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  1. Oh so true, I did not think of that, @Ruby Eyes. And @Ice_Land, I hope you get your trading privileges back. TJ did say on another thread that it would be a different punishment system, with perma ban being last result, and it would apply retroactively. But unfortunately, it seems people are in limbo until he finalizes that.
  2. QVc, the people with 2gs could only breed 3gs. But there are some Spriters who do not want or accept pms to ask to trade breedings, so the only way to try and trade is by putting up something you hope will tempt them.
  3. And until then we are free to discuss them and debate them. After all, this thread is for giving feedback on what we think regarding this until TJ closes it.
  4. If you want a SA 2g from RA, only one can fulfill it. I just think it is ridiculous to outlaw something that only one or tiny handful can fullfill. If you can't do it, move on and look at next trade.
  5. OH come on! If things that most people cannot fulfill are not allowed, then every trade that asks for a 2g prize should be banned. And 2g spriter alts. There are a ton of trades I cannot fultill on the hub.
  6. I have not seen TJ say that asking for PM or NO PM's (which is definitely asking not to be communicated with) is a conflict. But some have decided that PM's which are allowed to be asked for on the forum, is an evasion of a scroll to scroll communication. Until TJ says it is a conflict, I think it should be able to be up for debate here.
  7. I thought the only thing that was a job conflict for TJ would be scroll to scroll communication. Asking for PM or no PM would not conflict that, and it it was a conflict, then why is it permitted on the forum? And if people are posting if a rule should or should not be, it is because the thread is called Trade Hub feedback. So this is the right place to hash out whether or not something should be a rule, and why they think so.
  8. So we are at page 47 and the rules are getting more and more restrictive, and a lot of these are about things that are permitted on forums in trading. This is why people are concerned. We really need the final rules put up on trade hub page.
  9. Or here is an idea...if you wanted one egg of x breed and someone offers you x egg, plus a couple others of other breeds, which you cannot accept, then repost saying I can only take ONE egg of x breed. This way you don't have to make any reference to a prior offer, and in case the "targetted" person does not see it, maybe you will get an offer of that from someone else.
  10. There is a difference between bothering someone to return eggs, and just a polite PM regarding trade whether on forum or trade hub. As is is, if we know someone's forum name, we can pm them about a trade and unless a person says don't PM me, how is anybody to know if someone does not want the pm? And it is really sounding like you don't want to put up rules because you think someone will come up with a new evasion and say well it doesn't say I can't?
  11. The only drawback is sometimes people offer multiple because they need to unlock. For example, someone may put up 2 or 3 things in exchange for just 1 thing, but maybe I cannot offer just one on it because I don't have room to take their 3 things. It would be nice, if in addition to rules, we have some guidelines, not rules but just some pointers, such as You may not be doing yourself any favors by offering multiple things on a trade if they just want one thing, or putting up 4 eggs limits the number of people who can offer or accept.
  12. The trade was up already, because I checked the filter and found it. Don't know if it still is, the owner was bumping it a few times. (although I am not sure what was reported to you, so we might not be talking about same case)
  13. I was not trying to say it is ok to do that, just giving some info about that particular case. I see people put up Trades asking for something that is in trade right ahead of them, so no telling why people do the way they do.
  14. I really can't answer why, I don't get a lot of things, lol. But just mentioned that, because that particular owner did not seem concerned about attention being called to it.
  15. Starscream, just an FYI, that code that people were asking for, IS or at least WAS up for trade in trade hub and called attention to it being a word code.
  16. It's true, no point in biting each other's heads off about a fantasy. Nothing is gonna happen until TJ decides it will and he will do it his way, nobody else's. Until then I will save my shards for the off chance someday they will be there.
  17. I am ok with shards prize costing so much it takes a couple years or so, IF we can choose the prize. I am not ok with it being that expensive and not having any say on which one we get--that would still be the case in the RNG thing
  18. Kind of unfair to call someone out about talking about difficulty in trading when you point out how easy you have been able to trade for them? I think it is relevant, being that people want these available because trading for 2gs is usually contained within the prize winners and spriters. Which is why we want them available in market, or at least that is why I want them there.
  19. Erm....I forgot another thing, the other thing people who trade 2g prizes want is 2g SA...another thing that leaves people out of trading that are not spriters.
  20. I have seen the hub AND the forum, They want the same things.
  21. Question: Since this term keeps coming up, what exactly does RNG mean?
  22. Getting a 2g prize for a Neglected or CB metal is only likely if it is a new winner, and they don't already have those. The winners who have been active for a bit already had all those thrown at them in the beginning and don't need them anymore. I had one new winner pm me about an ND as soon as they got the email. But for the most part, all I see are 2g swap for other 2g
  23. Most of the 2g prizes are just traded for other 2g prizes. That is why they continue to be for the most part, unobtainable for people who don't have CB prizes already.
  24. Exactly this! Put it this way, they can say I WANT this to go to someone who does not already have any of these. That is a Want, pure and simple, AND as a bonus, it tells people who don't fit the criteria not to bother offering because it won't be accepted. So it helps both the gifter and the prospective offerers. And from what I have gathered, no mod has actually said they will mod this.
  25. Yes. So you don'y need to specify - just wait till you get an offer from a scroll that meets your criteria. You've said it yourself ! Are you intentionally trying to miss my point? My point is....If I want to offer but the gifter wants in to go only to a newbie, then I would want to know that so I don't waste a slot offering. And it IS a want!