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  1. It's really neat how the eggs fade as they crack, I only just noticed.
  2. Yeah, I'm fogging most of mine until they go below the 4 day mark and then putting them into ERs to hatch.
  3. I'm just curious, does anybody know if Zombies count towards the total number of dragons on your scroll?
  4. We were also allowed to grab as many as we wanted instead of just 2, which is the norm with other holidays. That sounds pretty fair to me.
  5. Well to be fair, TJ posted a news topic a week ago that told us to expect a special holiday release: Keep checking for openings in the Halloween Gifting Thread by reading their last posts.
  6. 5 killed adult dragons 1 male zombie : 4 deaths 7 gendered hatchies (fogged till they ran out of time) 2 zombies : 1 came back to life : 4 deaths 4 ungendered hatchies 1 zombie : 3 deaths Total: 4/16 = 25% Not too bad!
  7. I could definitely breed you one, just let me know when you have room for it. And feel free to fill out a joining form if you get the chance.
  8. "Shawn of the Dead" for a Zombie, too bad the correct spelling of "Shaun" was taken. Close enough though!
  9. ALL the candy! I really liked those Nestlé bars until I found out that the company is very very evil, now I'm not so sure if I can enjoy them anymore. :<
  10. Try the Halloween Gifting Thread.
  11. You can still try to get an egg through the Halloween Gifting Thread though. People can be very generous.
  12. They appeared in all of the biomes. You cannot get them anymore though, they stopped dropping 55 minutes ago.
  13. Thank you SPS and rubyshoes, I was worried for a second there that I couldn't use the actions on them.
  14. What makes you say that? They show up on the list for both BSAs.
  15. Halloween eggs are different because the holiday is about grabbing as much loot as you can get. Fill up those slots while you can!
  16. Thanks to that unexpected drop, I managed to get 5. Too bad I accidentally clicked on that Guardian right before the Halloween eggs started dropping. Curse this 5 hour wait!
  17. I would suggest you try some trading, gifting, or departures threads in the Trading section of the forum. People have been announcing Holiday departures here and here. Good luck!
  18. I think it might actually be 2 hours. It's currently after 10 pm EST and the event starts at midnight EST.
  19. Did she go back to the basement before going back to the woods?
  20. For anybody who's wondering, DC time can be found here: http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/ (It's the clock on the top right hand corner.)
  21. Lol, nice one! I was grinning the whole time while reading this. I'm really excited for the new eggs, only 2 more hours!
  22. Thank you! It's a wonderful list.
  23. You just put the spoiler information in white text by using this coding: [COLOR=white]This text will be white[/COLOR] It will look like this.
  24. Hahaha, clever! I totally lost it and burst out laughing at "I will F5!" I'm looking forward to catching the new eggs tonight, good thing I have plenty of space.
  25. I disable images and javascript and on Firefox, and hover over the far right egg while refreshing.