any conflict with scroll to scroll communications, The other suggestion would be to have a separate space for "Have" --that way, posting what you have in Want space would not violate any rule pertaining to that rule. There still is more to be discussed about linking to groups or wishlists, and I think that should be discussed more, but I will just leave this suggestion as it is for now.
  9. Yes, but some are asking why the offers should drop off.
  10. Another point to make, if the edit doesn't cancel the offers then there is a potential for abuse where someone could offer something really rare for another rare and then go in, change to a common dragon on link and then go back and accept the rare offer. I would really want my offers to drop off a tp link if it is changed.
  11. Well if you wanted what was offered there would be no need to edit, just accept it. Anyway it was just an idea, nothing set in stone.
  12. But if you are asking for something different the offers you have would be moot
  13. Yes I really don't know how they could enforce it. I am ok with a Magi being put on CD if trade is cancelled, whether offers are made or not. That MIGHT help a little. It is possible also that rules stated saying that bumping more often than x hours is prohibited would also curb some of it. Putting a cancelled trade magi on CD should be an easy coding fix for magis.
  14. I don't know, the ones that fall off the filter are usually prize dragons and metals but those can be seen by filter at least over 6 hours. I guess my real hope is while these rules are being clarified here, is they can state what is a bump is, and how often it can be done. Especially once Pagination is done. Then there should be a ruling, I would hope. For right now, it is legal until something is decided and worked out about that
  15. Well often times, a remake would be a different set of dragons (like I clicked wrong one, or forgot one) or need to edit the text. So that is not the exact same trade. Other than that, I think bumping once every 6 hours or so is sufficient.
  16. @EpicKitty25, I hope you get your trading privileges restored. It probably seems like we hijacked your thread here, but this issue is bringing up a lot of gray areas that need to be hammered out.
  17. Kaini have you banned anyone from Trade Hub? And if you have, for how long? (Still trying to get answer about ban lengths)
  18. How is it a problem if someone chooses not to leave their trades up overnight and takes them down? Maybe they need to fog it. I do not consider the same thing being put up 6 to 8 hours later worthy of a penalty, nor should it be considered a bump. A bump is when someone puts something up, 4 other trades come in behind it and they cancel and immediately put theirs back to the top
  19. Actually I think if offers have been made on it, (albeit junk offers) it will cancel the teleport once you take it down. So will an egg hatching or hatchie growing up.
  20. What about cancellations period? I often cancel my trades when I am going to sleep or AFK for several hours because I know that I hate waiting an eternity for someone to accept or decline a trade. So I take mine down and then when I come back to it, I put it up again.
  21. Exactly! When I pm'd somebody about not putting PM contact information, she asked where she could find that rule and I had to send her to the suggestions section. She rightfully said that is not where one would expect to find the rules. Not only that, the thread is over 30 pages to read through to find them.
  22. Lol, I am not sure anymore, For whatever reason people want teleport magis disabled.
  23. Kaini the fact that people are posting about all this and asking questions means they are not so clear cut for everyone.
  24. osmarks you are right, but it is better than someone having a total trade ban for what is STILL an undetermined amount of time