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  1. Also TJ had posted that the bans would not be permanent and would apply retroactively to anyone banned before the changes
  2. Not according to Tj's quote here
  3. Yes I would not offer again, unless I knew for sure they did not mean to reject it. How about, "oops I accidentally cancelled TP and had to repost. Want: (insert item that you rejected here) That tells person you accidentally cancelled, and still allows others who have what you want to offer)
  4. Or they may think trader is an idiot Ipertaining to Starscream's last idea)
  5. Exceot...A 3g magi similar to one i accidentally rejected, tell everybody else Nothing.
  6. Now I am totally confused....which one is OK?
  7. I came dangerously close to having my Ribbon Dancers killed when they ere released. Fortunately I managed to fog them and then they hatched sick, and stayed fogged in sickness til time to grow them up. And at the time, there was no way to replace CB holidays
  8. I am glad you got better codes, but still it sucks, that you have to wait that much longer for hatchies...keep them fogged for at least a day, and hopefully the trolls will have moved on til next new release.
  9. Did you post on the new release news thread? That seems to be how people are targetted the most. I do not post there anymore, and if I felt the need to, I would fog all my stuff first. I fogged all my new eggs anyway, just in case.
  10. EEEEK! Golds went up again! I am going backwards to get saved up for one. The Xenos are cheap now, but they may go up. so if you need them, this would be a good time to buy them. Also, breeding them makes them more common, the ratios don't differentiate between the rarity of CB ones compared to bred ones.
  11. 49ER

    Adblock bug

    You might check the help page near the bottom on site, whee is says referers and javascript, under Troubleshooting, and see if it shows any issues there.
  12. Something that was just bred would not show up in AP for a couple days either.
  13. Ok so now after all these years, I am seeing this for the first time. But for all the reasons Olympe outlined above, I would hope you could SEE why people would think they are interwoven? And by the way, that makes it all the more reason for the rules to trade hub not to be posted on forum, even if it is pinned, but put it on site! it really seems like you want to have your cake and eat it too, and if we are confused, then we are being either stupid or deliberately obtuse
  14. The forum and the site are run by the same people and same global moderators. And ultimately it is all run by TJ. It is not like the forum is an outside entity being run by a random user that people like to congregate to. It is a part of the site, and the fact that it has direct links to it says so. Maybe some people see it as different things, but a lot don't. Please try and understand that. Secondly, I have seen things argued that is was never allowed on forum so why would it be allowed in hub? You can't have it both ways.
  15. If the forum and the site are supposed to be two separate entities, where rules of one don't apply to the other, then WHY is there a link to forum tab right at top of site page, next to dragons, cave, etc.? And why, when you go to cave, are there links straight to the newest news threads to the forum? If they are really two separate entities, then take anything linking to forum away from the site. Otherwise, it is easy to assume that things allowed in forum would have been ok in hub.
  16. I also think it is more than about "common sense" or it is in TOS. The only rule that is against TOS has to do with asking for a certain code. But almost everything else that is considered against rules in hub, ARE legal on forum. So how is it not common sense to figure what is ok on forum is not ok here?
  17. Yes, if you want to know what part of want we don't get, it is the rules that prohibit a certain list of wants. Your definition of want, and other person's definitions of wants, and the mod's definition of wants are different things. Most of these things we have argued about are wants, at least to the person who wants to post that want.
  18. Too bad we can't have the valentines cards year round to send a card saying someone is locked or you want to know if something was influenced a certain gender Roses are red, violets are blue I wanna accept ur offer, but lockage r u
  19. The rule is against posting a warning in a teleport link in the hub. I have not seen anyone actually do that. It is not for pming somebody (providing they have a forum acct same name as scroll). If they don't, then no way to tell them I'm afraid.
  20. Forum trading has always been pretty futile for me, and most of my trades are having CBs, wanting other CBs. And since the trade hub came out I have almost completely stopped even trying to post or trade on forum.
  21. The user had to make a forum account to come on and ask why
  22. Wait wut? *erases earlier statement*
  23. Actually I have a question for the trade hub mods. Do you have the ability to just remove the offending trades? And then not ban them til rules are put in place?
  24. @1ce1and I do not think it is your fault, in my opinion. You did not have a forum account and therefore, did not find the rules on forum rules or on this very lengthy thread. The rules need to be placed at top of trade hub. Until then, I think people should not be banned. My opinion
  25. @Shadowdrake, I have too...for example when I had stuff for you and said so on trade, to name one xD @1ce1and I remember your trades now. Since you did not have a forum acct, I could not pm you to warn you. I am pretty sure asking for specific code is not allowed on forum trades either. And if person is never on, or is neglecting their egg, chances are they would never see your trade anyway.