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  1. When people assume that you're one way when you're actually quite the opposite. When you feel like you need to prove them wrong.
  2. I'm 5'4, which is about average-ish for North America. At (very Asian) family reunions though, I'm about a foot taller than most of my relatives except for my dad, who's a lot taller than I am.
  3. The hatchie sprite look adorable! I didn't realize there was a new release until yesterday.
  4. I thought this thread totally died because I couldn't find it anywhere, but I'm glad it's still around! I'm gonna look for Kirby and the Crystal Shards on ebay now that I actually have an old school Nintendo. Woo, retro gaming!
  5. I'm studying Translation and Psychology, my parents want me in Law. However, I'd love to open/work at a little pastry shop somewhere and make desserts all day. Maybe when I retire. :<
  6. I haven't tried any new pairings in awhile so I haven't noticed any changes.
  7. I love pasta and Italian food. Kind of random since I come from a very Asian family.
  8. I like both checkerboard and PB with gender dimorphism.
  9. Welcome to all the new members! I will add you when I get back in a couple days.
  10. This. It's gotten to the point where I've basically stopped caring enough to Summon and fail yet again.
  11. I usually keep them at low views so that they don't grow up at the 4 day mark, and give the other person at least a couple days to get things together. If they are becoming dangerously ER and I have not heard from the other person, I will hatch them. As long as they message me and let me know what's going on then I don't mind keeping an egg or hatchling for as long as needed. However, if you are gifting tinsels then you can set down whatever rules you want because they are so sought-after.
  12. I would love some form of notification for trade offers and successful transfers.
  13. Wow, I love how you did the feathers. Do you have more dragon sketches?
  14. DLC = Downloadable Content. New features (maps, levels, music, etc.) that enhance the original game experience.
  15. Sea otters hold hands while they sleep, so they don't drift away from each other. :3
  16. I just dumped a CB Thunder Trio egg thinking it was an Electric egg. I waited 5 hours to get that egg slot back too, lol.
  17. It probably has the same sprite as the male Sunstone, and TJ usually only displays one of each sprite unless the males and females are different.
  18. Checkerboard lineage, like this. Pretend the males are Hellfires and the females are Sunstones.
  19. Amathyll, a female Purple. I'm not sure if the old thread got deleted, but I can't seem to find it.
  20. I haven't played it for months and months now. I think there are a bunch of new features, I'm afraid I'll get addicted to it again. D:
  21. My friend introduced it to me by saying "it's like sideways Minecraft" The demos I've seen look pretty good, and it's 25% off on Steam for the next 10 hours or so.
  22. I actually haven't seen one since December, but I guess it's because I haven't been hunting in the Forest biome all that much.