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  1. well, if you are catching/breeding and giving away a lot of eggs, if you are low on teleports, then you should ask them to send you a two way teleport link with a dummy egg from ap. When we first had teleport, some people did not have a lot of magis yet that first halloween, so we had that as a stipulation in private chatroom. If you want what someone offers up to gift, send them a two way link, so they don't have to burn through all their magis
  2. I did that with the blacks too, LOL. I was not here when cb silvers were common though. But I used to kick cb stripes that kept coming up as white stripes, when I wanted the color ones, LOL Also, although I made a LOT of newbie mistakes, one of the first ones is I used to think that Thuban was TJ's son! *cowers from Thuban*
  3. I am impatient too. I have found it very frustrating to put an offer on something just posted, even exactly what they asked for, only to have them hold it in limbo for a day or two, and end up not taking offer. Personally, I feel if you put up a trade and don't really have time to peek at offers over the next few hours, then maybe one should wait til they do have that time. Therefore, I have made a new policy to delete my offer or trade post if I get no answer or offer on my own, after 12 hours As to whether a shimmer is 2014 or 2013, I don't really care who the originating parent is, I go by what I like, and if they have a nice named line, etc. Maybe I have overpaid for some 2013's lately, but I do because I like them. Also, it has only been lately that I could afford a 4th gen stair, or maybe even a 3rd gen, without costing me an arm and a leg. My only 2nd gen is from 2013, but I own the only second gen of that particular pair, and it is a line so hard to breed, that I have only gotten 5 shimmers in two years, so I consider that to be still worth at least as much as the 2014's, especially since some 2014 parings have been way more prolific
  4. I found these as incuhatchable eggs in AP and hatched them to see if they would alt http://dragcave.net/lineage/hPE04 http://dragcave.net/lineage/ltgDp
  5. Taking: nothing Leaving: Well, I thought it was a magi egg, but it hatched into something else, and I forget the name of it, but it is CB http://dragcave.net/teleport/54124bc301f25...b82cff917bd3d51
  6. I offered on the red dino, and am hatching a cb magi to leave here as soon as it hatches (it is er now). Edit: ooops, I see someone already offered on dino
  7. Hi everyone-- I am looking for some parts to make this http://dragcave.net/lineage/AC78j into a 5th gen even. I need another 4th gen terrae like that, (preferred), but if not, i would love some 3rd and 2nd gen alt nebs or terraes. As was pointed out earlier, this is probably the best time to try for the alt green nebs. Please PM me on the forum if you can help out on this. Thanks~~
  8. Dearest TJ, the sound of your lovely vowel-free name makes my heart skip a beat and I cannot help but worship your avatar, day and night, -especially- in the wee hours of the morning... Thanks for all you do!!!
  9. Category: Dragon Breeds Title of Record: Breeder with the most Neglected Dragons Name of Submittant: 49ER Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/49ER Proof for Record: 50 Adult NDs --See Scroll
  10. I make and accept some IOU's but at this time, I only have 2 tinsels I am that are solid enough breeders to do so. Owing IOU's are just too stressful for me otherwise. I have accepted IOU's from people I don't know, which is risky of course, but greatly rewarding if they come through for me. I accepted 5 pairs of Ghost hatchies in IOU's prior to halloween this year, and everyone came through.
  11. The hourly drops are fantastic! Marry Me TJ!!!
  12. TJ, you put the "L" in "COOL" Good thing, cuz if you didn't, you would just be...."COO"?
  13. ZOMG, You MUST marry me, TJ!!!
  14. Does this mean you may have to go back to Africa TJ? ZOMG first post!!
  15. For DC's Birthday, I soooo WANT to be MRS. TJ09!!!
  16. Actually, Oprah Winfrey is married to Dr. Phil
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    2011-04-08 - Site Downtime

    Oh dear....looks like TJ had to fly to Africa again...
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    2011-03-21 OHAI SPRING

    seriously TJ, marry me!! <3
  19. 49ER

    2011-03-21 OHAI SPRING

    Awww....It is so nice to see you embrace your softer, sentimental side.... *49ER flyingtackleglomps TJ and gives him butterfly kisses!!
  20. I disagree, Suryuki....the turned eggs can be caught from cave or the ap. And they can either be cb or bred. Therefore, I think there should be a record for the most caveborn ND's on a scroll. There are records for other caveborn dragons, and this should not be an exception, especially considering the difficulty in getting one.
  21. Category: Breeder Title of Record: Breeder with most CB Neglecteds (10) Name of Submittant: 49ER Proof of Record: My Scroll Reason for Submitting New Record: There is no current record for CB Neglecteds