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  1. Oh fu-- Dayumn, I should've checked the forums yesterday. ><;; I hope they keep mass dropping. D': ;;
  2. Are we talking about FFXIII? This is really random, but I thought Cid was drop-dead gorgeous. *SHOT*
  3. Why should it matter if Splash does nothing? It DOES do something: makes us laugh. If you don't like it, don't use it. No need to raeg-quit over it. Just because it's a BSA doesn't mean it's supposed to do anything; sure, it's an action, but splashing around is also an action. If you could think of something better, good for you. But I think Splash was pretty smart. :B I think it's funny that the PP count was actually included too. Now they need a dragon that Flails. : D *still needs a goldfish* *SHOT*
  4. When I first joined this site, most of my dragons gendered male. And now, for whatever reason, they're all gendering female. Especially all the new dragons I get that come out. In the August '09 release, all 5 of my dragons ended up female. It's been like that for a while. At least until Mod Mayhem, when only my Nebula gendered male. :B It's a start... I bet if I hadn't influenced my Terrae male, I bet it'd have gendered female too; both my dusk and dawn glories gendered female. :B
  5. Tq for the update. C: Hmm, I have a hatchling that's gendered with 1135 views, 737 UVs and 61 clicks and it's at 3 days 15 hrs and it still hasn't grown up. Is that part of the change? o.o
  6. ARGH, I REALLY want a Goldfish now hdjwkhkknhbigrkaskdas *stares at dragon pairs* T_T COOL DOWN FASTER! *gets shot* Quite unrelated, but @s0r0k4: the quote in your siggy made me LOL really hard for some reason. ;;;
  7. Whaddya expect when the topic's the Epic Flail? ...But yeah, TJ/Kip was right when he said "But madness ensued." ROFLCOPTERS
  8. And then the Epic Flail evolves into the Epic Loch Ness. Okay, not really. Epic Raeging Sea Serpent is more like it. :B EDIT: SCHAWEET! Top'o da page! :'DDDD *vending machine'd*
  9. DOES anyone know the significance of the Epic Flail, though? 'cause it was pretty epic. :B
  10. HAHA, IT'S THE EPIC FLAIL. Btw, has anything really happened yet? *has been gone for an hour*
  11. Heheh, this Magikarp thing reminds me of a video of someone's Magikarp taking out an entire team of ubers by using Flail. Granted, the guy did pretty ingenius stuff before, but still. Epic Flail.
  12. Oh, dude, does this mean Pokemon night? OwO
  13. LOL You guys. D: I personally like Sephiroth because...well, he's a bishounen. And I tend to like the aloof, quiet, antisocial, stoic, etc. characters like him. *SHALLOW* *SHOT*
  14. What an interesting discussion! Hmm, I think a Horse dragon would be a tad bigger than a regular horse. Just a little, though. I'd think Blunas would be around the size of an orca whale, since they can be seen swimming with whales and dolphins and if they were too big, they might frighten the said ocean mammals off. Maybe Balloons would be the size of hot-air balloons. Or perhaps a little smaller; it'd be pretty hard to float to the top of trees if you're so big you're getting poked by other branches. Maybe Deep Seas would be really long. Their sprites look long, any
  15. Oh my G--THE ADULTS. Eye candy... *___* Especially the glory drakes!
  16. I managed to snag a CB Black about a week ago! I think this project's definitely working. C: You know what, I'll not breed my blacks for another month or two.
  17. Nope, it's from breeding a Magi x Water. C:
  18. OMG CUTE LEETLE HATCHIES! <33333 Hoozah! I wonder what'll happen if they all grow up... o3o ...Well, they'd go to the main page of course, but y'know. I'm watching a few, but I don't have a spreadsheet... :x I DO have them documented on note pad, though.
  19. About the dusk/dawn dragons... If they were laid/caught between 6 pm - 6 am, they'd be the night version, right? And if they were caught between 6 am - 6 pm, they'd be the day version?
  20. When you guys say "glory", you're talking about the Dusk/Dawn ones, right? o.o Edit: Actually managed to get a lush green one in the five minute drop. ^^
  21. I'm really jealous of the people who got some, ffff. Maybe TJ's just punishing us for being such drama llama ~Removed~. :B *SHOT* Although, giving us something else to complain about wouldn't be any more logical... ARGH, I DON'T GET IT ANYMORE.
  22. Hey, I actually saw a new egg. But I missed it of course, because the time that could've been spent clicking, I used to gasp. orz
  23. Oh, NOW the MM eggs drop in abundance. >_> Like, a few days after I finally get my quota. Fffffff *stalks the cave* Frick, I gotta go to a concert tonight. If this is a glitch, I hope it gets fixed by then...
  24. SHET, MAN, I JUST MISSED A CB SILVER AND A CB STRIPE AND GOT A CB WATER INSTEAD-- Okay, this is not the thread for that. 3 days for a drop actually sounds pretty decent. :x But dayumn... Excluding the glitchy ones, I haven't seen ANY... orz
  25. 12 hours? I dunno, that's REALLY iffy. You know what, I think a week would be just perfect. Or maybe at least 5 days.