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    10 on 10-10-10

    Holy frig major lag, it took 15 minytes just to load my scroll.
  2. *sigh* no pm... I guess I'll have to wait for another semester
  3. Is there a list for the waiting list? Like in the OP?
  4. Yay new sub forum! I don't really think of crap as a swear unless it's directed at a specific person or persons
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    My life would revolve around the vending machine...
  6. I have 2 more skywing egg, one CB so 5 hour wait and a CB AP one. PLEASE pm me i you ever need me to breed you second gens as I'm lost on which ones I've bred!
  7. I've never liked choclate, making me the weirder of my friends but the one who got kissed up to every Halloween But I almost never use frosting on my cupcakes because I end up eating the remains of it or totally loading it up.
  8. I bake much too much, I almost feel responsible for the fat times around Christmas my family has. I love making gingerbread, shortbred, cookies, haystacks, sugar cookies, cookies, cake in a box mixes, cupcakes from scratch, cupcakes from cake mix, pies, butter tarts, bread, brownies, cheese biscuits, etc. I got a Christmas cookbook from one of those Scolastic book order thingy's a while ago and I really want to try making this Christmas Log because it looks so good... I also want to make Kringle this christmas and well eat it or send it to my cousins in Alberta. But I really enjoy eating my creations so I really want to become a chef or baker some day... But I love adding cinamon to almost every cookie I make....usually it doesn't turn out bad but sometmes I make my cookies too hard so that's not really the spice's fault... Has anyone ever made almond cookies from scratch? if you use the right amount of almond extract they are to die for. Too much extract though and your screwed And puffed wheat squares are really good too if you make them in the morning and put one in your lunch... /junk food obsession Has anyine ever made a sponge cake? I helped my mom once when I was like 4 and it seemed like it took forever!
  9. Thanks TJ and congrats again to our new mods
  10. That sounds really good... /drooling I'll have to try that someday.... How do you guys make your smoothies? I just put strawberries, a banana and what ever other fruit we have in a blender and, well, blend it and drink it. It's pretty sour though so I add milk to my sister's.
  11. Rice is so easy! Its the one recip I've memorized right.... 1 cup rice 1 1/2 cups water Wash rice, add water, boil until you see little "craters" or bubbles on the rice. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes without lifting the lid... If you add a little bit of oxo powder or that powdered broth that comes with Mr.Noodle before you cover it tastes delicious. Or put a sheet of nori on top of it after its done the 20min and cooling down...
  12. Not like a 50's house wife I don't think. I think its awesome how guys like to cook now But I think I woul really like to be a "Foods" or Home Ec. teacher and teach cooknig, its be fun I think
  13. +10 Rhea! Either "I hate you" because can't stand someone and would really like them to feel guilty for telling me that back... (i know very bad *sits in time out chair*) or a large stream of colourful words because I'm guessing I'm not getting the painless death I would appreciate...
  14. Into mashed potatoes, press the garlic and add it to butter or magerine and blend it with mash potatoes and it is so amazing.... *is now hungry* I cook occasionally, usually these really good biscuit crust pizza's from a school Home Ec. recipe. But I mostly bake, short bread, cookies, cup cakes, cakes, pies, butter tarts, gingerbread... the list could go on forever But my problem is that I love odd flavours, like my food will be too garlic-y or too sour from lemons. I've eaten them both raw like cloves of garlic and lemmons, so my taste is way off sometimes. Oh, but I LOVE making this BBQ Pork recipe my mom has and I marinate it for a couple days and when you cook it you brush it with oney and sesame oil and its so delicious! And fried rice is also ver nice, but filling.
  15. Name: Tatrina Program: Paint, older version of photoshop Timezone: Pacific
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    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Locked myself Edit: Regret locking myself as there is a chicken sitting n the main cave for over 20 refreshes...
  17. +1 Rhea I bike or walk to school usually, but when its raining hard or too cold than I carpool with my parents and friends. Our cheer squad does bottle drives, does that count?
  18. Grammar and spelling are important to me, but unless its a project or something for a grade I usually do not proof read it. Waits for Rhea's Geammar Police-ing to edit I wrote some of the bees poetry in my class one time, but it was still pretty bad...
  19. Ahh, sorry and Dash! But I thought I said congrats and gave you a cake in CPA O.o ...
  20. Congrats NixAyum, Murder and Kiffren!
  21. The Royal Diaries Series and Sucks to be Me.
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    Well, there's Nestea... One time I poured some Arizona ced tea into opaque (so not clear) water bottles and brought them to school and I couldn't say if it went "flat" or not. I know Nestea in cans does though.
  23. I want to but Sims Medieval so bad! As a history fan of that Era, I've created sutom clothes in the body shop... (okay they're re-colours, but I'm trying to learn how to make meshes on modthesims) I want the Sims 2 Holiday Edition so bad, but no place near me sells it so I may have to try Amazon.ca, but I'm currently saving for a Mac Pro, so I'll put that on hold for a bit. Anyone have TS3? My friend owns it but she returned it not even a day after she got it because it crashed her laptop, and when she tried it on her computor only Create a Sim mode worked before it "died" on her.
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    Never had Long Island Tea as I am not of drinking age and I never plan to drink. Arizona iced tea is THE BEST! I really like the green tea one and the raspberry one!