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  1. I think people are too hung up on the idea of sealing something in a permanently "frozen" state because that's the only option we have in the Cave for hatchies. And I guess it can be hard to piece a shell back together if it's too broken up. It'd be neat if it could be sort of mini-game or something though, where if you want to collect the shell, you could piece it together in a Javascript puzzle. I don't know if it would take away from the main point of DC or if it'd be difficult to program, but it's an idea.
  2. I check every once in awhile out of curiosity if it's a special lineage.
  3. I like to hunt in the AP when I don't have a specific breed in mind, but if I'm looking for certain CBs, I'll have a few in mind and click between biomes.
  4. Sunsets and the smell of citrus fruit. :3
  5. I like how the red and black look together so Red Dorsals are my favourite out of the two.
  6. I think the breed list is consistent with how your scroll is currently displayed. It doesn't show the last dragon you bred it with on top though, it only shows it there if they have been able to produce an egg together before. If they have not been successful, you still have to scroll through all your dragons to find the mate that you want to use. This feature would prevent the Breed option from displaying all of the dragons on your scroll, which would be good if you know exactly which dragon you want to mate it with and you don't to wait for hundreds of other dragons to load.
  7. This feature would be very useful because then you wouldn't have to wait for all of your dragons to load before breeding it to the mate that you want.
  8. I think we should move away from "freezing" altogether and start thinking about collecting empty eggshells from hatched dragons. This solves all of the weird ethical problems about freezing eggs.
  9. Whoops, I found this link right after posting a new thread. Anyway, I definitely think this would be useful, especially with a lineage link, and I support it completely.
  10. I'm currently stalking the AP until I can remember what breeds are from which biomes by heart instead of having to check all the time
  11. miladyz

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Fertility works like a charm! I got eggs from stubborn dragons who haven't given me anything in months. I even transferred one using Teleport! And the new skins look fantastic. Gonna go try out the new biomes to load up on eggs. These new limits are great!
  12. miladyz

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Wow, I woke up to a whole new Cave! Time to check things out...
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing them all day, they look pretty neat. :3
  14. I don't have any, but I'm not really trying right now because they're so rare.
  15. This. :3 If there were a poll option for "not hidden at all" then I'd vote for it.
  16. Guess I'm a little bit of everything because I usually try to collect at least one CB male and female of each, I breed many of my pairs for people, and I hoard certain breeds for their BSAs.
  17. I've only had this happen to me a few times, but I'm not usually too bothered by it and try to help them out anyways. Luckily I've never had it go on constantly to the point where it seems like harassment. I'm usually very happy to respond to polite breeding requests, even for rares or Vamps or special lineages.