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  1. Rare CB Stripe (specific) Silver Gold Uncommon CB White (specific) Red Paper Common CB Pillow (specific) Pink Purple Sorry, I just read the post saying that you are NOT accepting new wishlists. ^^;
  2. miladyz

    Hell's Gate

    Count me in! I've been doing this for inbred Black eggs for awhile now.
  3. Yes, they can still be bred. I'd be happy to try my pairs for you or anyone looking for a Shallow, just PM me.
  4. Yay 53/53! The completionist in me is very, very pleased. >:3
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much for the past while (too much real life going on ) but I haven't forgotten you! Starting next week, I will be able to spend time responding to everything I've missed and will be sending out a few "Are you still there?" PMs to people to see if they're still interested in the lineage. :3 Hope you had a lovely egg-hunting season!
  6. Well, I'd be happy if I could just summon ONE of the darned things but if I miraculously managed to get another one, I would probably influence it so that I could have one male and one female adult.
  7. Yeah, I'm still twitching because of the 2 in the last row of last year's eggs.
  8. This would be very useful so I fully support this idea and hope it happens soon.
  9. This makes me laugh so hard:
  10. One of the original Super Mario games on Nintendo.
  11. Portal 1: The cake is a lie. Portal 2: The cake is not a lie. Portal 3: The cake is a pie.
  12. I expected this to be either about Kermit the Frog or about the environment. Seeing as it's the latter, I try to be green by biking/taking public transportation, sorting compost/recycling/garbage, bringing my own bags for grocery/my own mug for coffee, and drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Little things :3
  13. Online dating is fine I guess, but I just don't like online singles ads. So many of them reek of desperation and/or are peppered with linguistic atrocities. And what about those awkward pictures? Eep.
  14. This is really neat! I hadn't heard about it until now.
  15. Pokemon all the way. <3 (Digimon is still pretty cool though.)
  16. I would like this feature very much because then you can see at a glance instead of having to write it down for every breeding and then checking a spreadsheet or a sticky note or something.
  17. I've got one in each ear, but that's it. /boring
  18. I developed an allergy to certain fruits (apples, pears, plums, cherries, etc.) and hazelnuts. I really miss being able to eat them. :< Also, cats and horses make me sneeze a lot, but I love them anyways.
  19. The Guardian of Nature eggs blew me away when I first saw them. They're definitely my favourites. I'm also very fond of the designs on Sweetling and Holly eggs. :3
  20. Wow, the second unrelated 5th gen in the lineage!!! It looks like all your hard work paid off! We'll have 6th gens in no time! Congrats afie!!
  21. I'll probably use Incubate with all the eggs. Imagine how scrolls would look if someone has 7 eggs and 21 hatchies all at once!
  22. Technically this would work, but I feel that people wouldn't want to stop breeding their metallics.
  23. I'd love to see stats posted somewhere. It'd definitely be interesting to see. :3
  24. Congrats! And thanks again to Afie for posting all her Bluna info! Kudos to your organization skills.