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    The way to my heart is paved with CB embers
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    Successful ND experiments: 9
    IOU owed:

    I'm looking for the code "shiho" (any cap variations)

    What I need for the sake of scroll or project completion:
    - 2nd gen. gold/silver from M silver x F gold
    - PB golds
    - 2G metals from Nebulae (any colour)
    - 2G silver from M sunsong
    - 2G gold from F skywing
    - 2G silver and moonstone from M silver x F moonstone
    - CB blusangs
    - CB Golden Wyverns
    - CB Blacks
    - CB EMBERS! <3
    - 2G soulpeace from M daydream x F white

    What is always welcome:
    - CB metallics of any stage and/or gender
    - 2nd gen. metallics; in order of preference: purebred, from common parent, from holiday parent

    - 2G metalfails
    - CB embers!