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  1. Yes, congrats! I'd love to see the winning trees as well. :3
  2. I've never had any eggs die on me by accident before, but my first dead thing was a hatchie that I tried to zombify. There was some message about it looking at you all hurt and that made me feel pretty bad. :<
  3. The Yellow one took me the longest to catch.
  4. Magma. I've always been fascinated with volcanoes and I love the colours on the sprite.
  5. Ohai Leetle Tree. I stopped looking and finally found you. Woo!
  6. Those ones get bonus points from me for thinking outside the box. It makes for a nice break from the traditional ones that seem to make up the majority of what I've seen.
  7. A very kind person gave me a Silver egg. :3
  8. I got it on Steam during the Halloween sale, great stuff! One of the most amusing things for me is Crazy Dave's voice (grawrrRARRrr!) and I played for hours when I first got it to finish the game. It's a lot of fun. :3
  9. I missed the ornaments yesterday and they're absolutely beautiful. :'<
  10. Trying out Braid from the Humble Indie Bundle.
  11. I've only ever used it to try for Zombies.
  12. I think mine are all about even, but I'm really not sure. I don't really pay attention to where I get them from the most. If I'm looking for something specific, I'll just get/breed it.
  13. Or maybe it's a glitch. Have you been Splashing pretty consistently? Or just kind of here and there? It should all add up eventually though.
  14. Yeah, it makes me feel like a newbie.
  15. Went to bed early for once and missed the Leetle Tree drop at midnight.
  16. Eh, probably something metallic. I don't have any super rare ones.
  17. I love the ornament tree, it's almost like having my own Leetle Tree. :3
  18. It might have something to do with ratios. That might also be why we only get one holiday breeding attempt this year as well.
  19. Congrats afie! I will also try breeding mine after Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!
  20. Of course I bought the game. I guess I just have to fix my drivers.
  21. I don't have any but I wish I did.
  22. So much new stuff has been added! Like wearables and /dance