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I really need a cooler scroll link.Working on the Wind Dragon right now. If you'd like to help out, or are just interested, please come by! I welcome anyone's opinion, suggestions and crits. If you're willing to sprite it, please let me know! ^^9524.png21lj0vd.pngzmds8p.jpg6p3gbk.png Festival of Eggs flash by starthecat. :3Magikarp banner is by Chesire. : D

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    I love this manga series called Nabari no Ou, and I'll be obssessing over it for a long time. I've taken a liking to Durarara!! and Final Fantasy XIII is epic. Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks have been keeping me occupied until I get my paws on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. NEED THEM. ><;;

    If you share a similar love for things like this, feel free to PM me so we can fangasm together. :'D *VENDING MACHINE'D*

    I love the dragons here too. <3