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  1. The two oldest dragons on my scroll, both stolen on August 15th in 2008. I don't remember how often I've changed their Names ^^ But I do remember, that I've raised them without any clicking sites and was so happy, that they did'nt die. /view/vh4n]Lady of Cloudy Evenings[/url] /view/Y4zL]Lady of Cruel Flames[/url] ~Dragon spam removed~
  2. Thank you, the planetarium was a room I have'nt seen before ^^ 40 and happy now ;P
  3. Well then you can probably help me... I have ( i hope these are the right words and you know what i mean) : Mushroom, Scale, Moon, These bones with claws, Some green things I think from the well, the dancing mask, Candle, a crystal like from a chandelier, the bones that look like from a dragon tail, a key with three circles, owl, the ghost, a closed scroll that seems to burn a little bit, a key with a dragon, the feather (pen?), sword, gravestone, a book with "SPELLS" on it, such a strange powder, globe, bones from a wing, food, eyes in a glass, the blinking magic ball, a paper I think the spell was on, rubber duck, snake, little two-headed dragon, dragon skull, rat, mint dragon on a paper, flask with green acid in it, a yellow flower... with stange blue tendrills, a book with purple bookmark, again some strange green plant - grass or something, something i can't identify - plant?, and some more bones, and last but not least: the chicken Which two am I missing??
  4. So there are 40 items? does somebody has a list of them? 'cause I've 38 now and don't know which I am missing...
  5. Well, I wasn't busy, I simply forgot about it ... *currently stalking the AP*
  6. I played about 2 hours "Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess" before I came ^^
  7. I should be doing homework, but instead I'm hunting for pixels... ^^
  8. I just got 2 so far... And no more want to show up ...
  9. Nachtfalter

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I didn't get one at the hourly drop, but at a 5min-drop *grins happily* Those hatchies are sweet. I hope mine is going to hatch soon ^^
  10. That's far away now But my first four - as far as I remember - were two dark green, one red and one grey (red and grey do still exist, named "Cruel Flame" and "Cloudy Evening" the greens died -.-).