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  1. I paired up my first set of second gens today, no egg but at least they are compatible. Unfortunately one of my second gens gendered wrong for the pairing I'd planed, deciding if I'll shuffle planned pairs or re-breed. Glad to see everyone else's progress too.
  2. Thanks Wiz, I did try altering the spaces and no go. It totally wiped the name and gave me a 'some letters disappear' msg not the normal 'ink disappears' msg. I got that another time when there was a 'bad word' in the name, I assume the filter read the last letters of one word and the first of the next because it refused it but when I rearranged it the name was OK. I can't see anything like that with CAPTCHA Minerva Oullydi though.
  3. Naming spree! Here are my new babies. All CB Purple Dorsals. The ladies: CAPTCHA Otrensa Poincare CAPTCHA Trambouze Suctuti CAPTCHA Uses Nnumbil CAPTCHA Minerva Oullydi is rejected??? I looked and looked and can't find the 'bad word' in there, can anyone else see what the problem is? I'm leaving this dragon's name open at the moment as I quite like this one. The gents: Etainati the CAPTCHA Hagstrum shall CAPTCHA FartsDr couldn't CAPTCHA *dies laughing* Oh my, oh my, does that count as inappropriate? I hope not 'cause I had to use it, it was just to funny not to.
  4. Congrats siliconrose! That's a nice Neo. I have several pairs to try breeding. Finally got my female Balloon, she grows up soon so hopefully I'll have a new egg soon. If they don't refuse that is, I still have some CB's to replace because of refusals. My 2nd gens should be breeding soon as I have most of the CB's ready to breed their mates.
  5. I'd like to join please. There are so many great names here and I've had some funny combos recently, can't wait to name some of my poor unnamed dragons. I don't know how I've missed this thread till now...
  6. Awww sorry to hear your niece had a refusal. Hope the new egg genders right and is cooperative. I am locked right now but hoping to breed some more Baron/Baroness eggs tonight.
  7. Hello shiny new thread! I have some more pairs to try and I just realized the new CB Balloon I influenced to pair up with a waiting male Red has gendered male. That makes 4 male Balloons and not a single female. I got to get one soon!
  8. Can't wait till it's up and running again, AoND is usually the only fansite I use. As soon as I've paid my bills I'll be happy to kick in to help keep it running.
  9. I got a bunch of no interest or no egg from my usually easy to breed Red pairs which surprised me. I did end up with a few from the ones I wasn't really looking to breed (I need more reds) but my Reds for my linage aren't cooperating. Interestingly I had several refusals from CB commons I'd intended to start a linage with. Easy to fix since I'll just pick up more commons but I think I've had more refusals from them than I've had since I started on DC. Ah well, I'll just keep trying.
  10. Just a few things, Sunrise/Sunset eggs can hatch at any time, hatching time just decides which kind it is. It would have hit ER status before I got up but if it was only in the one site I use that wouldn't have been an issue. They aren't automatically ER'ed on that site. It wasn't just one egg, my hatchies gained several thousand views over night too. I'm just lucky they aren't all sick. @ MysticTiger the point is people shouldn't have to hide their scroll and fog their eggs. It makes me sad I'm doing that at the moment, I like others to be able to see my scroll.
  11. Thank you WraithZephyr for linking me here, when I searched it didn't pop up, not sure why? I always use the same hatchery, never have any problems. My eggies get a nice number of views and grow up at just under 4 days. Last night I went to bed with an egg on around 2500 views at 4d 6h and expected to wake up to my new hatchie. Look this morning and it has 15176 and had died of sickness! My other hatchies seem to have gained a couple of thousand extra views too but at least they aren't sick. I've fogged everyone for safety and now I find I am indeed not alone.
  12. Oh! I didn't think of that! Thanks *Looks for codes* EDIT: Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! It won't let me! It says the hatchie can't be found *cries*
  13. *Whimper* I just abandoned wrongly gendered hatchies to go hunting in the AP and discovered it's down! I'd have kept them if I'd known