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  1. Oh yes, a Neglected is special! And the best way to get one in trade is to be able to breed a 2g prize. Congratulations on your big win!
  2. Yes, best not to make a list. I have seen so many cb prize owners make a huge list, and end up quitting, like Astreya did. And even the most prolific prize breeders only breed 8 to 12 shinies a year, unless they are bred to holidays. My suggestion would be to (after doing the two you promised) breed yourself some nice 2gs, Then you can have them to try and breed 3gs for trade. Save making IOU's of 2gs for something really special, and do it one person at a time, so you don't stress out.
  3. Have: CB Purple Dino Want: CB Female Piplio hatchie OR egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/c55b88ba74af10ff9fbc97616af34beb
  4. Have: Purple Dino Want: 1 CB Piplio Female hatchie or egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/c55b88ba74af10ff9fbc97616af34beb
  5. I doubt they do, and am not sure they even play anymore but I will try and see what I can do. So looks like I am just going to have to delete these......bummer Edit: It looks like I was able to get the tiny pic one back in, but the banners are not even on my photobucket account so I have to hope they are on the artist's account. Thanks for info everyone!
  6. Well I remember when the limits were two of every Christmas or Valentine period. Whether they are bred, CB or frozen. So he has changed his mind on that issue before. I am just hoping he can be persuaded to just up it to 4 CB's of each for everyone. This is the 3rd year I believe since he started releasing old CBs I believe? The limit of 2 made sense at first, but I don't think it should be a huge thing to make at least a small incremental change.
  7. Is there a way to save the images somehow and put them up another way?
  8. Well take a look for yourself. My forum signature is all messed up with the banners being fuzzed out and a frowny faced thingy at the bottom. I don't know how this happened, and my banners were specially made by friends and I really like them. Can someone help tell me how to fix this?
  9. I don't understand why coding it would be difficult. He already codes the CB's to be limited to 2, so changing that number to 4 really should not be an issue
  10. Have: 4 CB Hatchies: 2 Sandwaste (will be M, F), CB Bolt and CB Antarean  Want: CB Piplio Pygmy (hatchie or egg) CB Kovos Pygmy (hatchie) CB Aeon (hatchie or egg) Traded!
  11. Have: 4 CB Hatchies: 2 Sandwaste (will be M, F), CB Bolt and CB Antarean Want: CB Piplio Pygmy (hatchie or egg) CB Kovos Pygmy (hatchie) CB Aeon (hatchie or egg) Traded!
  12. Well just to be clear, my proposal is about the older CB Holidays. I still think the new ones released that holiday should be limited to 2, until the next year where they could go up to 4. Since there are 10 years of old Christmas dragons, it would take a lot of diligent hunting, and incubating, to actually accumulate 2 more each of every holiday in one week.
  13. I oppose them being unlimited because there are some unethical catching methods used sometimes, so without some limit, most people would not be able to catch the more desirable ones. And we also want to give newbies a chance to get any they are missing, which would be made harder, if not impossible without limits.
  14. OH that is right, I did not even think of something else....I am guessing a lot of people would love to have 2 each of the types of Aegeis CB Dragons as well.
  15. Have: CB Sandwaste Female hatchie Plus CB Sandwaste egg Want: 1 CB MALE Sandwaste hatchie please Traded!
  16. Yes, Pence is not much better, BUT I seriously doubt he could win an election in 2020. But Trump probably will, when the Senate votes to let him off the hook on the articles of impeachment. They know he did something wrong and unethical...but they just don't care.
  17. Sazandora, if we had another thread, it must have been a looong time ago, because I did not see it. As far as influencing Hollies, the spriter no longer plays DC, but there is a precedent by making the bred ones influenceable, as well as the HM Prizes.
  18. I think this idea should be revisited.....I did support the limit of 2 of each per scroll when the old CB holidays became available in cave at Christmas and Valentines week. Also, HW's but since they are unlimited, it is moot for this discussion. I supported the limit of 2 because if not, then a lot of people would not have a chance of even getting 2 of them and would instead go to faster people. But now, since it has been at least two years since the old CB holidays became available, I would like to suggest a compromise, to maybe raise the limit on the Christmas and Valentines to 4 CB'
  19. I have a question about this...Is the upside down mint available in future years too? Not just the one time? And if so, how does one go about getting it?
  20. One thing I want to point out: The hatcheries have been soooo slow lately, and with all the new eggs, if you get a low time egg without a lot of views on it, it will take hours to hatch. I do not know if people are aware of this, but you do not have to watch the hatcheries to give views. All you need to do is have them open in other tabs or other windows on your computer while you are logged on. So I am asking that people open up the hatcheries so that hopefully they will start to accumulate more views.
  21. I agree that it was bad judgement. And not defending it. But forever is a loooong time.
  22. I am pretty sure the ones that posted rules in trades were led to believe that, it was being talked about on this thread. Personally it is not something I would have done, but there it is.