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  1. It happened to me once with an important lineage dragon. Other than that, it may have happened with less important ones that I just don't remember.
  2. Somebody posted an image of all 40. It helped me find out which ones I was missing: (SPOILER) click here for the link
  3. You need to go from the hallway to the heavy door.
  4. You need to (highlight for spoilers) go back to the basement, then go back to the wooded area and select "stay on the main path" and the chicken should appear.
  5. What room are you currently in?
  6. I bred all of my Halloween dragons and kept an egg from each clutch and sent the rest to the AP. Just waiting for October 31st to catch some new eggs and revive my zombie fodder.
  7. Thanks for the help, everyone! I managed to get all 40. This was a wonderful event, I loved reading the story and finding everything. It must've really taken a lot of time to plan, and I'm super impressed with the result!
  8. Daily maintenance. Time to take a breather from searching for Halloween eggs.
  9. They used to be incredibly rare, but now they are mostly collected because they are shiny and many have beautiful lineages.
  10. I bred my both of my CB Pumpkins to CB Pygmies (6 eggs went to the AP). And sent one PB Marrow egg off to the AP.
  11. I like to keep certain pairs together because I think they look nice, but it's a flexible relationship.
  12. Thank you darkshadow5392! That pretty much solves everything. What do other people think of this idea?
  13. You're right that eggs don't always crack smoothly so it would make sense for it to have a certain success rate. However, what would we do in the case of holiday eggs? With the exception of Halloween dragons, we are only allowed to have 2 of any holiday dragon. If we reach that limit, we cannot pick up or hatch eggs of that type anymore. How would we be able to collect those eggshells? The same idea applies to rare eggs such as metallics. What if you only ever managed to get one Gold or Tinsel? You love that egg, but you tried to put it back together and it failed. You
  14. We often seem to get stuck on the idea of "freezing" an egg so I'm just going to reiterate another possibility: Piecing the shell together AFTER the egg has become a hatchling. That way, we can circumvent the whole ethical concern. This idea has been suggested before but seems to get lost in this thread pretty often.
  15. I like this idea because you get your egg slot back immediately and the person who actually wants the egg gets it right away.
  16. I enjoy dimorphism in the new dragons but it takes me a bit of time to adjust to old dragons suddenly getting dimorphic sprites. It all depends on what the artists want for the dragons and whether they feel like putting in the time and effort into creating an extra sprite though. They tend to end up being very beautiful.
  17. Usually it's in response to a trade that you posted in a trading thread (if you did not include a trade link yourself). Chances are, they probably want what you offered in the post. I think a nice message would be appreciated though, if that's the case.
  18. I'm not as strict with my DC rules as others seem to be. I will kill, freeze, release, neglect, and abandon as it suits me. I name when I'm inspired to do so.
  19. Thanks for the tips, Lastalda! I think I'll use up all 5 of my kill slots on adult dragons and let a few hatchlings die by hatching them and then fogging them until they run out of time. ...Even though it sounds so cruel. ;_;
  20. Would the user descriptions need to be approved like the dragon descriptions?
  21. This! More specifically Dark Myst Pygmies because they seem pretty good-tempered and self-sufficient or Seawyrm Pygmies if you live by the ocean. :3 Of all the choices though, I'd probably love a Nebula because their wings are so beautiful and starry.
  22. I'm excited to see the adults! They should be fully grown around noon EST