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  1. Would this belong in the Multimedia/Original Works section of the forum?
  2. I'm glad they've all been gathered into one post, thanks Socky!
  3. Same here. Decorating just for fun saved me a lot of angst this year.
  4. 4th gen stairstep up for grabs. Gone!
  5. Clicked on 3 eggs I wanted in the AP and realized that DC is down for maintenance starting at 3 AM EST. :<
  6. From the DC Wiki, in case you haven't found it: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Breed_specific_actions And check your PM box at the top right hand corner where it says "# New Messages".
  7. Same here, unless I don't care what gender it becomes.
  8. PM me if you'd like me to breed you a male and a female Pink. I can Influence them and hatch them so that the genders stay. For me, my dragons all seem to gender female if I don't Influence them. I've only had Influence fail once or twice so far.
  9. I don't review them consistently because there isn't a convenient way to point out spelling and grammar errors in the commentary box.
  10. I think the order for me was Electric, Ice, Magma. It's kind of hard to remember now though.
  11. Thanks! I'm trying to keep track.
  12. 2/50 winners have posted in this thread so far (one 2nd prize winner and one honourable mention).
  13. I think logically (for me at least), GoNs would be the rarest. Even though Hollies are limited to 2 per scroll, they are becoming more widespread with each holiday breeding season. NDs are difficult to get, but there is no scroll limit on them. I've seen people with 3-4 NDs or more on their scroll. They are also tradable and you can have as many ongoing experiments as your egg limits allow. You can also try as many experiments as you'd like year-round. However, GoNs are limited to 2 per scroll, are untradable, unbreedable, and have fairly low success rates for Summoning.
  14. Yes, one winner posted in this thread so far.
  15. No email here either, but congrats to the winners!
  16. It's too bad that there isn't a poll option for "one or more of these alts" because I have both alt Blacks and Vines. No alt Sweetlings though. And it took me a few tries to get them, I just kept on picking up Black and Vine eggs and hatching them. Right now I'm trying to breed 2nd gen alt Blacks and Vines, but none of them have alted so far.
  17. Wow, the new sprites are gorgeous!
  18. That's assuming they get released every year, which they might not.
  19. I've got a couple 2nd gens up for grabs (Skywing x Water): Lineage - Gone! Lineage - Gone!
  20. Congrats! I really wish I had put mine in fansites to get views instead of fogging them out of fear that they'd get sick. Now I'm trying to ER them at 4 days but only NDER will take 'em.
  21. Whoops! Thanks Socky and rubyshoes, I should've read the News post more carefully.
  22. I tried to catch a third but it said that my limit was 2. Do people have different limits for these dragons? Also, has the raffle happened yet? If not, does anybody know when it's taking place?