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  1. Could you make a sweetling for me? Your art is very nice I like the kitties
  2. Maple, the opposite of blue is orange...(?) *shuts mouth and continues to lurk* And thanks again for the egg, it looks 10 million times better than my flower
  3. Love the drake and the one you just posted So shiny...
  4. Tatrina


    Can't post or neomail, sisters account is underaged :\ If you guys ever need anything pm me here or visit my shop, cause I can send you stuff
  5. The summon is beuatiful!! Thanks so much Maple! *huggles and dumps a forklift of cookies next to you* Could I use it for my avatar?
  6. How do you make these? Is it all computor or do you actually use pencil and paper?
  7. What's your favorite type of cookie? Form: DC egg or custom?: DC >>If DC--> what type?: Would a summon be too hard? (if so a winter egg would be great) >>If custom--> please describe: (refs would be nice ) Text?: no >>If Yes-->: Please state EDIT: Thanks MapleDragon The one beneath this is fabulous as well
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    What area is the guild in?
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    Awesome Stun! http://petpages.neopets.com/~Neo____Zafara i always use that site for some reason because everything is layed out for me
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    neomail me. ashlidawndongyan (this is NOT my actual name, its a mix of differnt people who are in my family, and are probably all dead)
  11. Darn! I have no comptuor oh well thanks tj
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    I still play. I'm trying to get 500k...
  13. Sweet! Though I didn't know there was an incubator wait...
  14. http://i27.tinypic.com/amwi2d.jpg Can I try that one by Slaskia please?
  15. Do you need to ask before you start working on one?
  16. Tatrina


    Something to do with magi's? Maybe a sign of teleport?
  17. *Gasp* The glories are even more beautiful than I remember! I love the other two too though! If only I had more magi's to breed! Is it just me or does "Terrae" look like "Terriah"? lol...its just me isn't it? Thank you spriters and TJ!
  18. Lol, I'm calling the Mod-mayhems MM's and these ones The Witty Release And I can't wait for the dusk/dawn ones to grow up! I saw their topic months bakc they are adorable! And thank you so much TJ
  19. The two latter are MM. Not so new but still hard to get CB
  20. Missed a nebula, thunder, and 2 of the new releases And the "Egg doesnt exist" message for nebula
  21. No, people are talking about a good time for the new releases to drop, but since we don't know the ratios and such it up to TJ
  22. Well, in an ideal world I'd like a 3-5 day drop for commons, 1 or 2 for rares but this isnt an ideal world But I would prefer a short drop to an extremely long one.
  23. tatsukichi, some of us didn't even get any at all. And I don't know if you were playing dragcave or not when we had a 3 WEEK straight release and I think I actually prefer a 12 hour drop of eggs than a 3 week one where everyone is sick of the "new" eggs.