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  1. I haven't really been actively collecting them so I only have a Silver so far (and it's great!).
  2. This is a response to the discussion going on in the PG-13 Guide, Conduct Reminder. We are proposing a subforum for "mature" topics. Here is the poll and discussion thread about the possibility: Mature Topics Subforum: Do we need one? Please vote in the poll and post your opinions. :3
  3. If I like the sprite, I tend to have a lot of that breed. I also like to have a lot of useful BSA dragons around as well.
  4. I just named a new CAPTCHA dragon.
  5. This would be great! I'd definitely support a "Grammar & Spelling" and "General Comments" box.
  6. I'd like a comment box instead of a one-line thing, perhaps with options to bold/colour text to draw attention to corrections. There will always be people without forum accounts (who perhaps don't want them for one reason or another) who write dragon descriptions. We need a better way to clearly communicate our suggestions to help them improve their descriptions.
  7. Null vote, I don't write descriptions for my dragons. :3
  8. I'm also still getting used to the classes, but so far I prefer Medic and Engineer.
  9. My friends play it a lot, they're all level 20+ so it's hard for me to keep up because I just started learning (I'm level 6 or so). I like ranged champions the most, and am still learning builds and items and whatnot. There's so much to know. D: I sold myself out to Facebook to get Tristana (so that I wouldn't have to depend on the champion rotation to have a champion that I was familiar with).
  10. Mine's currently messy, gotta cleeeean. D:
  11. I've never been tested but I most likely don't have it. A couple of my friends do and they are SUPER high-energy.
  12. I would like this for breeding purposes, so it would be better for the adults to be marked. It should also be optional. Perhaps there could be some option for breeding that says "show all CB dragons"?
  13. I would be hesitant to take an IOU for something unless the other person was trustworthy (ARK listed, for example) and active on the forums. But then again, I usually just breed and gift anyways so it's not really a problem.
  14. I haven't seen a CB metallic in the Cave in months.
  15. A lot of people I know swear by diet this and sugar-free that, but the aftertaste makes me cringe. I've never understood how people think that it tastes the same as real sugar.
  16. Your question isn't very specific. What would you consider to be "good" or "bad"? Are you trying to say that making Vampires might be "bad" because you have the chance of killing an egg? I personally am for making Vampire eggs because Vampires are great to have. However, the kill ratios for bites have been too high lately so I have not been taking the risk of biting eggs
  17. My favourite lineages are PB even-gens and checkerboards. However, I love perfect stairstep Tinsels.
  18. I would definitely support either this or a clickable link. I just want SOME way of quickly seeing the dragon's lineage without having to go back to my scroll and look for the dragon.
  19. I am all for a clickable lineage link. It can get annoying to go back to my scroll and look up the dragon every time I need to verify its lineage. It shouldn't be too hard to code: the dragon's image can link to its view page or its lineage page.
  20. Lol, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks purplehaze!
  21. Wow, the Shadow Walker sprites are beautiful! I love their concept/description as well. <3
  22. At a gourmet candy store, we have lots of fancy treats. :3
  23. One of my eggs hatched and the others are in ERs. I'm excited to have my egg slots back and to see cute little Ghost hatchies on my scroll. :3
  24. I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting. Do you want the ability to trade/abandon named dragons? If you name a dragon and then realize that you want to trade/abandon it, you can now remove the name by going to the Rename option and leaving the space blank. Or do you know about the renaming option but want names to stick with hatchlings when you trade/abandon them?