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Currently Seeking: CB Male Yellow Zyumorph

I'm looking for someone to make a "Black Truffle Hoarder" and "Blue Fire Gem Addict," and maybe a couple of lineage banners for me to put into my signature (although anyone can use it if made, except the lineage ones). PM me if your kindly interested...

Are you looking to rid yourself of certain dragons?  I'm looking to hoard certain dragons, so please check out my forum profile for the complete list of favorite dragons that I would love to take and give a good home to (if space is available)!

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    I joined Dragon Cave waaaay long time ago and am on some years and off some years, but I think I'm back for now ;D

    I'm currently trying to create my very first couple of lineage projects and hoard/army, but I don't know who to turn to for help!
    I'm always looking to hoard these dragons (especially CBs):

    Pygmies! (all types)
    Two-Headed Dragons! (all types)
    Aether 4/100
    Balloon 5/50
    Black Tea 10/75
    Black Truffle 13/75
    Blusang Lindwyrm 1/???
    Bolt 4/75
    Desipis 6/31
    Falconiform 2/100
    Fell 9/50
    Firegem (BLUE) 4/???
    Honey Drake 6/25
    Nhiostrife 4/50
    Omen 4/31
    Seasonal Autumn 5/23
    Tri-Horn 3/100
    Xenowyrm (ASTRAPI)2/25
    Zyumorph 8/???, 7/42 (for project)

    If are such a kind soul and gift me any of these dragons, I thank you in advance!

    Thanks dragontamer44722 for the banner!