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  1. As someone with an ark-type scroll goal (two adults per breed, made into a breeding pair), I have never minded the single-gender aspect of Holiday dragons. With Christmas dragons in particular, I always thought of it as the breed being.... well, Christmas Dragons, and the generations themselves being different colorations or sub-species of the Christmas breed. As such, I pair off my Christmas Dragons with one another (Yulebuck x Snow Angel, Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer, etc). This is kinda solidified by each version not having a breed specific description, but instead having a Christmas Dragon breed descrip, I thought. Someone brought up calicos earlier, and yeah I've thought of it like that; Christmas Dragons are cats, each breed is it's own genetic coloration that so happens to be tied to chromosomes, I guess. If that doesn't work for you, though.... uh, magiks? :B In fact, changing the way those pre-existing breeds genders work now would cause me a lot of trouble with my goal in mind, now that I think of it. What would be great for you might not always be so convenient for others, I guess. I think holidays are fine the way they are, really. But then I was fine when pinks and purples were mono gendered as well, so maybe I'm just used to it! Adds a bit of variety to the game, really. EDIT: Woooo, typos. XP
  2. Wasn't there an idea that, if this were implemented (which would be great - I remember the original thread and DEM SPRITES), there could be a lineage view option you could turn on/off that would either make ascension visible in lineages, or only show the breed's basic sprites? If that makes any sense at all.
  3. Hehe, someone finally recognized the names! Ah, that's awesome. Glad you got him! Felt a bit bad making Porenn a balloon, but Rhodar... it was just too perfect. Gotta love Eddings. <3 As for catches, just caught these two. At about the same time. Kind of shocked I managed them both. O___o
  4. Children of Hurin is a difficult one - on the one hand, it is probably the one Tolkien adventure that really feels like a more modernly written story; it has a consistent a focus cast, the pacing is great, it isn't as long winded as most of Tolkien's works, and it really is just a nicely lengthed adventure. On the other hand, that ending... I don't think it would go over well with modern audiences at all. That or several other scenes, for that matter. Although I guess Game of Thrones is a thing, so maybe it would be great? But in the end, I don't see it ever becoming a film, honestly; simply because the Tolkien estate refuses to ever sell anymore film or adaption rights to any of the works they protect. The only reason LotR and The Hobbit rights were floating around is because Tolkien sold them off himself at one point as he was low on money. He hated to do it, too. That said, I would love to see maybe short films going over the Silmarillion - the Tale of Beren and Luthien, the Fall of Numenor, the Vala, Feanor and the Silmarils.... so much awesome materiel there. On the Cycle, I highly, highly doubt another adaption will ever be made at this point. No studio wants to gamble on something that won worst film awards and was completely hated, and yet coast an extraordinary amount, again. That aside, the changes were originally made because it was deemed the book was too similar to other films and that it was too noticeable. So another reason for a company to not make a true adaption. Basically it's a huge gamble capitalizing off of a book that is no longer as popular as it once was, with core issues concerning translation to film, and a historically terrible and historically expensive release.
  5. Anything by Brandon Sanderson at this point - that man is a fantastic writer. I believe a Mistborn movie is already in the works, can't wait to see how that ends up. Hopefully good.
  6. I love this series, for one. On most sites I actually go by the username BartimaeusTrilogyFan, actually... I've actually always found the third book to be the strongest. The first is great, a perfect introduction with it's pacing and story, and more light-hearted tone. Book two is darker, and the pacing could be better, but it establishes a great deal of what simply needs to happen to complete the trilogy. And then book three ... it was darker and I finally began really enjoying Kitty's chapters, her journey, learning more about Ptolemy FINALLY and of course, Nat's character arc. The ending was also a great one looking back. Sure, initially I was shocked and maybe a bit horrified. But then, I kind of like that? I would have hated if it was a bad ending, but technically it isn't. They save the world, Nat realizes who he is, and best of all, Barti gets his freedom. Nat's final gift - think about it. After the explosion, everyone thought Barti died along with Nat. The next generations of summoning books will list him as deceased or remove him from the lists of summonable creatures entirely. The prequel, Ring of Solomon was also a lot of fun. When I heard Stroud was doing a prequel about an old adventure of Bart's, I thought back to that breif footnote about throwing Solomon's ring away... and the book did not disappoint. Veerrrry creepy villian.
  7. To whoever went through all like 30 descriptions I submitted the past couple days and approved them, thank you! Wow. O____o I literally just sent in like four of them about an hour ago? Just.... wow. Thank you! @dustpuppy I believe I commented on a few of yours! I love Red VS Blue. :B As for the explanation, You could always add that after an enter as a kind of second section at the beginning/end of your RVB descriptions? I have a few descriptions that tie in with one another via repetition of certain lines or sections, and they got through just fine, and it couldn't hurt the description.
  8. This is kind of late, but I remember this description, and I totally thought both of those words were fine? Composition is alright there, like you said, the meaning varies, and it can fit there. And on sociopath, he may not strictly be one, but that's not the issue. You were saying people think he's a sociopath, not that he actually really is one. I think it's perfectly fine. :]
  9. So I caught a Shadow Walker egg just now, and that alone was awesome. And then I looked at the lineage. And now I can die happy. http://dragcave.net/lineage/B1CW8 <3
  10. I someone mass breeding a dragon breed per day or something...? EDIT:
  11. I saw one that was cute, which had organized their ornaments into a dragon breathing fire downwards, but the "fire" covered the vote button and I couldn't press it. Dx Sad.
  12. Ah, mine feels so bare. I just decorated it like I would my tree at home. :B I mean I used many of the ornaments but . . bah, I dunno. Some of these are so lovely, and many have a lot of creativity! Lovely job.
  13. Yes, I believe you can. Tis all in TJ's first post:
  14. I'm kinda sad. I really can't find my wisp/frost anymore. D: I've reset my ornaments twice and highlighted everything. Hmm.
  15. I totally lost my wisp. O____o
  16. I thought I was done. Then today's ornament popped up. DX <3
  17. There's the rocking horse, one of the larger ornaments and the pickle (can a pickle face a direction? Bah) facing the right.
  18. My tree is already full. D: And there are four days left! Oh noes. Ah well.
  19. TJ, I love you. Seriously. <3 AWESOME updates. Although I'm kinda nervous about the refusal thing. D: Might have to replace some guys to make pairings work better. >_____> Oh noes.
  20. Woot, just got number 16. XP Ah well.
  21. ~Vinr~

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Two adult sprites (male and female) and two hatchling sprites (male and female as well). ^___^ Who's betting I get ninja'd . . .
  22. ~Vinr~

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    And now I know I won't be getting any sleep tonight . .
  23. Hmmm. Member No.: 4,666 Joined: 16-May 08 So would that make me a master then?
  24. As all, or most of, my dragons are "life-mated," I completely support this idea. It would make breeding a lot easier.
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    There are more than three people that love these books.