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  1. Oh my gosh WHY would you end that lineage like that?! I'd be upset too...but I see what you mean in that if BOTH parents are dead then whatever were before them basically is cut off...that actually stinks as I basically have to kill off the parents for a project I'm wanting to do because of the lore behind it...and trying to HOPE it turns into a zombie is impossible as you only get the 1 chance for it to work. Maybe I can get away with only having the CB partner be deceased so that it doesn't mess everything up but, ugh...BEING LORE-FRIENDLY IS HARD.
  2. SQUEE! AWW PYGMIES! SO CUTE! I would LOVE to own a little purebred perfection like her! But WOW, that lineage is insane! That's what hard work and dedication looks like though. SO 12 gen is the cutoff...hmm...πŸ€” Also if you kill off a pair of the dragons AFTER they had offspring will it still show up in the lineage? For example (and clarification) if I have a 4th gen dragon and the 2nd gen pair of it's lineage are deceased, will 1st and 3rd gen still show or will the 1st and 2nd gen disappear?
  3. Hullo, it's me...again... I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, but how long can a lineage be before the original pairing is cut off from the lineage page? I see most people keep their lineage to 12 gens but can I go to like say, 20th gen and it will still show the first gen? I really need to know because my most harrowing project idea may come to that...but it'll probably be like 50 gen+ (yeah I'm insane and I may just scrap the idea).
  4. Thanks! Now I don't have to waste a Fertility!
  5. @Ruby Eyes @Fuzzbucket @Dragon_Arbock Oh I totally know not to open unknown emails, and I think on one occasion that one of my friend's emails got hacked and sent spam to me, so yeah, I've been through that. After having to go through enough of replacing laptop shenanigans, I drop the big bucks for Norton/LifeLock as I'm not playing those kinds of games anymore (I also had my Paypal/PSN hacked and had to go through identity theft hubabaloo so yeah, you guys can also see why I have the major paranoia about internet stuff lol). Anyway, back on topic with new question! If you are breeding two holiday dragons together and they are BOTH out of season, will they still produce an egg of one or the other? For example would I get an egg from an Aegis x Desipis (sp?) if I bred them this month or would it just pop up that they refuse or something like that?
  6. @Dragon_Arbock I tried IE and it's letting me type! but I don't like the risk associated with tracking on browsers sites...it's a kinda paranoia thing? I had used Firefox like twice and it literally burned through 2 laptops of mine of 'blue screen of death' and come to find out that some extensions were letting viruses in. I used Chrome until out of nowhere my email was being sold to I don't even know what sites (mostly unsavory and probably illegal/scam organizations) that my email got bloated with spam and malware and it took me AGES to clean it out and re-up all security features in my email and my last laptop but...unfortunately it was too late...it slowed that one down that the motherboard basically was heaving like a cat with a hairball every time I turned it on. SO now with this NEW laptop, I'm as security laden as it comes lol. I probably will stick to mobile, but thanks for the suggestion!
  7. @Dragon_Arbock I literally tried everything you suggested and it still won't let me. It won't even show the type line and even with refreshing it might pop up but then won't actually type out anything, idk...but mobile is doing okay for me so meh.
  8. Sorry for the late reply to everyone that's helping me out and answering my questions. My browser doesn't let me type on the forum website for some odd reason so I have to do everything via mobile and sometimes that's wonky at best. I don't know how to directly quote to someone right but @Fuzzbucket thank you for the link!, @Ruby Eyes thanks again for your help, as a matter of fact I believe you're the first person to help me out by fulfilling my birthday wishesπŸŽ‚, @Princess Kiara that is super nice of you to help with breeding and I'll probably pm you for help once I get some things sorted out! I answered everyone's PMs and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the help and kindness you've all shown me!πŸ’™
  9. Oh that is super helpful info about the breeding sub-forms, I'll have to go and check'em out! Oh you aren't dampening anything, as I know it's a HUGE fever dream lol, but that makes a bunch of sense with the community not being as big then as it is today. Yeah, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to come up with a suffix myself, as right now it's plain and long? I'll figure it out I guess. I try my best to catch what I can, as most times I'm SLOOOOWW, but yes, trading has been my main method of obtaining the ever elusive Black Truffle Dragons πŸ˜’ But thanks for the tip about the signature! I will get right on it!
  10. Yes I have! I like the different 'types' of lineage looks, such as the checker and the spiral (I'm going to attempt this one)! I did a search and didn't find a topic of the dragon type of lineage I want to do so I'm pretty sure my idea is indeed original, but also I don't know exactly who, if needed, I can ask to like also help breed eggs so that I can avoid inbreeding or if someone can gift me a CB egg or two to make sure my spiral comes along, because as it stands one of the dragons I need for my project, I didn't realize is actually hard to come by in the cave *shakes fist at Black Truffles* Y U SO HARD TO OBTAIN THO? But thank you so much for the link!
  11. Hello all. I'm fairly new to USING the fourms, but not so much with the game. But I have a FEW questions as I don't know where to appropriately find/post my questions without it being considered spam or whatnot (don't want to anger the mods!). So here they are: 1. People have amazing sigs and I wish to get up on that, however I can't seem to find where people are getting them from and I'm looking to find ones that say "Black Truffle Hoarder" or "Black Tea Hoarder" or even ones like "I love -insert your favorite dragon here-!" I also would like a personal banner or something for a lineage project I want to do... 2. ...SOOOooo, I know people talk about lineage projects and I want to know who I can talk to or ask for help on getting one going, like idk, a lineage project tutor? I have a couple of ideas and I just want to make sure no ones' done it yet as I HOPE to be a well-known/prolific lineage breeder (I was totally inspired by the story of the Dorkface Lineage, #LineageGOALS) 3. To backtrack a bit to my first question, on the topic of hoarding, like what constitutes being a hoarder, like are there guidelines to it? Like for example, to really be considered a 'hoarder' does that mean you take in abandoned or inbreeds of your specific dragon you want to hoard? or are they only ever CBs of those dragons? Or is a collection of lineages of that dragon? I saw a user by the name of Belisar (sp?) who I see constantly in the trades asking for balloon dragons and when I went to look at their profile, I've never seen so many of one dragon in all my years playing this game! I thought it was freaking AWESOME and I'd love to do that too with a few dragons (I'm looking at you Black Truffles, Falconiform, and Blue Firegem dragons! *grabby hands*). Sorry for so many questions, I just didn't know where else to go to ask them. I feel like such a newb in asking...πŸ˜“
  12. This year is actually the first time I've participated in Christmas Holiday dragons/events so I was stoked to try it out. I know my fort isn't the most clean or creative but penguins are LITERALLY my most favorite animal in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE so I kinda went crazy with "Battle Penguins" πŸ’₯ 🐧 I'm sorry if it looks messy but it's the best I can do!πŸ˜…
  13. Oh my gosh that is the most beautiful and interesting lineage I've ever seen since being on the game.