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  1. Haha, my lovely: Satan: http://dragcave.net/lineage/S4T8N *kk not quite satan but sort of :'D*
  2. I...omg a miracle has happened, I just SUMMONED my very first GoN ;__; It just took like how long? 3 years, maybe 3.5? Ever since the GoN was introduced, I tried and tired, no luck. Epic ^o^
  3. ALL of my trios-they totally fail at summoning <___<" 3 years! over 100 trios in total and-nothing! I am going to release you all, stubborn things -__-"
  4. this is ridiculous!!!!! 3 years or more and not one single gon ;___; my scroll is broken and I want a badge!!!!
  5. And now I am so happy to have loads of whites and daydreams :'D I can't wait for them to grow up, so far they look totally stunning ;o;
  6. They are still dropping, just saw a gold and a silver :> what I find really odd tho is, that all the metals I've been looking at go to scrolls with no name on them... every.single.one o_O
  7. dogs <3<3<3 For the last 17 years I haven't been without one and that won't happen too quickly either Currently I have 3, a rottweiler, malinois and a border-collie, all 3 of them come from a shelter as I'd never ever buy a puppy. Second hand dogs are the best :'D
  8. Yeah, compared to that we are all epic fails :/
  9. *siiiigh* whyyyyyyy you CB Blacks, whyyyyy do I have to lock myself with you?! Missclicked 3 of them so now I am locked and don't know if I should be happy with this black-wall on my scroll oô
  10. We survived Mod Mayhem with I think it was 4 new dragons? I'd personally love to see more breeds released at once as me too, I have everything and it does get a little boring after some time. Okay, releasing more species at once means more "stress" for new users but hey I didn't get my whole collection within one month and I don't really think that this is the "goal" of this game
  11. DC without drama and complaining isn't DC... well I have enough of it so I'll go and give away some 2nd gen metallics *if my dragons are cooperative* and then play with my dogs <3
  12. normally I go biome hopping unless I see a ridewing or red/pink/non blocker in a biome, then I stay there. This strategy got me a CB Gold and meanwhile 3 CB Silvers
  13. This is crazyness, see more CB Golds and Silvers than Blusangs
  14. so many metals, this can't be normal!? I am starting to think that there will be a rare-release pretty soon.
  15. I have been ill this week and went hunting for a little. I've seen about 5 CB golds (caught one) and over 13 CB silvers (caught 2, gifted both) in the last 4 days. But not only are there metallics everywhere but also CB blacks, stripeds, GW's and winters. The only thing that doesn't seem to drop much at my hunting hours are trios.
  16. haha oh my god, the alpine was a madhouse :'D totally locked with stripeds, GW, blacks and a CB gold <3<3<3
  17. you just need to join #dragonlotto in the irc chat and then when the Absolute opens type "in". Each user is going to get a number and then a virtual dice is rolled to announce the winner
  18. I'm glad you like it *I can breed you a much better one though, just shoot me a pm <3*
  19. It took me over a year to get it but: 5th even gen, purebreed silver http://dragcave.net/lineage/PAFKJ now...I need... a mate.... *cries already*
  20. I'm wondering if I should breed my HS with a CB Silver, I love the combination *_* Up to now I haven't done any v-day breeding so if anybody still needs an Alt Sweetling x whatever you are more than welcome to pm me ^__^
  21. Awh, haha now I wish I have had the guts to ask earlier I just thought to myself "nawh, don't go bombarding the winners, let them enjoy their prize first" naja, but I find it lovely that this year's winners seem to be very much different to last years *or at least most of them* The sprite is gorgeous, I love all the tiny details in it *_* The silvers would look really neat with embers, don't you think so :'D ?
  22. I also have alts *well one is frozen* which I am really happy to have especially because of their meaning. It was a very sweet gesture of both TJ and the spriters to give us, who lost the eggs this replacement. This was at a time when we didn't have the biomes so getting eggs was a real fight with loads of lag etc. Come V-Day I'll breed my Core Ingrata- which means unwanted heart- with a CB Silver again<3
  23. This....is ridiculous...! I have been trying ever since it became available and still-nothing ;o; Certainly not lacking of trios here, I have manymanymany of them... It is easier to catch cb metallics or hollies o.O"
  24. I've caught and gifted 6 hollies, did all my cooking, caught a sweet 3rd gen stair holly for myself and NOW I'm going to translate all the cooking thing and help my kids with it :'D This event was amazing and so much fun ^__^ Thank you all for your effort and for making us really happy <3<3<3
  25. Successfully managed to NOT summon-as always-but caught a CB gold in the Desert <3