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English is a foreign language for me, so please tell me if you don't understand something.My Wishlist - My ScrollI told my dragons they mustn't bite strangers, but I'm unable to guarantee for it ;)Is it that difficult to answer a trade offer? Better a "No" than the feeling that somebody ignores you.

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    ~*~ People I owe something ~*~


    ~*~ People, who owe me something ~*~


    ~*~ About my scroll ~*~

    I try to have most of my dragons either Caveborn (CB) or Purebred (PB), if they aren't, they should at least have short lineages.

    The only exception to this are the event dragons. I have a slow connection, so sometimes I didn't get any of the dragons and had to get them the year after... well.

    If somebody wants and I have an egg slot free, I can breed some of my dragons. As long as it isn't anything special, I gift the eggs away, but if you have something I could need, don't hesitate in doing a favor back ;)

    Oh, and the "Lord" or "Lady" in the Name of a dragon on my scroll means they are Caveborn, just in case you wonder about it ^^

    ~*~ Wishlist ~*~

    CB nebula (green and red)
    CB spring-seasonal (male + female)
    CB summer-seasonal (male)
    CB white striped (male)
    2nd gen PB green striped (both genders)
    2nd gen PB red striped (male)
    2nd gen PB black striped (both genders)
    CB purple dorsal (female)
    2nd gen PB alt green (male)

    ~ I'm also dreaming of ~
    CB ice (female)
    CB magma (male)
    CB thunder (male)
    CB/PB silver (metallic, not tinsel)
    CB/PB gold (metallic, not tinsel)
    PB Marrows (male + female)
    CB Neglected

    ~ For lineages ~
    2nd gen white (m Shadow Walker x f White)