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  1. 2 hours ago, Moriaty said:


    I swear it's a holly hatchi even though it's got EXTRA long neck1282415477_ScreenShot2020-12-25at1_19_27AM.thumb.png.045f133de217fe75f4ac6e68d233ccda.png


    (I'm gonna screenshot everything I send now b/c then I'd at least have a record of what I've drawn in case something goes wrong and the image break again


    Moriarty, could you please send me a cookie like this?  I LOVE hollies and I could NEVER replicate this!  My scrollname is 49ER


    Also will send a cookie to above user as soon as I can make one.

  2. I really don't think it is that big a deal.  If someone wanted to catch cb April 1st cave eggs, they can come on at midnight, do the dilemma, and then come back 5 hours later to drop the egg they got if they got one.  In the meantime, they STILL have 3 to 7 other slots to hunt with.  And I get the feeling that if anything, if there are all these complaints, TJ will just discontinue it, which I think will make a lot more people unhappy.

  3. I don't know if this counts since the offspring is not a mint, but I have a gold x upside down mint.

      Please post if you take it.


    Edit:  It was taken, but nobody posted.

  4. I would propose this change next time....

    If you blame the other and the other says nothing, you get 2 uoside down mints (the other gets nothing)
    If you both say nothing then you each get 1 upside down mint

    If you both blame each other, then you get nothing

    Because the way I see it, there is no advantage to saying nothing as the game stands now.  You just get a chance for a normal mint which you could catch in cave anytime.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Rypnami said:

    Hi I have a question! So I got the upsideown egg, but does it also hatch upsideown? Or is it only the egg? 


    I'm sorry this is my first time participating in this event so IDK what to do :0

    It hatches upside down but you have to actually check the dragon page to see it in that form.  It won't show on lineages unless one clicks the individual dragons

  6. oooh those a pretty.  I still have not figured out what to do with gingerbread house or wreath yet.  

    Edit:  The Gingerbread House is glitchy for me.  I cannot make any changes on mine.  I can't get the base color to chnage and they are already unlocked.


    I REALLY really hope we get the snow forts again in the advent.  I loved knocking other forts down!

  7. OK, now that the Christmas breeding is done, time to talk about Valentines.  Since it has been made possible for the people with Alt Sweetlings to be able to obtain Pink Sweetlings if they are bred by a Pink Sweetling, then the Black Sweetlings should be able to breed other black ones, no matter whose scroll they go to.  This would be great for a lot of lineage projects, and could help people who did not get any to obtain a bred one, even if it is a long lineage one.  It would still be a big advantage to people who got the CB Black Sweetlings, because they would still be the only ones who own the CB's and their 2g breedings would be very sought after.  

  8. I am in favor of this.  It would be very helpful in the trade point, to see if something is CB instead of having to go and check lineage on every single thing.  Also for breeding.  I have breed sort on my scroll, and so it is a real challenge to try and find the CB's out of the bred ones.